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Easy way to make a hat/beanie

I never seem to find the pattern I want, but this is an easy basic way to make a hat/beanie. I dont use circular needles so this is for 2 needles.
1. choose your yarn and needles and knit a swatch
2. measure the circumference of the head you are knitting for (!!)
3. now for some math: Check your swatch:
 if, for example, 10sts make up 5 inches, and the head is 20 inches, then use basic math to find out how may stitches you need:
use this method: stitches on the swatch, (in this case 10) multiplied by inches of the head (in this case 20) divided by the number of inches on the swatch (in this case 5)
so 10 x 20  = 200 / 5 + 40 stitches SO
4. cast on 40 sts. and knit about 2/3 inches in rib. Change to desired stitch
5. measure from under the ear to about the middle of the head.
6. Knit till that length.
7. Start the decrease this way:
8. k 8, k 2 tog till end
9. All back rows knit as presented
10: k7, k 2 tog
11: as presented
12: k 6, k 2 tog
and so on till you have a couple of sts left.

All you need for bath and body!

Bodycare Luxuries is a small, family run business located in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. Whether you’re looking for some truly luxurious treat to pamper yourself, need a gift for someone or simply want to enjoy a relaxing bath after a long and busy day – whatever your wish –Bodycare Luxuries has something to offer for every occasion! Here you will find a range of handmade bath and bodycare products as well as gift ideas. Here at Bodycare Luxuries we take a great pride at what we do and we value our customers and their needs and wishes. We produce our products in small batches ensuring you get the best quality products possible. We put our heart and soul in our products and we’re sure you’ll love them. We don’t use any Parabens, SLS and unnecessary chemicals and additives and that makes our products as natural as possible and none of our products are tested on animals. All Bodycare Luxuries products are made and packaged by hand ensuring every single item receives plenty of our attentio…

Looking for a unique gift??

Rae of Light Photos

I'm 29 years old,and live in Joplin, MO. My work pays homage to subjects and life left unseen or forgotten. They demonstrate the passage of time and the beauty of unaltered minimalism. What started as a way to slow down and take pleasure in nature, swiftly turned into a perpetual zeal to capture the unobserved spirit of daily life.
While examining these pieces my aspiration is that individuals take a moment to look at the details and observe the charm and enchantment our world has to offer.
My images are a blend of archival digital photography and film. I have been pursuing the creation art through film for three years and am self-taught.
I am also the owner of the cutest Bassett hound out there. His name is Ralphie and he's still getting over the click of the camera.




Pink Pups Designs

My name is Pam, shop owner of Pink Pups Des…

More designers I think you may like

My name is Heidi and i paint and draw whimsical and cute characters in my studio by the sea. I love to tell a story with my work, and each character has more than a pocket full of secrets and stories to warm you heart. I illustrate in watercolours and acrylics and have a range of cute and quirky creations from hand painted boxes to illustrated brooches, original character watercolours and mini canvas art. You can see more of me and my work here

Stitched with Love
My name is Lisa, I live and work in a little town outside of Bristol. I'm a full time graphic designer but in my spare time my hobby(and new found passion) is crafting handmade goodies. I create everything from hearts to hedgehogs and bumble bees to campervans! All of my items are designed and made by me in my home.
You can see examples of my work on my shop..…

A great site I found

Wonderful tutorials and so much information!
Its CalledPretty Modern and the owner has kindly agreed to let me link to her blog.

Check this out!!!!
The best zippered purse tutorial i have come across, thanks to Amanda!
Go check out her work!!!

Fully lined zippered box pouch - pattern and tutorial I love the look of a zippered box incredibly cute.  I found many tutorials on the internet, but was disappointed after making pouches following these tutorials to find that they were not fully lined; looks so much nicer when you open your pouch and there are no seams.  It took me a long time to figure it out and I thought and thought and thought...then I got it♥  I don't want to keep this knowledge to myself, so here it is.  I'd like to thank Jane at Projects by Jane(the only other tutorial like this that I was able to find on the internet - wish I'd found it sooner).  Her photos may help you out too if mine fail to communicate properly.  If you like what you see and this …

Start Getting Ready for school...

Its time to think about school supplies....and i have the thing for you..personalized journals, note books and other goodies - all customized for you!