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Gathered Scarf Pattern

This is a very easy stitch that you can use for anything.
I decided to make a scarf.
You will need about 300gms of yarn - sock weight - or 4ply
Best is using a sock weight yarn, and larger needles

cast on 49 stitches, using #5 US needles
Knit stocking stitch all along for this, the pattern is as follows:
Knit 10 rows ending with a Knit row.
(pattern)now on the purl row knit 9, with the Right hand needle pich up a stitch about 5 rows below the 10th row and put it on the left hand needle.
Knit the 10th stitch and the picked up stitch together
repeat K9, pick up stitch etc till end of row.
knit 5 rows, ending again with a K row
Now do the pick up stitch again but this time, k4, pick up stitch,* K9, pick up stitch* and continue to end
Knit 5 rows,(end pattern)

Repeat till the scarf is as long as you like

What i also like is that the stocking stitch curves around so that it looks like you have a tube - very soft and effective

This is the wrong side..see how the stitches have b…

The dying art of spelling....

From a post on the Etsy Fora

What's something random or weird about yourself ?

I poke out the little peppercorns from my salomi. 

Also, I used to eat at a delish place ... get my morning bean borrito from them....until one morning, I stopped and sat outside a store before they opened and ate my lovely borrito. I bit into a stone and started dry heaving in the car, I looked up and a woman who was also waiting in her car for the store to open, gave the nastiest look. I gagged and drove off. No way was I going into that store to browse around after she seen me doing that. lol,

the borrito shop closed long ago, perhaps due to similar events from others. 

my fear of peppercorns in salomi more than likely stem from this experience. 


I do not want to form a legal corporation can I sell my items personally then claim my profit as an indecent contractor?

Ok.... silly question. I have a particular person who convo's and says free shipping right? Add to listing and I will purchase.