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I am sure many of you have seen the series on TV, but maybe you thought it was exaggerated..
Well, i can now say it is NOT!

I went to an estate sale yesterday and it was a hoarders home..the estate agents had first to get the 1800 got junk people to clean out the dirt, and they try sort out what remained.
an example:

3 large boxes of new pantyhose bought in the '80's
men's shirts from J Crew still in their packaging
Kids board games - unopened - (and they had no kids)
and piles and piles of clothes and shoes!

Among the mess I found some Bally Suisse shoes, that i grabbed
and some cashmere sweaters that looked terrible..
but after a good wash they look amazing

all circa 1980

How i wish i had the time to go back again!!!

Most if the items are listed here