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One Ball Wonders

..or should i say one skien??
Im making a collection of these wonders so if you have any let me know!
Here are some links to One ball Wonders!
One Ball Cowl

One ball Hat

Serpentine Gloves

This pattern is available as a free download from

A cute (and warm) pair of fingerless gloves inspired by slithering snakes. They would look great in many shades of green, brown, or wild colors! Just make sure the color is not too dark, or you will not be able to see the cables!
You will either need to make your gauge swatch small or unravel it and use the yarn again in the gloves. If you are extremely attached to your swatches or like big swatches, I suggest buying an extra skein of yarn.
This pattern MAY NOT be made and sold for personal profit. It may be made and sold FOR CHARITY ONLY. Pattern may be distributed during classes with credit to me, kitsuneSlytherin. Pattern MAY NOT be sold

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