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Murano glass bracelet

I like this!!
you can buy it here: Felicesereno, vintage collectables

Cotton lawn dress

I found the most beautiful fabric...
and here is the result..

Available for sale at my etsy store

embelish your knitting

with the addition of appliqué, brooches or other embellishments.


spring collection

these were such fun to make! Available at

Cabled cowl Free Knitting Pattern

I have had a few requests for this pattern so i will give it a shot.
Requirements: you will need to know how to cable!

the idea is simple. Using irregular cables, you can create a unique look.
Use the following cables as an example
1. simple cable on 2p 6K 2p, cable the 6K.
2. Double cable - as above and repeat after 4 rows to get the double twist
3. Double elongated cable - like1 but repeated after 8 rows.

Ok, so if you have understood the above lets give it a go.
 You will need US size 10 needles and any yarn that goes with them. If in doubt, use thinner rather than thicker.
I used knitpicks worsted 100% wool.
About 100 gms should do. (no idea what that is in yards im afraid)

cast on 56 stitches on a spare piece of yarn - you will need to unpick this at the end to graft the ends of the cowl together. There is a tutorial on 'kitchener stitch' on my blog you can check out.
Using your cowl yarn , follow the following:
Row 1:Slip one (every 1st row from now on), k10, p1 till end…

Update to shrugs

They look great over a little dress!

available at my store I can also make a custom order in your choice of color and size.


I have become addicted to knitting these cute little shrugs!
Will get the pattern posted asap!
Would love your comments!

Sewing today...

Bought some great fabric and decided to give the old sewing machine a twirl!
Here's what i came up with:

Its Competition time!

Up for grabs is a $10.00 Bath and Bodyworks gift card.
Send me your favorite knitting pattern, with a picture of your finished result. The winner will be posted on my blog (with all your credentials of course) and I will send you a $10.00 gift card from bath and body.
Make sure it is a pattern you are willing to share as who knows, maybe someone actually reads my blog!!
Send the pattern and pic to me here
I will post a list of all contestants and well as the winner.
You have until the end of January to do so
happy Knitting!!!

Easy scarf or cowl pattern - for adults or children

This is a VERY easy pattern - even I can write it without a mistake!

you will need 1 or 2 balls of double knitting (worsted weight) - depending on how long you want it to be
Size 5mm needles.
cast on 22 sts.
row 1- k1p1
row 2-knit

repeat these 2 rows for as long as you would like the scarf to be

thats it! knit as long as you want. You can knit it as a scarf or join the ends for an infinity cowl.

Burberry Cowl

I came across this Burberry designs which i adapted. i had seen some another variations on line but this is my interpretation.. Imagine, the original sells for $750.00 but you can get one HERE for a fraction of the price. Or e mail me and I'll make you a custom one in your choice of color

Kitchener Stitch

The Kitchener Stitch
by Stephanie Van Der Linden
The Kitchener stitch can be used to attach parallel rows of live stitches to one another. Begin with the stitches to be joined on two double-pointed needles held parallel to one another with the stitches to be joined across from one another. There must be the same number of stitches on both needles. Thread a length of matching yarn on a tapestry needle; you will be mimicking the path of a new row of stitches with it.

Figure 1, step 1Figure 2, step 2STEP 1: Insert the tapestry needle purlwise into the first stitch on the front needle and pull the yarn through, leaving the stitch on the needle (Figure 1). STEP 2: Insert the tapestry needle knitwise into the first stitch on the back needle and pull the yarn through, leaving the stitch on the needle (Figure 2). Figure 3, steps 3 and 4Figure 4, steps 5 and 6STEP 3: Insert the tapestry needle knitwise into the next stitch on the front needle and pull the yarn through, dropping the stitch from the …

Easy knit scarf

This is a super easy scarf to knit - even for a beginner. As always I am hopeless writing patters but I shall give this a try: Use large needles - I used a US 10. You will need lots of different yarns, more or less the same weight and in the colors of your choice. I cast on 50 stitches. Then knitted up the yarns randomly, but attaching the ends using a knot and bow. I didn't join the yarn as one should (hiding the ends) but instead emphasized the join. - Does that make sense? Knit, using stocking stitch, or knit stitch for as long as you like! It will be almost reversible. Also, make sure you change color randomly as you want to avoid a stripy effect. You can purchase the finished version HERE or request a custom order.

Variations on a design

First of all apologies for the mistake in my cowl pattern...Thanks for pointing it out!
I would like to show you some variations:

The first one was made narrower and i added a crochet side and knitted triangles...
the other was super long so it can be wound around the neck 3 times. i also used 2 colors .

Bows and more

Some more scarves

Will try get the patterns up asap!