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Featured Designers #5

Although I have spent most of my life in the math and science field, I
have always had a need to create -- poetry, computer aided art,
quilting, ceramics, you name it. Even while I was in school for an
electrical engineering degree, I was painting irises for relaxation. I
think I used it to balance both sides of my brain.  And now that I am
in a clinical psychology PhD program (University of New Mexico), I
find beading and weaving jewelry to be incredibly fun and calming. I
want to make jewelry that is wearable art of the highest quality;
hence, I use mostly gemstones in my work. I also am having fun
learning different braiding and knotting techniques for my jewelry. If
I had my druthers, I'd make a lucrative living with my craft. However,
since that doesn't look likely at this current time, I will continue
toward my degree while crafting on the side.  But watch out!  You're
going to have to call me Dr. Lotus Jewels by December 2012!

Other random info: I love cats. I currently have 3 of them, all
rescues. I also have a husband I love and I love the natural beauty
found in New Mexico, especially the piercing blue sky and Sandia
mountains when they turn red at sunset.



I am an island girl who grew up at the  beach and only recently began combining and selling my love of beachcombing and design with my other loves of crafting and photography.  I especially love to design custom art and craft for customers because it gives me direction and I enjoy thinking about and intending extra love for the person who will wear or use my art!  
Mermaid inspired accessories, nature inspired photography, and urban inspired stencil design are my main features.
I currently live on the Hawai'ian island of Kaua'i with my husband and 2 sons. 


There has never been a time in my life when I wasn't knitting or sewing. I learned those first lessons from my grandmother when I was too young to recall a beginning. It just became a part of my descriptive adjectives: long hair, green eyes, fiber addict. I love how color and texture combine to not only create beauty, but function, as well.  Fiber simply fascinates me. I love manipulating it and fiddling with it just to see what it can do. I love all the different stories it has to tell. I do my own designing and make my own patterns. Making things things of beauty and quality with my own hands is enthralling.  So, I'm lucky. I'm a girl in her studio by the pond, teasing out the tales my yarns and woolens, silks and cottons have to reveal, while looking for and finding new inspirations everywhere.

My favorite part of Handmade is having the opportunity to know the people who purchase my little bits and pieces of creation and being a part of a community of givers, receivers, and makers.  Everything I design is with all these people in mind.  To that end, my materials are sourced to be organic, fair trade, recycled, repurposed, and/or vintage.  And a
t the end of the day, when I send a little piece of handmade goodness out into the world, I consider it a job well done and a job well worth doing, at that. 


My name is Judy and I created "JuJuBeads" to satisfy my urge to make pretty things!  It really started out as a form of therapy during a period of health problems when I was pretty much housebound. Before I knew it, it seemed to take on a life of its own.  And pretty soon, "JuJuBeads" was born.  I love what I do and I hope it comes out in my work.  I welcome custom orders and strive to make my customers happy!

My facebook site: is
My twitter site is:!/jujubeader

As of now, my blog is more about me, my life, my struggles and nothing really to do with "JuJuBeads" but I do plan on integrating it sometime soon.

Featured Designers #4

My name is Andréa from Stitch Silly.  I make handmade items to for families.  I have been sewing and knitting for as long as I can remember.  After some encouragement from from friends, I opened my Etsy shop in April.  While I haven't had any sales directly from the site, I've made a few sales from other venues.  I love creating new and interesting items in all craft forms.  I'm always on the look out for new and interesting ideas.  You never know what will inspire you next.
This is just a part-time adventure for me right now.  In my regular day job, I am a systems engineering consultant.  I like to think my engineer and creative sides build on each other.  Being an engineer makes the business side of this incredibly fun for me as well.

Please stop by my shop and take a look around.  If there is something specific you are looking for, I am happy to discuss custom options with you.  You can find my shop at:  I also write a blog ( with information about small businesses, product brain storming, and sometimes even my mindless ramblings.  For special promotions or insider information, follow us on Facebook at
Like us on Facebook:


Hi, all.  My name is Mary Davis, and I am the artist behind Roselynn Designs.  I am a legal secretary by day, and single mother of a 15 year old daughter.  My shop features jewelry made from gemstones, beads and wire.  I started making jewelry about 5 years ago.  A co-worker brought some of her handmade jewelry into the office, and everyone gathered around to buy it.  I’ve always loved jewelry and was amazed that anyone could make it.  Ever on the lookout for opportunities to make extra money, I decided I wanted to try.  I went out and bought the book Jewelry Making for Dummies.  Craving more knowledge, I began buying book after book.  I’d wear my jewelry and soon those same co-workers were buying jewelry from me instead!  That is when I thought “I can do this!”  I started making more jewelry and selling to friends, family and at craft shows.
My main focus now is wrapping gemstone cabochons in sterling silver wire.  I also enjoy making wire bracelets, earrings and necklaces. I haven’t taken any jewelry making classes except one to make the crystal heart shown on my website.  Other than that, I am completely self taught and I think I do very well. 
I opened my Etsy store more than a year ago, but wasn’t sure how to do anything beyond downloading the pictures.  This year, I became more focused on promoting and marketing my shop in and outside of Etsy.  Who knew running a website would be so much work, but I enjoy every minute of it!  As long as I am doing what I love to do, and I know others enjoy wearing what I create – I am happy.  You can view my site here:
am a high school French teacher by trade, thus the name "Escargot." I started making mini collages on glass tiles using bits of magazines. They became magnets and then pendants! Voila! The Escargot Artsy Bits was born! I love how each one is a surprise and completely one of a kind. I have also started making rings and necklaces out of vintage costume jewelry I pick up at auctions and flea markets.
Sara Rask


Designers showcase #3

Joy Scott
I grew up in Greenwich Village, NYC. Then I went on to get a degree in Fashion Merchandising; after graduation spending several years working for high end retailers. Wanting something more artistic, I went to work as a photo stylist, working with the team developing the props and layouts for a group of well known photographers in New York. Over the years I have tried painting in oils, acrylics and watercolors. During my search for the right artistic fit, I spent years working on the wheel in pottery. I couldn't find the colors in the glazes I needed to express myself. Finally after taking courses in many different areas I found my calling in fused glass. I spent months taking courses in Arizona developing techniques and finding new methods to express my love of color and design...


I adore books, especially classic literature and antique book copies - I love how old books look on the shelf, well-worn and loved.
Each book in my shop is chosen by me because there is something special about it. Every last one of them are choice books.
I enjoy searching for books and passing them on to others.

I am currently sharing my shop with my sister who makes beautiful handmade scrapbooks, cards, tags, and more.



Hello, I’m Gaby based in London and make jewellery. It was really through an accident that started my off.

My background is photography – first as photographic printer, I worked with fashion and portrait photographers and my proudest moment was to be asked to print David Bailey’s 60’s retrospective exhibition and book “Birth of the Cool”. Which I did of course.  Later I worked as shoot producer organising fashion shoots.  As much it’s satisfying pulling a shoot together I missed being hands on creative and I was looking for something that would get me out of office life.

The luck accident happened when one of my favourite French vintage necklace broke and I couldn’t bear being without it, so I set about mending it and before I knew it I was hooked, buying beads by the hundreds to make my own designs.  Now I’m selling to local shops, at fairs and Etsy.
Feel free to brows my Etsy shop. 


Amrita finds that the most amazing things can be re-made into beautiful items that people want to buy as gifts for themselves or others.

 She says, "If you spend a little time thinking outside of the box, it is amazing what you will find." Amrita's creations are beautiful, artistic, practical, creative and best of all, they are green. She uses at least 95% re-purposed materials in her designs. Visit her Etsy store at


We are a husband and wife duo from Singapore and slaves to our two cats :) 
Richard does all the chain maille and anything to do with wires, Jeannie passes it over to him. Jeannie does all the beadwork and gem stuff.
And so, a marriage of the two brings to you handmade jewelry where styles linear on the beauty of eclectic fusion of the best glass beads, chain maille, crystals, gemstones and pearls that rise to your occasion and also for your day-to-day wearability as a discerning wearer. We design in mind of enduring the changing trends, a piece that you can keep for all your life.
By day, we run a print+web design SOHO and come night, we reconnect to our hands to create and manifest jewelry that will adorn the wearer tastefully. We take effort to design OOAK pieces so that you as the wearer will wear them with pride for many long years. We are working towards making JeannieRichard our "full-time".
It is also our dream to set up a pet sanctuary for abandoned, strays and abused animals (especially cats and dogs) where there is no limitation of stay but with option to be rehomed into a responsible and loving family. In due time, a percentage of our earnings from JeannieRichard will go into manifesting this cause!
We hope you will love the pieces created and anticipate your warm support! Peace and have a good time on Etsy!
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Featured Designers #2

Hello I'm Michelle from Healthiersteps.
I'm a homeschool mom of 2 children and a registered nurse by background, I started making soaps as part of desire that I had for years and I wanted to include soap making as part of my homeschooling. A friend of mine showed me to make basic soap and my interest peaked from there on. I read every book I could get my hand on. I researched a lot on the internet  My daughter DeVannah who likes working on the computer helps with design and labeling. My husband helps by making the mold and cutting the soaps. Our entire family use the soaps I make even on my 2 year old delicate skin.
 I make handcrafted soaps which are completely natural, free of artificial ingredients. My soaps are exceptionally good for all skin types including sensitive skin. I love natural beauty and I'm inspired by the things in nature in creating my soaps. I use essential oils such as rose otto, lavender, lemon, litsea, clays, herbs and natural colorants such as plant pigments.

Each batch of soap is made by hand after oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable harvested palm oil, and cocoa butter are mix with a lye solution. At trace the mixture is superfatted with shea butter, which has beneficial moisturising and antiaging properties. Essential oils, natural colorants from plant pigments and herbs are added for therapeutic value and beauty.
The soap is then poured into molds and left for 24-48 hours then cut and left to cure for 4 weeks. 


My name is Beverly Bush and I have a shop on Etsy.  I design and make one of a kind handbags and belts, primarily leather.  I've been selling on Etsy since February 2011 and had my first sale on June 1, 2011.  You can view my shop at

My name is Kayce Bramble and I am the happy creator of 3 Peas Prints.  My shop offers invitations, announcements, and party printables.  I don't really know exactly how I ended up opening a shop on Etsy last May.  So, lets see if I can think it through here.  I have been a big time paper scrapbooker for over a decade.  Pictures, papers, embellishments, and such have been my favorite hobby.  I have stacks of completed albums all around my house.  Unfortunately, as the years passed and babies were born I was less able to get out all my gear and scrapbook the way I wanted.  About 1 year ago I saw a presentation on digital scrapbooking and I was sold about 5 minutes into it.  I have never looked back and got all my friends hooked too.  At some point every artist asks the age old question, "why don't I try to get paid to do this"?  Great idea but I couldn't find more than a handful of people who wanted a custom scrapobook.  Then along comes Etsy.  I must have been surfing the scrapbooking forums and someone mentioned making and selling cards on Etsy.  Hmm..what's that?  I surfed over to Etsy and took a look around.  I knew pretty quickly that this was something I would be good at and still have a lot of fun creating.  So, I opened up my little shop and started selling on June 1, 2011.  So far its been great.  I offer loads of printable products like invites, thank you's, candy bar wrappers, and birhtday banners just to name a few.  I have even learned some new things from other shops on Etsy.  I had never before seen a water bottle wrapper but now I make and sell them too.  I have had a few sales and some very happy customers.  I like this place.  I love making someones' special day a bit more colorful and fun.  I plan to stick around here for as long as I can.  Here's my shop

We are a trio of moms passionate about all things vintage & handcrafted.  For years we fueled this fire by creating & treasure hunting for our own homes and gardens. When this "fire" got out of control My Soulful Home was born.  Now we create & treasure hunt for not only ourselves but our shoppers.  Our goal is for us to have a thriving business that makes the world, your world, a more beautiful and meaningful a word, a place with "soul".  We are enjoying our Etsy shop immensely and hope others do too.

Shop link:

Featured Designers

My name is Tina.  When I was a kid I would watch my mom make outfits for my sister and I with the fabric we got to pick out a the store.  I am pretty sure that is were my love for fabric came from.  I made my first quilt about 11 years ago when my dad was sick with cancer.  I found quilting calming and it helped me get through that tough time.  I am now busy with our 3 very active kids and still find quilting calming.  It's how I settle down at night and how I start off my morning.  I started making custom initial quilts about 8 years ago and sold them on ebay and around my town.  They have been a good seller for me.  I decided to bring my quilts to Etsy and have been happy with all the wonderful people I have had dealings with.  I hope to continue my fun for many years with Etsy.

I am a woman who has found her Canadian heart thawed by the spirit and grace of the Mexican people living in the town I now call home. Cocktail Veils blend the mystique of the lacey Spanish mantilla with the vibrancy and playfulness of Mexico. Through much laughter and some interesting language issues, doña Gloria and I have arrived at the current design of the veils. Our partnership has enriched the lives of us both and resulted in an item that we are very pleased to offer for sale.

Hi! I'm Heather, designer of Pop Heart Press - a line of educational art designed to engage children in learning, introduce shapes, colors, animals, geography, numbers & letters, and pretty your house! 

I am a former first grade teacher turned part-time graphic designer/part-time stay at home mom of twin boys, Jack and Logan, and married to my high school sweetheart, Kit. 

Pop Heart Press has been built upon my experience as an elementary school teacher, childhood growing up in my parents' printshop and love of interior design. As a little girl, I worked after school at my parents' printshop, producing and packaging printed products. It had always been a dream of mine to work with children, so after graduating from the University of Texas, I began my career as a first grade teacher. 

Three years later, after relocating from Austin back to my hometown, I was searching for a career that would feed my creative soul. I began working for my parents once again as a graphic designer and finally found my passion!

A short while after the twins were born, I was shopping for modern educational art to decorate their nursery and playroom. Unsuccessful in my quest, I began to design and print artwork for them myself and not long after that, Pop Heart Press was born!

In addition to educational posters, flash cards, and book labels, I also offer custom stationery, invitations and business cards! If you have a colorful, modern style, and an idea of something you'd like custom created for you, just let me know and I'll design it just for you!

For more details, visit the Pop Heart Press website at
to view products in my shop, visit, and
for more about Kit, the twins and the printshop, visit

Kudos is due

I buy lots of my stuff from etsy, and even though i have coupons on my page, I always forget to use them on another sellers page...
I recently bought some more zips for a very courteous seller who has a store on etsy called ZIPIT.
This was my 2nd time buying from her, and although she had sent me a coupon code i forgot to use it..
Well, less than 24hrs after I made my purchases, she sent me a refund - now THAT is great customer service

So if anyone ever needs any Zips - you know where to go!

Oh, and shipping is super fast too!!!

Noah's Crew

I'm Addy, the owner/designer of Noah's Crew.  I specialize in handmade jewelry, hair and bridal accesories.  I'm a wife and a stay at home mom of a 7 year old and a 6 month old  with a Nurse practioner background living in Atlanta, Ga.  I'm a self-taught beader, passionate about beading, I see colorful beads as providing endless possibilities.  I have now opened up my Etsy shop to show some of my work Please leave a comment about your favorite items.  
LouiseKnits readers get a 15% off  with the codeLKNITSJUNE
You can find me on facebook for discounts and special promotions:
Follow me on Twitter:

It's Competition Time!

I am closing my kids clothing store and taking another direction so I have inventory I need to move.
Here is a competition to win any of the items left in my Etsy Store
Take a look at the items offered HERE
Choose the one you would like to win then leave a comment on this blog with your e mail address
If you like my facebook page  you get another entry.
The winner will be announced on the 13th of July so dont delay!

Moonlight designs jewelry

Moonlight Designs Jewelry is handmade by me in my studio in Palmer, Alaska.  I live among majestic mountains, sweeping green valleys, many rivers lakes and streams which give me plenty of natural inspiration for my gemstone creations.  I am surrounded by beautiful gardens, forest and abundant wildlife which I am lucky to see right outside my studio.  Designing unique pieces of jewelry with natural stones is my greatest passion and I hope you will love what you see!

Leigh Ann Evans

Leigh Ann 

Hi, my name's Leigh Ann and I'm a wife to Mitch, mama to Hensley, doggie mama to Peaches, and bowmaker from Tennessee, but now reside in South Carolina.  I've always enjoyed crafting and grew up in a family that enjoyed crafts as well.  As a little girl, I remember watching my mama cross stitch and make woven baskets.  

Cake decorating, scrapbooking, running, and reading are activities that I enjoy in my free time.  About a year and a half ago I discovered a new hobby that has now become a favorite- bowmaking.  I discovered my love and gift for bowmaking after seeing the adorable accessories several of my friend's children were wearing.  At that point having a desire for children of my own one day, I thought that I better begin practicing in the event that God decided to bless my husband and I with a daughter one day.  After making my first bow and it turning out way better than expected, I decided to continue practicing and my "bow addiction" began!  Almost two years later, God has blessed my husband and I with our first child, Hensley, and her bow collection grows by the day and God has allowed me to use my talent and love for bows and hair clips to work from home.  

You can check out my shop here:

You can follow me and my new creations on Facebook by "liking" Giggles and Frills.

Time to sew....too hot to knit.....

I have got out my trusty 26 year old Pfaff Creative and started sewing..
Its too hot to knit  in summer in  AZ
Have had some success selling my creations locally so I have  posted some in  my etsy store (check it out!)

Here is a sample of what i have been making.
I plan to get some patterns written out cos they are so easy to make!
Leave a comment if that would interest you.

Tory Nova

My name is Tory.

I’ve been working as a professional illustrator for a while. I’ve dabbled in children’s books, apparel, comics, and editorial work ~ I have indeed been published, and continue to do work in various industries as a versatile illustrator and designer. My work has been featured at the Society of Illustrators in NYC, American Illustration, and Creative Quarterly.

I've always been creating my own small personal projects, including painted miniature jewelry. This is the extension of that fancy. All of my paintings are hand painted with utmost precision at a very small scale, which is not an easy technique that any artisan can master.

My favorite part about being an etsy seller is definitely painting custom portraits. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. Everyone has a reason for wanting to wear a portrait of a loved one and it's always an honor to have that story be shared with me.

You can check out my Shop here:

Or follow my blog here:

Lullaby Lovelies

My shop name is: Lullaby Lovelies

I am a mother of three who started making receiving blankets and burp cloths out of necessity. I soon realized my kids grew out of the small commercial receiving blankets within the first month or two of life. Trying to get a proper swaddle and adequate sleep necessitated making my own receiving blankets. I soon found myself using the old receiving blankets as burp cloths because the commercial burp cloths I could find were too small and I ended up with spit up all over me. I hope to prevent similar frustrations to other mothers out there who are looking for quality receiving blankets, burp cloths, and wash cloths/wipes for a reasonable price. The fact that they are matching and stylish is just a bonus!

My facebook page:

Tiny Cheeks Boutique

 We just opened in April and are  having such a great time! We started making my son upcycled clothing and making headbands for our friends little girls. My sister found out she's expecting her baby girl in August and just started making so much that we decided to start selling! :) Here's a little snip from our announcement :
We are two sisters creating delicately, handmade hair accessories and clothing for infants, young girls, and even adults. Our goal is to create timeless pieces for girls of all ages to feel pretty and wear comfortably at the same time. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do making them!

Viv's Jewels!

.And how do you do? My name is Viv. I am so happy for the many good things that I have in my life. Although I don't have everything that I want, I do have a beautiful and wonderful daughter and her loving and charming daddy both in my life.
I grew up watching my mom sew and crochet and learned a lot from her which made me enjoy making things. Growing up, I used to have fun using the old sewing machine and make clothes for my dolls -I even used to crochet dresses for my dolls too! I used to love making friendship bracelets for my family and friends and make names on pens using colored thread. From there, the love of making jewelry grew on me and it's what I've been doing for many years now.
Here's some of my websites:

Here is my Etsy link:

Here are my blog links...


Reusable bags Introducing the DIRT BAG!!!

Introducing Dirt Bags - re usable bags for school lunches, picnics, make up and more.
Made in a variety of colours and patterns now available at

Pine Branch Designs Competition

Pine Branch Designs by Cindy Brockway
Inspired by elements in nature- gardens, the forest, waterfalls, and ice crystals...each item I create is unique and beautiful. My collections of handcrafted earrings, necklaces, keepsake bracelets; beaded bookmarks are made with beautiful gemstones, amazing freshwater pearls, stunning Swarovski and Preciosa crystals, unique glass beads, and one of a kind lamp work beads.



Words that describe me…

Blessed, artistic, passionate
Words to describe my Etsy shop…
Diverse, realistic, spontaneous


When did you start selling on Etsy and what inspired you to give it a try?

I have been crafting for less than a year.  My shop opened on Dec 14, 2010 as a venue for sharing my budding passion for jewelry making and wood working with my husband.  I create an eclectic mix of beaded jewelry, suncatchers, and bookmarks!  I also design and assemble wood creations such as Primitive Apples, Pumpkins, and Snowmen Ornaments!


Besides creating, I also…

Teach students with intensive special needs... they inspire me and add spice to my life!



I am offering three (3) $10 gift certificates.  One to each of three lucky winners!



2 Entries per person: (with email address for each entry please!)1. Visit my Etsy Shop and leave a comment (somewhere) to let me know their favorite item.

2. Follow my facebook page and leave a comment.!/pages/Pine-Branch-Designs-Jewelry-Such/184825274881750?sk=app_169505045786

Closing down sale!

Atelier Louise Felice is changing direction..
now is the chance to buy over 50 handmade children's fashions for just $500.00 that less than $10.00 a piece!
Take a look at the store HERE and see if there is anything that may interest you - The items can also be sold in smaller lots if interested. Just send an e mail with the items you are interested in.

More gorgeous creations


Here in Denmark Etsy isn't very known but I learned about it when I lived in Hawai'i for 3 months this fall. I fell in love with  instantly and a month ago I decided to open my own little shop here. It has been so much fun already - it's a great learning experience, it really boosts my creativity to have a potential "audience" for my creations and people on etsy are very supportive and social.
My first plan for my shop was to sell my art here. I make mixed media artwork and sell prints of them here alongside with my original ACEOs. After a few days, however, I decided to list one of my paper owls, too - and it sold the same day! : ) I now have a mix of art prints, ACEOs and paper owls, flying paper elephants and cloud mobiles in my shop - it is perhaps a funny mix but it is very me!
I hope you'll have a look at my art and meet my owls - this is my address:


I've had the crafting bug every since I can remember. Growing up I've learned it all, from bead working, to scrap booking, to wood working! Now I want to extend my creations onto you.

Being a twenty year old college student is difficult as it is, but with little to no financial support from my family, living in my own apartment, and having a very restricted schedule making even a part time job nearly impossible. So this is not just a hobby for me. The investment that you make in my products for your home helps to provide for our family. I strive very hard to live debt-free. Even living a very financially conservative lifestyle, it's still difficult to make ends meet.

I picked up crocheting as a way to stick with my diet, as a culinary student I packed on a little more then the freshman 15 (if you catch my drift). Crocheting is a way to keep me distracted long enough not to keep sticking my hand in the back of chips.

I put a lot of time and love into each little animal I create and make sure they are perfect before I send them out to their new home.

Check out my Facebook page and Blog for sneak peaks at upcoming items, giveaways, and coupons.
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