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Arizona AC-Proof Destashification Sweater

I came across this great post and a link to a pattern which has a great sweater so useful when you live in a hot climate but the AC inside is always freezing!

You can read it HERE
And below is a summary.....

"The Arizona Desert in the summer is hot, but the AC is not.  Most buildings are air conditioned to a surprisingly cool temperature, although even 80 degrees is chilly after being in 110+ degrees.
AC-Proof Sweater Lace Detail
AC-Proof Sweater Lace Detail
To ward off the summer indoor chill, the AC-Proof Destashification Sweater was knit.
The pattern used was a combination of two patterns.  The Oriel Lace Cardigan byKirsten Hipsky is what the cardigan was based on, but the lace pattern came fromBamboozle Cropped Lace Cardigan by Gail Tanquary."

Very easy shawl knitted sideways

..or scarf..
this is so versatile and you can add your own personal touch by using different colored stripes, changing the stitch from K to a pattern,  the possibilities are endless.

The sides have an increase and  then a decrease to get a triangular shape.
The YO makes a lacy edge on the top and sides.
It is knitted sideways.

You can use any yarn you like and its corresponding needles.
You knit in the pattern as much as you like - calculate that the rows make the length of the shawl from top to bottom and the amount of stitches make the width from side to side.
the amount of yarn needed will vary according to the size you would like it to be.

This is what i used:
Knit Picks Stroll in 2 colors
Size US 7 needles - 4.5mm
( I had 2 different colors of yarn left over from a project, so I started with one color,  increased till I finished the ball then started the decreases using the other color. This shawl took 100gms of  yarn)

This is how you start.
Cast on 6 sts
Row 1 knit
Row 2 knit
Row 3 (right side)K2 ,YO, slip 1 K1 Pass slipped stitch over (SL1 K1 PSSO)  YO K2
Row 4:and all even rows:1st and last 2 sts are always in K the rest are P
Row 5 K2 YO SL1 K1 PSSO K to last 2 sts, YO K2
Go on this way until you reach the desired length
Start decreasing,
The even rows remain the same but the odd ones are like this
K2, YO Slip 1, K1 pass slipped stitch over K to last 5 sts SL2 K1 PSSO YO K2
Go on this way until you have 6 sts left
Cast off.

K = knit
P = purl
YO = yarn over needle
SL1 K1 PSSO = slip 1 stitch,  K1 Pass slipped stitch over
SL2 K1 PSSO = Slip 2 sts, K1, Pass slipped stitches over

One Ball Wonders

..or should i say one skien??
Im making a collection of these wonders so if you have any let me know!
Here are some links to One ball Wonders!
One Ball Cowl

One ball Hat

Serpentine Gloves

This pattern is available as a free download from

A cute (and warm) pair of fingerless gloves inspired by slithering snakes. They would look great in many shades of green, brown, or wild colors! Just make sure the color is not too dark, or you will not be able to see the cables!
You will either need to make your gauge swatch small or unravel it and use the yarn again in the gloves. If you are extremely attached to your swatches or like big swatches, I suggest buying an extra skein of yarn.
This pattern MAY NOT be made and sold for personal profit. It may be made and sold FOR CHARITY ONLY. Pattern may be distributed during classes with credit to me, kitsuneSlytherin. Pattern MAY NOT be sold

Looking for someone to try this pattern

This is an easy to make cowl pattern. The instructions may not be that easy as i never really write down patterns but this was a request.

So here goes.
You will need a multiple of 9 sts plus 4. Depending on the yarn and needles you are using, cast on a number of stitches for the required height. I did not use circular needles so you have to cast on the number you need for the height of the scarf and knit as many rows as you  need to get the width (circumference) you would like.

I found that if you used larger needles than the yarn requires you will get a softer cowl. Dont use very think yarn, I would not go much thicker than double knitting

I used USA number 10 needles and using double knitting, I cast on 58 sts. (6 x 9 =54 + 4 =58) That made the cowl about 12" high. (its squashy so it will gather down)You will have to figure out how many stitches you need according to yarn and needles used, but basically it is a multiple of 9 plus 4.

Start with a false cast on, that means 1st row in spare yarn which will be removed later so you can graft the two sides together. (if you dont want to do this, and cast on and off neatly then so so and sew the ends together)
You can also knit this in the round but there you are on your own as I hate knitting on circular needles. You would need to cast on enough stitches for the circumference (always a multiple of 9 +4) and then knit the height instead. Also, the odd rows (1 & 3) will be K not P

Row 1 and 3 Purl.
Row 2: K3 * yo, K2, skp,(slip stitch, k next stitch and pass slipped stitch over) k2tog, k2, yo, k1. repeat from * and end K1
Row 4: K2 *yo, k2, skp, K2tog, K2, yo, K1 Repeat from * and end K2

That is all the pattern!
Knit it as long/wide as you want it to be, it can be an infinity style, where you can wrap it twice round your neck, or a neck warmer. It's up to you! I believe mine was about 25-30"

When you have reached the required size, bind off using a 3 needle method (picking up the stitches on the other side after you have removed the scrap cast on yarn and casting them off together so you join the two ends)
If you have used a regular cast on, thgen cast off and neatly join the two sides.

If you want, you can work it in another pattern using just rows 1 and 2. Its fun experimenting!

The cowl is also available for purchase or you can order on in your choice of color here:

Happy knitting - and remember I welcome all comments - Hopefully this is not too confusing!

Featured Designers

Threads and Things
When I was seven years old I received a child's Singer sewing machine. I designed and sewed my doll's dresses. (Basically they were cloth tubes cinched at the waist with a piece of ribbon). But I was hooked on sewing!
By the time I was sixteen I was making my own clothes. People began hiring me to sew for their families.
After I married, I sewed most of my family's clothes to help save money. I wish my machine had an odometer on it to record how many miles of cloth has been fed through it.
Now that I'm an "empty nester", I'm turning my attention to selling hand crafted items on I specialize in quality sewn items from wearables to home decor.
Also I've just started making jewelry and, with the help of my two daughters, we've made quite a few items to sell.
I love to use the latest patterns, fabrics, and ideas, so check back often to see what's new.
Everything is made in a smoke-free and pet-free environment.
Thanks for visiting threadsandthings1


I am married to my best friend for 29 years. I have two beautiful grown daughters and 2 grandsons with another one on the way. How truly blessed I am. My husband and I love travelling all over the country. I am also a Wedding Coordinator at my Church. I love to use my creativity at these beautiful times.

I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. My mother, grandmother and aunt played a major part in getting me interested. Unfortunately they are no longer here with me to enjoy my new adventure on Etsy. I know they are with me in spirit though.

Becoming a grandmother has been the best inspiration for me. I love creating these baby gifts for new moms. They are the talk of the showers. It is so much fun to give a gift that has character than just something put in a "bag".

Etsy opened up another avenue for me to promote my items.

I also do custom orders for anyone that has a need.

Knitting cables

Easy instructions for cables - i found this on a great site Knitting cables for dummies

The simple technique of cabling (crossing one group of stitches over another) lends itself to many interpretations in knitting. It's easy to do, you can make all kinds of interesting and imaginative cable patterns. All it takes is a little patience and practice.

You can make any kind of cable by suspending (holding) a number of stitches on a cable needle (cn) while you knit that same number of stitches from the LH needle. Then you knit the suspended stitches either by returning them to the LH needle and knitting them or by knitting them straight from the cable needle. This process of knitting stitches out of order enables you to cross stitches, creating cables. Whether you're making simple or intricate cables, all you're doing is crossing stitches. Easy, right?

Standard or rope cables are the most basic cables. They generally cross stitches predictably up a single column of stitches. You can make a rope cable over almost any even number of stitches from two to twelve — or more.

If you want to make a cable that looks like it's twisting to the left, you hold your suspended stitches in front of your work while you knit from the LH needle.
If you want to make a cable that twists to the right, hold the suspended stitches in back.

To try a 6-stitch left-twisting cable, cast on 14 stitches and then follow these steps:

1. Work Row 1 (RS): P4, k6, p4.
The first and last k4 (knit four) stitches make up the background fabric for your cable. The six stitches in the middle are where you'll form your cable stitches.

2. Work Row 2: K4, p6, k4.

3. Work Row 3: P4, k6, p4. (same as row 1).

4. Work Row 4: k4, p6, k4 (same as row 2).

5. Work Row 5, the turning row: P4, sl 3 sts to cn and hold in front (see Figure 1a), k3 from LH needle (see Figure 1b), k3 from cn (see Figure 1c), p4.
6. Work Row 6: K4, p6, k4 (same as Row 2).
Instead of knitting stitches directly from the cable needle, you may prefer to return the suspended stitches to the LH needle before you knit them. Try both ways and use whichever technique is more comfortable to you.
When you suspend stitches on the cable needle, let the cable needle dangle down in front of your work, giving the yarn a slight tug to keep it taut (you don't need to close the gap).

7. Repeat Steps 1 through 6 and watch your stockinette stitches become a cabled rope.
When you work cables, you go back and forth from purl stitches to knit stitches. From a knit to a purl stitch, bring your yarn between the needles to the front before you make the next stitch. From a purl to a knit stitch, bring your yarn between the needles to the back before you make the next stitch.

Blocking your knitting

Blocking is a method of stretching and shaping a finished knitted piece to reach the dimensions suggested in the pattern, to make two pieces that need to match the same size, or to make your stitches look nicer and more even. 
Lace almost always needs to be blocked to "open up" the design so all those beautiful holes and patterns show in their true glory.
There are some useful instructions here at Knitting about
I found a simple way to block my shawls.
First, I wet them in warm water, to which i have added some fabric conditioner and then squeeze the water out.
I shake the knitting gently and stretch it flat on a towel

Then I fold up the sides and fold again

I am sure there is a more professional way to block..but this is so easy!

Crochet jewelry?

YES...and it is amazing!!!!

My name is inbar shahak and I am a jewelry designer with prior background as a textile designer and take her inspiration from ancient lace and crochet patterns which are translated into stunning pieces that can be worn as every-day pleasures or special occasions. The Design Studio is located in Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael, Israel 

I have 2 lines in my collection, my fashion jewelry collection and my sterling silver collection.
The "Art Deco" fashion jewelry collection takes it's inspiration from luxurious Art-Deco jewelry. This inspiration was transformed into new pieces as the initial Art-Deco design, which is very rich and royal looking - becomes something more fashionable, fun and contemporary.
The collection has a royal atmosphere by using motifs in black and gold colors as well as adding beautiful black and crystal white gemstones
All model are drawn by hand and etched into metal

Victorian Flowers" sterling silver collection- is made from sterling silver designed in the filigree technique and inspired by Victorian lace patterns

Please visit me at my web site for more information

Inbar Shahak – Textile Jewelry

Coco Knits

I have been given permission by Coco Knits to link to her gorgeous patterns.
You really have to check them out!

This is one of my favorites and you can download it FREE

There are really wonderful patterns so go take a look!

Knitting Essentials and Some pattern sites

Stitch markers are little round items, usually made of plastic or metal, that can be slipped onto the knitting needle to mark a certain place in a row.
Stitch markers are often used to mark the end of a row in circular knitting, where it is not obvious where the circle begins and ends. They can also be used to mark where increases, decreases or blocks of different stitches should be placed.
I like these from Knitpicks 

Flex needles
Clover Bamboo Flex Knitting Needles
Two knitting needles with addition length with plastic lines 

These are great when you have many stitches as they are super light!

 Baby Crochet Sandals
Available From LovingHandsCrochet

Buttermilk Cottage
Kit to make your own sheep!!
For Vintage knitting patterns look no further!
Check out AllThePreciousThings store

Shawls are in demand!

Even Royalty wear them!

Knitting Stitches

I found a really good site with lots of stitch patterns
its called Knitting on the Net

This is one of my favorites - a really cute edge pattern

CO 9 sts. It is worked lengthwise.
Row 1 and all odd rows (RS):k
Row 2:k3, k2tog, yo, k2tog, (yo, k1) twice
Row 4: k2, (k2tog, yo) twice, k3, yo, k1
Row 6: k1, (k2tog, yo) twice, k5, yo, k1
Row 8: k3, (yo, k2tog) twice, k1, k2tog, yo, k2tog
Row 10: k4, yo, k2tog, yo, k3tog, yo, k2tog
Row 12: k5, yo, k3tog, yo, k2tog

This week's featured Artists

Tiffman Handbags

We are best friends from central New Hampshire that just can’t get enough of creating or doing something constructive with our time. For most of our friendship we have always been working on something or trying to create something together. We finally found something that we both love to do and it just works. Honestly what woman doesn’t love a new handbag?  We certainly do which is why we created Tiffman Handbags.

We started our business 4 years ago and have been very busy trying to create new items each year to keep our store fresh. We have a line of diaper bags, large totes, mid size tote style purse, mini-tote style purse, checkbook covers, card pockets, also some very unique and different necktie purses, and our two newest items key chains and clutches. Wow, have we been busy!

Bobbins and Bits

Hello! My name is Michelle and I love all things handmade. I started my shop as part of a 2011 new year's resolution to myself. I have been 'crafting' for as long as I can remember. When I craft, I craft in bulk. Something inside of me gets obsessed with the discovery or a new project and I go crazy- crafting for hours on end. I guess it all started when I started making friendship necklaces in first grade. I made more necklaces than I had friends. It happens... ETSY!/pages/Bobbins-and-Bits/113791052031567FACEBOOK!/bobbinsandbits TWITTER BLOGGER

Laura Johnston
LAURA JOHNSTON photographer::artist
w w w . l a u r a - j o h n s t o n . c om

My name is Laura Johnston and I'm a self-taught photographer and artist living in Raleigh, NC. I have a passion for portrait photography and well-balanced compositions. Also, as an aspiring painter, I focus on both surreal and abstract ideas hoping to bring life to my imagination. I've always been particularly interested in people and enjoy mixing portraits with my love of animals & nature in a sometimes surrealistic and unexpected way.


Concertina Press is a small design company founded by Ruth Bleakley, a book binder and graphic artist who lives in a small coastal town in Massachusetts. Ruth has a BFA in Studio Art and spent several years designing stationery and invitations at a local stationery shop, and is well acquainted with the design process from initial concept and client meetings to final print production.

Now working on her own, Ruth specializes in light, airy designs with a decidedly nautical bent. Ruth is not limited to ocean-themed works, however, and also enjoys working with clients to design fully custom paperie including, but not limited to business and calling cards, wedding invitations, graduation and birth announcements and personal correspondence.

Anna Hrachovec designs cute and strange knitted toys that appeal to adults and kids alike. The Japanese touch in her designs comes from two years that she spent in Japan studying film and language while absorbing the country's kawaii-obsessed culture. When she's not designing new toy patterns, Anna is creating character-based fiber art with her knitting. 

Pattern shop:
Facebook page:

I started creating bath and body products as a fun hobby a few years ago and had a lot of success giving them to my friends and family that I decided to start selling them so others could enjoy them too.
Each product is inspired by travels around the world such as the Mediterranean Sea, the countryside of Italy, Africa, the French Rivera, and many other locations.

My latest creation

Don't know why but I have become addicted to knitting shawls!
I made this one yesterday....I might give it to mum for mothers day!!
at the moment it is for sale 

Featured designers

Victoria Letemendia Koupparis

I'm an American living on the beautiful island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea, with my husband, two kids, and two German Shephards.  I grew up in the most colorful city in the world, Mexico City, which I think is one of my biggest influences for my creating such brightly colored crochet jewelry.
My links:


Hi! I'm Stephanie, And I am a handmade artist.

I have been crocheting for 18 years (And I'm only 24!), and knitting for 3 years. I also make matchbook notepads, recycled tags, mini journals, origami favor boxes, spin yarn, weave beads, recycled piggy banks, and more!

I don't try to sell all of these crafts, many I still give away, but when I think a craft is ready, I add it to one of my online stores.

I have a daughter named Anna, she was born Nov 13th, 2010. Anna was premature (she was supposed to be born at the end of December), but that doesn't stop her in any way! She's more advanced than most kids her age who were full term! I'm do proud!

For now, handmade is my only source of income, and I wasn't ready for that. Yikes! But it wasn't my choice, and at least I've got my bills as low as I can-takes the sting out of losing my job.

I can be found in the following places:
on Facebook:
on Twitter:
and on my blog:

coupon code  LBLOG is 15% off. 

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