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Style report!!

Chain AccessoriesThe chain needs an image makeover. For too long it's had negative associations linked to it: chain smoker; chain gang; chain of fools; ball and chain... Luckily stars like Marion Cotillard, Emma Stone and Ashley Tisdale are purveyors  of style when it comes to chains.
They are carrying chain-strap bags, wearing chain-link belts and adding some style to their heels with chain detailing. It's doubtful we need to convince you that you should add a few chain accessories to your wardrobe; but just in case, here are 2 tempting treats that'll have you thinking nothing but the best about chains.

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Easy but difficult looking scarf pattern!

This is a really effective stitch that really has only one row of pattern!
I made it using a soft merino yarn in a lovely orange color.

I haven't finished it yet but i thought I'd share the stitch with you.

I uses 4mm needles but gauge here is not really important.
You need to have a multiple of 18 stitches plus 8 - 4  extra on each side
I cast on 44 stitches.
K - knit
P - purl
YO - yarn over
K2tog - Knit two together
Lets GO!
knit 4 rows  in garter stitch. thats the edge - also the last 4 rows, when you have knitted the scarf as long as you like, will also be in garter stitch

Lace Pattern:
Row 1: K
Row 2: K 4, P to last 4 sts, K4.
REMEMBER 1st and last 4 sts are ALWAYS in K
Row 3: K4 (as always!!) *K2 tog (3 times) YO, K1( 6 times), K2 tog (3 times)*  repeat from * to * till last 4 sts - K4
Row 4: K.

That is the pattern!!
Easy huh!!!

knit as along as you like and end with 4 rows in garter stitch!!

Found some fantastic yarn for sale

It's a supplier in Turkey, who ships in just a few days. the price of yarn is UNBELIEVABLE and although the shipping may seem like a lot, if you factor in the whole cost the yarn is still at an amazing cost for the quality.
They ship DHL - I got my last order in 4 days!
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