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An easy shawl pattern

I wrote this as i knitted it so if you find any mistakes let me know!

The cast on sts are the top of the shawl, the cast off will be the bottom. This is a very basic pattern that you can then embellish - i used an eyelet pattern on random rows.(k2tog YO) The first stitches should not be slipped (as i usually do when knitting) but knitted.
You can use any yarn you like with its corresponding needles. there really is no gauge
You can also knit it to any size. Just remember that the final amount of stitches you have will be its width and the number of rows you knit will be the length. You can check that on a swatch and calculate accordingly

Cast on 7 stitches.
Row 1 (RS): k2, yo, k1, yo,place marker k1 place marker, yo, k1, yo, k2.
Row 2 (WS): K2 , P to last 2 sts knit last 2 sts (and on all WS)
Row 3 (RS): k2, yo, k to marker, YO, k1,move marker YO, k to last 2 stitches, YO, k2.
and so on

So to give a quick recap.
The 1st 2 sts of every row are always K followed by YO
Before the 1st marker, there is always a YO - the stitch between the markers is knitted as it presents its self (k one side P the other) and after you slip the 2nd marker there is always a YO.

On the Purl side, its always K2 and purl to last 2 sts -  K2 (no increases )

Using your swatch you can calculate the size you would like to make. Amount of sts = width, amount of rows = length

Hope this makes sense!


Vicki Boster said…
Hi Louise -
I just found your awsome blog - through your Ravelry link. Your patterns are wonderful and I so appreciate that you share them.

I am a knitter too and it is rare to find a great knitting blog - so I am your newest follower. My blog is also about knitting - but other things, like our travels as well.

Love the cabled cowl and your latest baby sweater. Thanks so much for sharing~~

lucinda said…
Why thank you Vicki -Im not really very good at writing patterns - which is why they are all free!!
Anonymous said…
I am new to knitting and would like to attempt this. What is a marker and how do I do it?
Anonymous said…
Hi :) Love your blog, Louise! I've added it to my own links ;)

I've been planning on making a shawl and I think I'll be using this pattern :) Thanks!
Anonymous said…
does anyone know how to" Just" copy the pattern which would be two pages not five....the other three pages are useless and a great waste of paper and ink...thank you
lucinda said…
to copy the pattern just cut and paste on to word
choir person said…
What do you mean by knit to the marker?? Do you have any idea of how many stitches?
lucinda said…
knit to the marker you have placed as per the pattern instructions
Anonymous said…
Louise, I love this shawl, want to make it for my brother lady friend for Christmas....can you give me an idea of how much yarn it would take. Thanks, Lynda
Domibear said…
Hi Louise,
I saw this pattern and I fell in love with it. However I am a beginner lace knitter and I would like some advice on which yarn to use (quality and gauge).
I am also a member on Ravelry.
My email address is

Many thanks for your help,
lucinda said…
i used yarn that would normally work on 4mm needles but used #5mm, a size larger than what the yarn lable recommends - that way i got a loose tension. it took about 100gms but you can really make it as wide as you like - its a matter of trial and error - no tow ever turn out the same!
I am new to knitting, and have been looking for a pattern exactly like this one - one that is simple to knit, but looks like it took a lot of time! Very pretty. Thank you for sharing the pattern.
Anonymous said…
To copy only the pages you want, print only those pages as PDF file, save, and print.
Anonymous said…
Louise, how do you finish the easy shawl? do you just bind off when you want?
Anonymous said…
just cast off /bind off when you have reached the desired width
Lora said…
I guess I I am really confused about the pattern now -theI way I understand it is on the wrong side - row 2 "knit 2,yo, purl to last 2 sts,yo, knit 2" that I got but I am confused about the instructions in the recap part. I am assuming that it is also the same? "On the purl aide (ws ) it is always k2, p across, k2. *I there is no mention of the YO - a beginner may find this confusing.

I consider myself between beginner to intermediate level depending on the project.

I may be confused about the whole pattern myself - if anyone can clear this up for me, please email me.

Anonymous said…
The wrong side has no YO - K2, Purl to the last 2 sts, K2. The YO you made on the other side is just knitted.

YO is to make the increases that are only done on the RS
KathieBee said…
I am also confused. at the top of the instructions, it says on the second row (WS)to YO after the first 2 knit stitches, then before the last two. It also says that in the recap, but after that it says that on the Purl side there are no increases (YO). so which is it on the purl side? Also is this a rectangle or a triangle shawl?
lucinda said…
The wrong side has no YO - K2, Purl to the last 2 sts, K2. The YO you made on the other side is just knitted.

YO is to make the increases that are only done on the RS

it is a triangle
it will look very strange because you are knitting it top down. the stitches you have will be the top part when you cast off it will be the other two sides
A marker is a small ring that you slide on your knitting needle to keep your place while knitting.
Anonymous said…
The shawl looks lovely. I don't understand the 3rd row where it says "move marker" - forward? back?
Anonymous said…
move marker to the needle on your right hand
Anonymous said…
How do i add a new row of eyelets? I cant seem to fine instructions in pattern.
Anonymous said…
hi i just love your shawl but i have a problem knowing what to do with the 2 markers in the 3th row, can you help me please, cause it says just once to move marker.
Anonymous said…
Before the 1st marker, there is always a YO - the stitch between the markers is knitted as it presents its self (k one side P the other) and after you slip the 2nd marker there is always a YO.
Anonymous said…
the wrong side or a row 2 and every even row does not have a yarn over or increase. You k2 move the marker,purl the YO, and all the stitches till you reach the next marker, slip the marker and knit the last two stitches. So on the WS you will be purling the YO stitches. The 2 stitches at each end are knitted.
Anonymous said…
Hi Louise,
I love your shawl pattern, but as a new knitted I am somewhat confused. Can you help me with:
R3: K2,yo,k to marker,yo,k1, mover marker, yo, k to last 2 stitches,, yo, k2
How can I K1 when I am at the marker?
Also, do I just coninue doing R2 and R3 until the shawl is as big as I want it?
Thanks for your help,
Anonymous said…
knit to stitch before marker
Anonymous said…
Do I continue to Knit R2 and R3 until I am done. The picture of the shawl seems more lacy?
Thanks again for your help
Anonymous said…
you can add eyelets on random rows
Anonymous said…
you can knit the eylets at random rows
Anonymous said…
Sorry Louise...Still confused. What do you mean eyeletts at random rows? Could you write it out for me?
thanks again,
lucinda said…
for example, every 10 rows, on the purl side to make things easier, add eyelets (holes) by doing this:
k2 (for the edges)
p2 together, YO, till the edge stitches.
its just a matter or trial and error till you find a pattern you like
Anonymous said…
It says:
Row 3 (RS): k2, yo, k to marker, YO, k1,move marker YO, k to last 2 stitches, YO, k2.

We have two markers right? Do you do the 2nd YO before or after the first marker? In other words what exactly are the stitches between the 2 markers? Or am I reading this allwrong? Sorry, I'm new and not used to reading patterns, but I'm trying to learn.
Anonymous said…
Hello Louise,

I love this pattern as I wanted to knit several for my daughters wedding. I have knitted a couple of lace shawls, hats etc and I have a suggestion. When you have repeats, please put them in parenthesese. Really helps. Please make sure that the pattern - when followed correctly - will produce the item in the picture. Being a beginner lace knitter, I am a "literal" knitter as I really don't have the skills to "experiment". Also, it may help to remember that not all your readers are as skilled as you are. Looking at it from a beginner's point of view would really help those of us (beginners) who are looking for "easy patterns". So many of the questions could have been answered in the pattern directions with a little more detail. Please take this posting as a suggestion that is helpful and not derogatory in any way. I think if you review the postings you will get an idea of what the beginner knitter needs to be successful.

You are a very talented designer and thank you for the pattern.
Anonymous said…
Hi Louise,
I also have a problem with the continuation. When I get to the 3rd row again where it says to YO, K1,move marker, I'm already at the marker with no yarn for a K1. So do I just YO, slip the marker and knit and continue???
catbunting said…
Hi Louise; Thanks for sharing this pattern! I'm an experienced sock knitter going on vacation and looking for something to take with me that I can improvise on and leave my chart keeper behind..perfect. I worked up a llittle to check it out in wool sock I've got a light angora fingerling to pack and make into a glorious shawl while traveling. Whoopie!
Anonymous said…
How many yards of yarn will this take?
Linda g said…
How many stitches do I begin the shawl with? Don't quite understand that area.
Linda g said…
How many stitches do I begin the shawl with? Don't quite understand that area.
Anonymous said…
7 stitches as it says
Linda Ann said…
On the row where it says...knit to first marker, YO, knit, slide marker, YO knit.....okay, when you knit to the first marker, do you YO and knit the st. before the marker, then slip the marker...then knit the st. between the markers, pm, yo, etc
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Just my way of understanding in a vsual way, thank you for this pattern its a great starting point for a beginner :-)

CO 7sts, [ ]=marker ring, Y increase a st by Yarn over, K=knit, P=Purl.


Linda CP said…
Really like the looks and simplicity of this shawl pattern. Thank you for posting it - it may just be the next Christmas gift I make. If I make it and blog about it, I will be sure and link to this post.
Xochitl said…
I am ready to do eyelets, but number of stitches it's an odd number, since making eyelets calls for an even number of stitches, I believe so,should I just knit the lone stitch? At the beginning of row? Right before marker?
Anonymous said…
This is what I did for eyelets:
For this example I will show how to knit regular and one with eyelets.
K k yo k k k k k yo (center k) yo k k k k k yo k k - increased 4 st

With eyelet:
K k yo k2tg yo k2tg yo k yo (center k) yo k yo k2tg yo k2tg yo k k - still increased 4 st. Since there are odd numbers of st I knitted one alone, but made sure there is still cemetery.

Hope that helps
Grace said…
First of all, thank you for all your free patterns. I love how easy and fast they seem. I downloaded your "Very easy shawl knitted sideways" yesterday, but find myself confused by the directions. If I could find it among your free patterns, I would check for errata, but I didn't see it listed. At the end of the Row 5 instructions, you say, "Go on this way until. . ." I don't know whether to go back to Row 1 or Row 3 to "go on." Could you clarify please or refer me to corrections. Thank you. Any chance you could reply to my e-mail,, please.
Samandpally said…
Thank you, Anonymous! Loved your kk y, etc breakout. I love to have the pattern broken down like that so I can put it on an index card and stuff it in w/the yarn. I am new to lace and was getting discouraged with a very complex pattern. With my gorgeous Wonderland Yarn in turquoise super wash merino yarn this will make a lovely shawl.
Anonymous said…
Hi thanks for pattern, what size of needles would you recommend?
Marcia said…
Sadly I had to quit. After I knit to a marker and yarn over there is no stitch to knit.

And when I got to row 4, which is actually row 1, I couldn't make the instructions match what was on my needles. I assume "and so on" means repeat rows 1-3 until the desired size is achieved?

Or do we knit row 1 once then repeat 2 -3?
I love eyelet shawls, I wouldn't mind trying this pattern! thank you!
Unknown said…
Louise, I love this shawl. I don't look at it as a pattern, but as a "recipe" to get my creative juices flowing. I've made 15 of them so far and none have been the same. I've used fingerling, DK and worsted weight yarn. I've made it just as written, I've made it with eyelet rows every 3-5 rows, and I've made it with no eyelet rows what so ever. It's mindless knitting that can be done while watching TV or riding in the car.

The only thing I did differently than you is I start with a garter tab cast on, added a second center stitch and ktbl the first stitch of each row,and purl the last stitch for a neater looking edge. It truly is my creation, but your inspiration!

Thanks again!

Debbiem said…
Thank you so much for the free pattern. I had some stops and starts initially but have the hang of it now. Excited to see how it turns out! Thanks again! Debbie
Judy said…
Love the pattern. So easy. Instead of putting markers I just counted until I got to the central stitch. Might be easier for some who are getting confused?

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