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Easy Cowl Pattern - knit today

This is an easy to make cowl pattern. The instructions may not be that easy as i never really write down patterns but this was a request.

So here goes.
You will need a multiple of 9 sts plus 4. Depending on the yarn and needles you are using, cast on a number of stitches for the required height. I did not use circular needles so you have to cast on the number you need for the height of the scarf and knit as many rows as you  need to get the width (circumference) you would like.

I found that if you used larger needles than the yarn requires you will get a softer cowl. Dont use very think yarn, I would not go much thicker than double knitting

I used USA number 10 needles and using double knitting, I cast on 58 sts. (6 x 9 =54 + 4 =58) That made the cowl about 12" high. (its squashy so it will gather down)You will have to figure out how many stitches you need according to yarn and needles used, but basically it is a multiple of 9 plus 4.

Start with a false cast on, that means 1st row in spare yarn which will be removed later so you can graft the two sides together. (if you dont want to do this, and cast on and off neatly then so so and sew the ends together)
You can also knit this in the round but there you are on your own as I hate knitting on circular needles. You would need to cast on enough stitches for the circumference (always a multiple of 9 +4) and then knit the height instead. Also, the odd rows (1 & 3) will be K not P

But I digress...
row 1: purl
row 2: k3 * yo (yarn over) K2 SKP (slip stitch, knit stitch, pass slip stitch over)K2tog  K2, YO, K1.YO K1
repeat from * to end. K1.
row 3: purl
row 4: K2 *YO, K2, SKP, K2 together, K2, YO K1.YO K1 Repeat from * to end. K2

Lets Try again:
Row 1 and 3 Purl.
Row 2: K3 * yo, K2, skp,(slip stitch, k next stitch and pass slipped stitch over) k2tog, k2, yo, k1. repeat from * and end K1
Row 4: K2 *yo, k2, skp, K2tog, K2, yo, K1 Repeat from * and end K2

 (apologies, i am not very good at writing patterns so i knitted this again and fixed the errors.)

That is all the pattern!
Knit it as wide as you want it to be, it can be an infinity style, where you can wrap it twice round your neck, or a neck warmer. It's up to you! I believe mine was about 25-30"

When you have reached the required size, bind off using a 3 needle method (picking up the stitches on the other side after you have removed the scrap cast on yarn and casting them off together so you join the two ends)
If you have used a regular cast on, thgen cast off and neatly join the two sides.

If you want, you can work it in another pattern using just rows 1 and 2. Its fun experimenting!

The cowl is also available for purchase or you can order on in your choice of color here:

Happy knitting - and remember I welcome all comments - Hopefully this is not too confusing!


Anonymous said…
This is such a beautiful cowl and I can't wait to try it. I wanted to thank you for writing down the pattern and sharing it with everyone.
esbeads said…
I just started working on this and it seems there is a knit 2 together missing in row 2? There are two yo increases, but only one decrease.
lucinda said…
fixed the pattern! i said i was not good at writing them down..apologies!
Thank you Louise for the cowl pattern, I plan to copy and print it out so I can knit it. Very pretty and generous of you to share the pattern.

Anonymous said…
Thank you SOOO much for sharing this with us! I REALLY appreciate it! It is VERY PRETTY!!

Thanks again!
Lorrie said…
Thanks for the gorgeous pattern - can't wait to try it! How many yards of DK yarn do I need for this?
Anonymous said…
Very nice, thank you! Any thoughts on what it would look like if you knitted the odd rows instead of purl???
nannyjean said…
I love lace and this pattern is what i was looking for. thanks for sharing nannyjeanknits
esbeads said…
I'm about half way done and loving it! Using Lion Brand's new Amazing yarn and the color changes are making wonderful stripes. Thanks again!
lucinda said…
I think i have fixed the pattern now..Apologies for the errors, but I am hopeless at writing patterns down so i re knitted it and i think it works now!
Anonymous said…
For help with the "false cast on" which is also called "provisional cast on" I used this video I watched a few others but this one worked the best for me. Good luck.
Anonymous said…
Thank you sooo much for creating this pattern, I have been wondering what I was going to get for Mother's Day. I have always wanted to give something I have made and still be proud of it, and now I can!
Anonymous said…
Just wondering what types of yarn your bloggers have used to make this cowl? It is beautiful and would like some input into yarns used. Thanks
Anonymous said…
This is beautiful. I am a beginning knitter and would like to knit it in the round. Could anybody write down the directions for making this in the round? I need all the help I can get!
lucinda said…
this is a long scarf so you may have too many stitches to knit well using circulars.
theantiblogger said…
I love this cowl and want to meke it as a special gift.
I need help!!! The practice swatch I did came out perfectly. I learned to knit as a child but never made anything more than a scarf in stockinette. So now I'm trying to expand my horizons and the problem is I CO 36 plus 4 (40) and follow the pattern and end up at 46 before I pull it out and start again.
any ideas where I might be picking up the extra stitches?
lucinda said…
it can take some trys to get it right -make sure you are following the pattern exactly and not adding any YO
theantiblogger said…
Thanks I'll keep trying, I love this pattern. I'll let you know who conquers who (whom?). :)
lyss said…
Hi! Just saw 2 cowl patters I would really like to try but I'm really really new to knitting and purchased a round loom for ease to start - is there a way of creating this on a loom? Not sure how to read patters but would like to try!
lucinda said…
i have never knitted on a loom so i am not sure how to help you!
lyss said…
Thanks anyhow - if anyone knows, please let me know! Thanks!
happygam said…
I just finished this scarf and thank you for the instructions.I do things much too quickly and read only 3 lines to the instructions and it came out very pretty. Now since I did 3 lines the cast on side is scalloped, how do I get the bind off sign to follow and become scalloped? Thanks again
happygam said…
I just finished this scarf and as always am too fast and read only 3 lines to the instructions. The cast on side came out beautiful, it is scalloped now I am done how do I get the scalloped edge to the bind off? thanks again for instructions
happygam said…
Just finished this scarf and t/u for the instructions. My cast on side came out scalloped now how do I get the b/o side to scallop?
Anonymous said…
the two ends will be sewn up so the scallop will be knitted in.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the pattern. I'm just about finished... Christmas gift for mom! Thanks again, it's very pretty.

Happy holidays!
Anonymous said…
Love your Easy Cowl instructions. Have a couple of questions though. What do you mean by double knitting? Do you mean two strands of yarn? And if I make it longer can I then use buttons for closure instead of pulling it over the head? Please advise.
Anonymous said…
double knitting is the UK term for worsted
You can make it as long as you like and add buttonholes
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for your prompt response. I can start immediately. Best wises for a very happy and healthy New Year.
Billie said…
This is beautiful, thank you so much for posting the pattern as well as the pictures.

Happy Knitting

Anonymous said…
Just finished this and am very pleased I tried it! I'm a beginner and my mistakes don't even show (much). When I ended up with too many stiches I just k2tog and carried on. I didn't understand provisional cast on so just cast on very loosely and then popped the stitches on a needle at the end and did a three-needle bind off which was fiddly but really easy! Thanks so much for this nice pattern:)
Anonymous said…
Love the pattern. Nice idea to add buttons!!! I think knitting in the round would be a nightmare (I can't count that high)...and the stitches would be vertical rather than horizontal, but does that matter.
Anne said…
I love this pattern, but have a the beginning of the directions, you said you used USA number 10 needles and using "double knitting".....what is double knitting? I thought that was when you wnat to make a two-sided item, and that it makes it twice as doesn't appear to be doubly thick.....thanks for yous help on this. Anne
lucinda said…
double knitting is the british equivalent of worsted
Carol Knits said…
So you only use one strand of worsted? Thank you. Lovely pattern.
Sally said…
I made this using a silk/bamboo in the same color shown for my daughter-in-law and as a scarf for my mother. Today I'm making a cowl for myself in a silvery gray called stone by Patons silk / bamboo. Love this pattern!
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Thanks so much for sharing your pattern.
Unknown said…
I've tried the first two rows twice, and ended up with a leftover stitch on the left-hand needle at the end of Row 2. The pattern says to end with k1, so what do I do with the leftover stitch? Your first version of the pattern said to end Row 2 with yo k1 yo k1. Could that be correct? It would use up all 58 stitches.
Thanks for replying; I love the cowl and really, really want to knit it.
Unknown said…
I really like the pretty scalloped edge so I am going to knit half of it. Then knit the other half and join them together from the bind off (in pattern) to make 2 scalloped edges on a pretty scarf. Hoping this works....? Any suggestions>
Unknown said…
How much wool did you need to knit this pattern?
Anonymous said…
Louise, I'm not sure if you ever check your older blogs, but I just came across this cowl and would love to try and knit it. I am a bit confused though, and I hope you (or another follower) can clear something up for me.
At the very end of the written instructions it states, "Also, the odd rows (1 & 3) will be K not P." Yet the pattern says, "Row 1 and 3 Purl". So, which is the correct stitch to use, Knit or Purl?
Anonymous said…
If you are knitting on two needles, use purl. If you are knitting in the round, use knit for rows one and three. Hope that helps.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for such a beautiful and easy pattern and so versatile to be able to use with many different yarn weights. Can't wait to start knitting this pattern and see some of your other ideas and patterns.
Unknown said…
Thank you for pattern
I am using a bulky yarn with only 3 repeats and larger needles
Only because my cousin gave me the yarn which is a baby alpaca and she wanted a cowl infinity scarf and i wanted to do something lacy
It is working well with the larger needles and only 3 repeats
I will defintely make again with a thinner yarn
Unknown said…
I also slipped 1st stitch of each row for a neater end

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