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2 needle fingerless gloves

This is an easy pattern that can be adapted according to your skill.
I used worsted weight yarn and US 5 needles.
You need just over 50gms of yarn.
I also found that knitting them both at the same times ensures that they bout turn out the same !

Cast on 42 sts
Knit 20 rows in k2 p2 rib
on the 20th row place markers this way:
k20 place marker, k2, place marker, k20
the 2 sts between the markers will form the increase for the thumb.

Switch to stocking stitch (1 row K - right side- 1 row P - wrong side)
Knit to marker, (20 sts)
knit twice in the next stitch and in the one after that (the sts between the markers)
next row and all wrong side rows, Purl
Knit 20 sts (you have reached the marker)
knit twice in next stitch, K2 (till next marker) and K twice in the stitch before the marker

Continue this way, always increasing a stitch at each marker till you have 16sts between the markers.
k 2 rows then with right side facing, k20, CO 16, k20 (shaping the thumb)
next row, (W side) knit …

Some ideas for Black Friday shopping

what could be better than a VINTAGE gift?! it will surely be unique and have value to it. Here are some items from FELICESERENO, one of my favorite ETSY shops


I'm architect in profession, specialized in acoustics&noise control. I fulfill my profession currently in my own office, in Istanbul Turkey (
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