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berry hat fun and easy to make

Materials 1 skein of Pure Romney British yarn

6mm needles

Abbreviations k = knit

p = purl

st(s) = stitch(es)

p3tog = insert RH needle purlwise into next three stitches and purl them together

inc 2 = (k1, p1, k1) into same st

Tension 16 stitches x 16 rows 10cm x 10cm

Blackberry stitch 6mm needles

HAT Using 6mm needles, cast on 82 sts

[] Row 1: (p1, k3) to last two sts, p2

[] Row 2: p1, (k1, p3) to last st, k1 Repeat these two rows twice more

[] Row 7 (wrong side): k1, (p3tog, inc 2 in next st) to last st, k1

[] Row 8: p

[] Row 9: k1, (inc 2 in next st, p3tog) to last st, k1

[] Row 10: p Rows 7­-10 set Blackberry pattern

[] Repeat Rows 7­-10 until hat is approximately 22cm long, finishing after a Row 8 or 10

[] Cast off knitwise.

Make two tassels by wrapping some wool around a rectangle of cardboard about ten times.

Tie another piece of wool around the wraps on one side of the cardboard and cut the wraps to

release the tassel.

Fold the tassel in half and use the end of the tie to secur…