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Some more scarves and cowls

Crochet scarf with flowers

I really cant write patterns..and my crochet is not that great but here is a pattern for a scarf i made. I crocheted a scarf in a simple stitch, i believe it was a treble all the way, you can make this as long as you like. I made 5 flowers but again its up to you.
If you dont want to make the scarf you can buy itHERE

Crochet flowers (got this off my aunt, but as Ii said, i crochet my own way but i think this is as close as it gets!)

ch = chain; dc = double crochet; lp = loop; rep = repeat; sc = single crochet; ss = slip stitch;tr = treble crochet.

Round 1:Ch5,, join into a circle, work 15sc into circle. Ss into first ch. Round 2: Ch4, * skip 1sc, 1dc into next sc, ch1, rep from * 6 times more. Join with a ss into the 3rd of the first 4ch.  Round 3: Work 1dc, 1tr, 1dc, 1sc, * into next ch loop, work 1sc, 1dc, 1tr, 1dc, 1sc, rep from * into each ch loop, making 8 petals. Join with a ss into first ch. Round 4 Working behind the petals made in the 3rd round, make ss between 2 pet…

Easy Cowl Pattern - knit today

This is an easy to make cowl pattern. The instructions may not be that easy as i never really write down patterns but this was a request.

So here goes.
You will need a multiple of 9 sts plus 4. Depending on the yarn and needles you are using, cast on a number of stitches for the required height. I did not use circular needles so you have to cast on the number you need for the height of the scarf and knit as many rows as you  need to get the width (circumference) you would like.

I found that if you used larger needles than the yarn requires you will get a softer cowl. Dont use very think yarn, I would not go much thicker than double knitting

I used USA number 10 needles and using double knitting, I cast on 58 sts. (6 x 9 =54 + 4 =58) That made the cowl about 12" high. (its squashy so it will gather down)You will have to figure out how many stitches you need according to yarn and needles used, but basically it is a multiple of 9 plus 4.

Start with a false cast on, that means 1st ro…

Crochet Flower clips or barrettes

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Spring dresses

It is rather early but i have a collection to prepare!
comments welcome!

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