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Easy Legwarmers
My niece asked me for a pair and after a couple of trials I think I got exactly what she wanted.
They will have a seam down the inside leg as i do not use circulars!

They are ribbed at the top and bottom and have a lacy pattern that is super easy!!

aprox 200grammes of sport weight yarn
(double knitting for UK)

Knitting needles size US5 or 3.75mm
This size fits most. If you need to make them wider or narrower you can adjust the pattern accordingly You can also make short ones as boot toppers! Use your imagination and have fun with the pattern
*Measure the length you want. for example, I chose 19" long choose your rib height, top and bottom - I chose ": for the top and 3" for the bottom - I like the bottom to be less than the top* so that means i need to knit 12" in pattern Abbreviations K = knit P = purl Sts = stitches YO = yarn over needle (increasing a stitch) P3tog - purl three sts together
Lets get started! I knitted mine from the bottom up.
CO on 5…

Easy Knitted scarf or shawl

I found out that this type of scarf is called a BAKTUS SCARF
Its really easy - all the rows are knit
You have some short rows and that's about it!

(if you dont want to knit, but like the finished product, it, and more, are available on )

You will need - 100gms or about 420 yards of 4 ply or sock weight yarn
# 5 US needles (3.74 mm)
Fine yarn works the best but you can use up to double knitting or worsted weight. If you use the thicker yarn I would also use larger needles - go up by one size at least

YO: yarn over,
ssk: slip one stitch, knit one stitch, pass slipped stitch over
K: knit

I bought 2 balls of yarn and started the decreases when i finished the 1st ball.
You can make a longer or smaller scarf using the 2 ball method and not measuring
If you want the same effect, but use a thicker yarn, I would omit the ruffles - ie leave out rows 2 and 5 for a sharper angle or just knit without the short rows)

Cast on 10 sts