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If you need buttons that a slightly different, look no further!

I'm a New Zealand trained ceramicist with my specialty being
sculpture, glazes and glaze techniques. I am now working from my small
studio in Kent, England. Each button is hand crafted by me and many of
the glazes are my own. Because these buttons have been glazed front
and back and fired to a high temperature, they are non porous, durable
and will never lose the brilliance of the colours.

I work full time as the PA to a high ranking Director at a County
Council, so spend week days wearing suits and heels.  I find it
impossible to not wear a handmade brooch, a woven or silk scarf or a
hat, always purchased from Etsy, so handmade is with me every day.  My
process for button making is long, so every night and every week end
is spent making, fettling, bisquing, glazing, firing buttons, buttons,
buttons.  I love my work,  I love the feel and smell of clay and my
greatest love of all is playing with glaze.

My aim is to encourage high art in the form of the humble button to
everyone, far and wide.  There is nothing more wonderful to see
fantastic works of art in the form of scarves, clothes, bags,
jewellery and other fabulous things, using my buttons - I am deeply
honoured when customers send me photos of their creations.  I am
humbled daily in the trust of Etsyians and the marvellous, interesting
communication from customers.  Thanks to all who visit my wee shop.

Sharry at


and now for something completely different!
I and my husband along with three other artist are chainmailers we create works of art and many unique items from tons of tiny little rings this is an old and sometimes forgotten art once chainmail was used in battles and worn by brave knights now days the art of making chainmail is used for various things such as jewelery, clothing, armor, knickknacks, and much much more.
Feel free to look around my shop and have a very Happy Holiday season.

Thinking of christmas shopping? Here are some ideas..

I love to create things. Drawing, painting, and sewing are my relaxing outlets.

In my shop, I have handmade cards and accessories. I like having one of a kind or unique things, and therefore make one of a kind, and unique things. My sewn creations are sewn with a vintage sewing machine that was passed down to me.

I love to make purses from sweaters that are no longer needed or wanted. Upcycling gives them a whole new life! They're not always easy to work with. The sweater material stretches and pulls in unimaginable ways. I take extreme care, (and use a lot of pins) when making these bags.

My newer style of totes are super fun to make. I love the flexibility I'm allowed while designing the bags. The prices for these bags differ according to hardware used, hand stitched embellishments, and type of closure.
A somewhat newer addition to my shop are leg warmers. These are fun ways to keep your legs warm...yes, they REALLY work! Now you can wear your favorite skirts and dresses year round!
My Shop:


My name is Coral, and I have 4 wonderful (grown up) children and are blessed with a precious grandson.
I began  crocheting in 1969 when I was 15 years old and started knitting in 1984 when I was pregnant with my fourth child.
My Mom was my greatest inspiration., she was an avid knitter and made the most awesome sweaters and scarves for all our family and friends. 

As a professional artist for the past 40 years, I'm excited to become a member of Etsy, because it reaches out to the global art community.
I earned a BA in Studio Art from Elmira College and have exhibited my artwork nationally. Having owned and operated a commercial studio & gallery for 14 years, I've learned which pieces of my art are popular and have offered them here on Etsy for all of the people who are fond of angels. I believe that angels dwell in the space between our
heartbeat and they are always with us.


Dell Cove Spice Co

We're David and Patricia (I'm Patricia), and we are the folks behind Dell Cove Spice Co. We're based in the Midwest. We started the company about a year ago, when my employer closed down myoffice (because of the recession) and moved my job to Los Angeles. When David couldn't find work in L.A., we started up the spice company as a way to pursue our love of cooking and food, and to still do something together -- even though we were living 42 hours apart.

Now, we're reunited -- and still going strong! We work out of a commercial kitchen, where we rent out space, and have fun coming up with gourmet snacks and gift ideas for people on a budget.

Twitter: @dellcovespices
Etsy (where our main shop is):

Getting ready for the Holidays - more fabs shops!

My name is Helen and I am a mummy of 1, soon to be 2. I gave up work as a product developer of clothing to have my children and have a full schedule of entertainment for Baby K. We have a great time.

I love being a full time mum but I miss the buzz of the office, working under pressure and being responsible for mass production in the Far East. It was a creative job working with designers and factories and the Etsy shop is a way of keeping this part of my life going. I love making things, always have and a previous job was developing bags and accessories so this was a natural development of an interest for me. My training was in footwear design and technology so in terms of fashion I have done the rounds.

I like to design and work through problems, pattern cutting, fabric manipulation and have developed these skills further through my Etsy shop as well as come up with a ton more. Photography, selling myself, promotion, its been fun.

So Olganna is all about bags (and a small phase in scented hanging decorations when I was experimenting). I love experimenting with fabrics to create new textures and like to be original. I am not big on hardware so its all about colour, I love contrasting bold colour and original design - I hope this shows in my work. My
make up bag range is expanding due to Christmas as they make great gifts and I am working on some new designs which I hope to be in store by 1st Nov. I am enjoying blogging and the networking that entails and pleased to be featured on your blog.
If you like what I do like me on facebook


My name is Tina and I am The Golly Pop Boutique. Aside from my beautiful family, I have several, crafting, and vintage / retro items. As long as I can remember I have been crafting various things. During high school, I worked in a local craft store and discovered a whole new world of crafty goodness. After college, I worked in the music business for 10 years.
Now, years later I’ve been able to marry those passions by creating one-of-a-kind recycled record bowls.  As an avid music collector, I often come across choice records that are no longer playable. By upcycling them into something new, the music has a chance to live on forever. Plus, the bowls are cool, functional, and make great gifts! And, since I hate to throw anything away, I’m thrilled to announce that I have just created my first run of upcycled record album sleeve journals! Just in case you’re wondering, my personal record collection currently consists of over 400 albums and keeps growing (yes, I listen to them often)! 
I also love unique and whimsical home d├ęcor. The winters in North Dakota can be extremely long so I need fun and cheery items in my house to make me smile on those endless, gray winter days. The paper covered light switch plates I sell in my store were born as a “sanity saver” the winter we received 100+ inches of snow. Now, every room in my house has colorful light switch plates!
When I’m not being wife, mom, or crafter, I like to search for treasures (and inspiration) at junk and antique sales and thrift stores. I love funky junk!
Winter is coming soon…come by and say hi and see how I’m maintaining my sanity!


Who we are:
We are twin sisters, Sarah and Dinah share the same passion for design. Dinah designs and Sarah organizes. Because we are twins, it is not a big deal if we have a discussion. After 5 minutes we are already having a coffee together and chit chatting about this and that;)
The name Lilesadi arose during a dinner in Berlin and stands for our names, Dinah Lisa and Sarah Lena.

Dinah studied Textile Design in Florence in Italy and worked in several studios, among these Studio Nina Levett in Vienna.

Sarah worked for four years in an international internet business and she has learned a lot there. But she had more and more the feeling that she wanted to indulge herself more in art and design. Not work for others, but do something unique on her own.

Dinah and Sarah as a designer with her organizational skills and marketing background and a strong affinity for design create a truly great team. As Dinah has a artist crisis Sarah pulls her up and when Sarah once again has too many ideas at once, Dinah has brings her "down to earth".

"Working for Lilesadi makes a lot of fun! Every morning you wake up full of energy and the first thought is Lilesadi. Who has that with his job. "

What we do:
We make interior items such as pillows or prints as well as beauty bags, Berlin bags, all with a Swedish touch. We also collaborate with wallpaper producer Photowall from Sweden. Have a look:

When we started to "make":
Since a long time Dinah made friends and family happy with her designer gifts. Only in February 2011, the sisters really got to work with their design and got lots of positive feedback.

What inspires us:
We inspire each other because Sarah has a different view on things and vice versa.
Rotterdam and Berlin, because there are so many contrasts between beautiful and ugly, hard and soft. Dinah find much inspiration as well from exhibitions and exhibitions in architecture books of her roommate.

The patterns of our designs are often inspired by floral motives, but abstracted and un- romanticised through graphical elements. Others often call our designs etheral, others say they have a swedish touch, but there is a certain japonese influence as well. We would describe our style as a fushion between floral and graphic, minimal and poetic.

What do we if we do not "create":
Both find peace and inspiration to play guitar together often, like Paolo Nutini;)
Relax with a magazine and Lavazza coffee in the morning. Spend time with our friends and boyfriends, short trips to France, dance on electronic music, dinners with friends, bbq's in the park, vintage markets and free festivals, reading.
Sarah loves to build her own furniture, her interior is largely build by herself, slightly unstable, but very industrial. Last winter she followed a course in analogue Photography, some pictures have also inspired Dinah for illustrations.

Where do we want to be in 10 years:
Have our own studio in a white loft, kids running around ...
A lot of interesting cooperations with other companies and designers and a successful Etsy shop!

Our Etsy Shop:

Our website:

Our cushions:

Our wallpaper collection in cooperation with Photowall:

Our blog:

Featured Artisans for October-Part 2

My name is Missy Perez I have two crazy kiddos under the age of four who are just the light of my life. I am married to the most wonderfully supportive man, to my perfect missing puzzle piece. Sometimes I feel like he's the only one in the world who can deal with my version of crazy.
I studied a myriad of different subjects (english, art, illustration, chemistry, biology, business, culinary arts...) over 5 years of college culminating in a degree of nothingness and a mountain of debt. So a few months ago I saw my college career happily ending with my husbands graduation Yay! and realized I needed a new outlet. (I'm the type of person who ALWAYS takes on more than I can handle. I think it's the only way I can thrive. Crazy right?!) So I started doing jewelery because my good friend and neighbor was doing jewelery. She inspired me so much and gave me so much encouragement that I just kept at it and now here I am!
I am continually inspired my children, my own childhood growing up in New England, and my amazing mother and grandmother. I'll get an idea for a necklace while reading a beloved storybook to my kids or while watching an old classic movie. The memories of my grandmothers house and her shabby chic country style, before that was ever even a term, are what has inspired the entire look of my etsy shop, Victorian Swag. My designs are truly from the heart and I hope people purchasing them love them as much as I do.
 I'm still relatively new to etsy but I love it! I'm not making a huge profit but I'm doing ok. I love what I do. I have a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of energy at this point in my life and I hope I can spread that.
Here's a link to my blog
Here's a link to my facebook page!/pages/VictorianSwag/213882912001241
Here's a link to my Etsy shop:


My name is Patti Cobb & I live in Oceanport, NJ. I have an Etsy shop called That's Adorable. I make accessories & room decor for babies & little girls. I have loved anything & everything to do with art, design, crafts, etc. & I was a graphic designer for several years. I love combining these skills & interests in to create unique items for children. It is also so FUN! Thank you for taking a peek at my designs.
A beautiful & practical way to organizer all your daughter's hair bows & clips while decorating her room at the same time. Little girls will love it... but as one recent Mom says "I'll enjoy it the most because it will get a mountain of hair accessories off the bathroom counter" Several colors & patterns available or contact me to create a custom design just for you!
Again, my etsy shop is That's Adorable,


My family is from the glorious North Carolina mountains--or as we call them, "them thar hills." My grandparents were farmers, and one of my grandfathers would create the most amazing things from wood. My grandmothers could sew, quilt, and crochet anything out of everything. They upcycled before it was fashionable!

Because I longed for a more glamorous life (watched Elsa Klensch report from the runway on CNN every Saturday!) and wanted to use those creative genes I had been blessed with, I majored in fashion design early in my college career. Loved learning about textiles--never grasped the whole perfect pant fit thing.

Though fashion design was not my calling, my love for fabric and folk art never waned. I love creating dolls and jewelry--just not pants!

More Featured Artists

McCloud Designs
Gathering ideas from nature, from music, from my surroundings and from my memories is what my designs are all about.  I love warm and cozy, but will sneak in a few cutesy, bright and sometimes geeky designs here and there.  One thing that distinguishes McCloud Designs is that I encourage my customers to use my designs as a natural reminder for their goals and aspirations.  For each item in my shop, I offer a few ideas for goals based on the color of the design or the property of the gemstones used.  I love creating custom reminders as well.   

                I am from Omaha, Nebraska and currently live just across the Missouri River in Council Bluffs.  My best friend, Javier, is also the man I happened to marry (lucky me!).  We met in College while both studying music.  I studied voice and Javier is a classical guitarist.  Music is a root that has grown deep in the seed of our lives and I think it often comes through in my work.  I sing to my designs to bring them to life.



I am a teacher, mother of four and knitter. I have discoverd a passion for all natural fibers. I knit accessories to sell in my Etsy shop because, motto, "Everyone deserves a little luxury!" I started my blog to learn about and share info on all natural fibers. That's me in a nutshell!


A professional artist for the past 40 years.
I'm excited to become a member of Etsy, because it reaches out to the global art community.
I earned a BA in Studio Art from Elmira College and have exhibited my artwork nationally.
Having owned and operated a commercial studio & gallery for 14 years, I've learned which pieces of my art are popular and have offered them here on Etsy for all of the people who are fond of angels.
I believe that angels dwell in the space between our heartbeat and they are always with us.

Peace Out,

  • Female
  • Born on June 12
  • Joined August 16, 2011 

Hi Im Anastasia from Sydney, Australia.  Im a busy mum  of two boys and I love to create fun paper goods that have a feel of nolstalgia.  I also love drinking tea, reading magazines, baking and blogging.

My etsy shop: Percival Road Designs

October Feature

Got Milk Glass and More!/GotMilkGlassAnd

We’ve always loved searching for that perfect piece of pottery or milk glass and our house is filled with the treasures we’ve found over the years. Any time we're traveling, the car seems to find an antique shop.

We’re hoping that the fruits of our years of searching can brighten your house as it has ours. We have a variety of interests and that’s what shows up in our shop. We’re still addicted to the search, so items will be added as we find them. 


I have always loved vintage from when I was really young and have continued it though the years. I started hitting thrift stores when I wasn't working and figured if I had to shop, I would feel less guilty going the thrift route. I am in the entertainment business in Hollywood and I love what i do. I had some time at the beginning of the year and that is when I decided to open an etsy vintage store. I have been obsessed ever since. I love to shop and think about what others will like, I love to do the research  (i have learned so much), I love to take the photos and I love to sell and have a nice rapport with my customers. I want them to be happy and that is what I find exciting. I believe in diversifying and I have everything from clothes to jewelry to shoes to bags to housewares to art to games to toys to home decor to lighting to all kinds of collectables. That is why I call my shop Lipmeister, something for everyone. Please check out my shop!

Pearls Plus
Hi! I am Chaya (pronounced hi-ya) Udinsky creator of Pearls Plus LLC handmade jewelry. I have always loved jewelry. In college, I took a part time job with a fine jewelry chain and was hooked.  I worked in that field until my son was born in late 2010. During that time, I acquired bead and pearl stringing knowledge and was able to perform repairs for the shop I worked at.

When my son was born, I became a stay at home mom. I continued to do repairs for the store that I had worked at and also grew my repair business to include a few other local jewelry shops and individuals. I also began to offer custom services. Before I knew it, I had acquired beads and began making gifts for family and friends. They encouraged me to continue to make jewelry, and my handmade jewelry line was born.

I love working with pearls and gemstones. I especially love finding pearls in unusual shapes and colors. Hand knotting on silk is my specialty, although I also work with wire and elastic. I pick the materials based on the type of job I am presented with and budget concerns, if there are any. Right now, my jewelry consists of special occasion jewelry, mainly made with Swarovski crystal "pearls" and everyday jewelry made of akoya and freshwater pearls and gemstones. I also love custom and repair jobs. Estimates are free!

Please check out my links:
My Etsy store:

I am doing a raffle for an item in my shop. The giveaway will be Nov. 1st. To register, just like my facebook page!
My shop is Tangerine Designs at

I make knitting project bags, stitch markers, and accessories! I've fallen in love with knitting, but never have enough bags for my projects. So I started making them myself. I also couldn't ever find any pretty stitch markers in stores around where I live. So, what did I do? I made them myself! I hope you come by and enjoy my shop!
I also have a fan page at

I am a professionally trained artist who enjoys quirky and colorful design. I make a variety of things from fine art paintings, to tiny miniature paintings made into jewelry, to fun jewelry using unusual materials. I teach art to kids in a museum, go out on a paddleboard just about every day, and live in a house with 5 rescue birds who are the wackiest, most affectionate companions you could imagine. I love to sketch or paint outdoors and so many of my designs represent joyful interpretations of animals and memories from being outdoors. I love working with clients and do custom work as well.
Please visit both my Etsy shops and feel free to use a coupon code when you do!
For art jewelry and fine craft:
Use coupon code "FINEHAPPYCRAFTS" at checkout for 15% off any purchase
Some items in this shop are already on sale or already have free shipping, so it's a sale on a sale for blog readers!
Use coupon code "VIPCUSTOMER" at checkout for 15% off any purchase
  My name is Janice Murray.  I live in Boston, MA.  If I am not working cleaning teeth,  you will find me with camera in hand.  Love taking photos in the Boston Public Gardens and my most favorite places to visit, Newport Rhode Island and Monhegan Island in Maine.
  Here is my etsy info.


Hello everyone!  My name is Allison and I am the one woman show behind hoop~da~loop ( and my blog A Girl and Her Scout (  I live in Knoxville with my wonderful husband and miniature schnauzer.  We love to spend time in the great outdoors and I love a good book with a cup of tea.  hoop~da~loop came about out of a desire to nurture my creative side and passion for challenges.  Before it ever went online, I was working on a product line for the shop.  It started with some embroidery work, which I soon found was not going to work out for me.  (It wasn't something I wanted to do all of the time though I do love embroidery!)  And then it developed into fabric bunting and then more to party decorations, which is where I am today!  All of this happened over a decent period of time and took a lot of work, but I am pleased with the result.  I now specialize in whimsical party decorations and supplies for all types of parties, including but not limited to weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, bachelorette parties and so on, and also unique gifts.  I LOVE custom work and I do a lot of it.  My customers are the best!  They always come up with the best color combinations and ideas!   My best sellers are my paper garlands.  They are great party decor, home decor, gift wrap, and more.  Plus they are reusable!  I've even seen a customer use them to decorate the curtains in her kids room, which I thought was a great idea!  One day, I hope to become a one shop stop for party planning men and women where they can find paper garlands, invitations, thank-yous, cupcake toppers, cupcake liners, and on and on it goes!

You can find me at these places around the web:


Featured Artisans for October

My name is Marie Young and I am a jewelry artist from Dover, TN.  Most of my work includes handsculpted and hand hammered pieces from recycled metals; copper, aluminum, brass, and sterling silver.  I have been working on my craft for 4 years now as a self taught metalsmith and strive to make all of my pieces feel organic and fluid. I also have begun to include some recycled plastics and found objects in my pieces which I think add a fun element to the hammered metals.  I have been featured in some shops around Nashville and currently am the featured local artist at the Customs House Museum's gift shop, Seasons, in Clarksville,TN. 

Please check out my shop.


Kouture Crochet
My name is Karia and I am the co-owner of Kouture Crochet.  I have Dandy Walker Hydrocephalus, a congenital brain malformation. Even though this prevents me from driving or having a regular 9-5 job, I started this shop in hopes of both following my passion as an artist and lover of old fashioned luxury.  Part my goal is show that crochet is more than just a source of workaday products far removed from luxury.  I seek to create exceptional crocheted items that are luxurious yet subtle, simple and something that would be at home in the couture houses of Paris high fashion.
Here are my links
Timeless.  Elegant.  Luxury.
Twitter @KoutureCrochet


My name is Gary Cobb & I'm from NJ. I have over 25 years of experience creating custom caricatures & photography prints. In my shop I offer custom caricatures & celebrity caricature prints & note cards. You'll also find some note cards featuring my photography. I recently added mugs with caricatures.

Just for men!!

I started my Etsy Career because ....I just cannot throw anything away! And so I recycle and having a shop on Etsy to sell my creations seemed like the perfect fit!
My husband and I have been scout leaders since we got married (almost 12 years now) and so our joint hobby is camping and hanging out in the woods learning together with the kids here of the fauna and flora of Florida - but when I am home I craft. always.
One day my mother-in-law gave me an old jewerly box. She said she would never do anything with the items in it. I opened that box and memories of yester-year flooded back and I did some on-line research and found out that because of sites like Etsy, with sellers promoting their vintage items and shows like Mad Men bringing the Style back in to the public's eye, it just felt right!
My father is retired Navy and I can remember so vividly when he was not at sea, he was home with us and watching TV. I was forever exposed to the world of the Rat Pack, Carol Burnett and The Lucy Show, old Hollywood movies, The Ed Sullivan Show, TV shows like Get Smart ~
The way women and men dressed, to me was ...the way it should be. I find myself, now, looking at the way women and men dress and ask myself: 'What happened?" and I feel as if we just got lazy. Because it is easier to throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and say 'yeah, it's ok. that's how everyone else is dressing'....but OH! A Lady in a dress, with pumps and hair done up right - NICE; and a man in a suit, tie, shiny shoes - NICE and SEXY!
So I started my own Etsy Shop : GENTLEMANSEMPORIUM, and now - if we are not camping and I am not crafting I spend time at flea markets, second hand shops, estate sales, etc. and researching my finds because..... I now feel that am doing my part to 'Bring THE REAL sexy back'!

A wonderful Artist i have come across...

Laurie Shanholtzer

I have been painting mainly with pastel for my career of 40 + years. I have taught pastel painting at the Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington WV, Given numerous classes for teachers and students in West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. I have given many workshops, as for example, a workshop in connection with the Armand Hamer Collection.
I have mostly done commissioned pastel paintings. Lately I have been donating more of my time to landscapes, still life and figurative works.  I am a member of
American Society of Portrait Artists, The New York Society of Portrait Artists.
& Tri State Arts Association
my main website shows a sampling of some of my portraits as examples and reproductions that are available:

Little Shop of ellesee

I am currently a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful baby boy. In my spare time, when I'm not reading my son Dr. Seuss books, I enjoy curling up on the sofa and watching a good movie while eating my latest discovery -- vanilla bean ice cream! I have always loved to draw and paint, but, during my final year of university, I discovered photography, and instantly fell in love. I love all things simple, though my office would not agree, and reflect that in my art and my lifestyle.
My links are:
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