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Featured Designers #5

Although I have spent most of my life in the math and science field, I
have always had a need to create -- poetry, computer aided art,
quilting, ceramics, you name it. Even while I was in school for an
electrical engineering degree, I was painting irises for relaxation. I
think I used it to balance both sides of my brain.  And now that I am
in a clinical psychology PhD program (University of New Mexico), I
find beading and weaving jewelry to be incredibly fun and calming. I
want to make jewelry that is wearable art of the highest quality;
hence, I use mostly gemstones in my work. I also am having fun
learning different braiding and knotting techniques for my jewelry. If
I had my druthers, I'd make a lucrative living with my craft. However,
since that doesn't look likely at this current time, I will continue
toward my degree while crafting on the side.  But watch out!  You're
going to have to call me Dr. Lotus Jewels by December 2012!

Other random info: I love cats. I currently have 3 of them, all
rescues. I also have a husband I love and I love the natural beauty
found in New Mexico, especially the piercing blue sky and Sandia
mountains when they turn red at sunset.



I am an island girl who grew up at the  beach and only recently began combining and selling my love of beachcombing and design with my other loves of crafting and photography.  I especially love to design custom art and craft for customers because it gives me direction and I enjoy thinking about and intending extra love for the person who will wear or use my art!  
Mermaid inspired accessories, nature inspired photography, and urban inspired stencil design are my main features.
I currently live on the Hawai'ian island of Kaua'i with my husband and 2 sons. 


There has never been a time in my life when I wasn't knitting or sewing. I learned those first lessons from my grandmother when I was too young to recall a beginning. It just became a part of my descriptive adjectives: long hair, green eyes, fiber addict. I love how color and texture combine to not only create beauty, but function, as well.  Fiber simply fascinates me. I love manipulating it and fiddling with it just to see what it can do. I love all the different stories it has to tell. I do my own designing and make my own patterns. Making things things of beauty and quality with my own hands is enthralling.  So, I'm lucky. I'm a girl in her studio by the pond, teasing out the tales my yarns and woolens, silks and cottons have to reveal, while looking for and finding new inspirations everywhere.

My favorite part of Handmade is having the opportunity to know the people who purchase my little bits and pieces of creation and being a part of a community of givers, receivers, and makers.  Everything I design is with all these people in mind.  To that end, my materials are sourced to be organic, fair trade, recycled, repurposed, and/or vintage.  And a
t the end of the day, when I send a little piece of handmade goodness out into the world, I consider it a job well done and a job well worth doing, at that. 


My name is Judy and I created "JuJuBeads" to satisfy my urge to make pretty things!  It really started out as a form of therapy during a period of health problems when I was pretty much housebound. Before I knew it, it seemed to take on a life of its own.  And pretty soon, "JuJuBeads" was born.  I love what I do and I hope it comes out in my work.  I welcome custom orders and strive to make my customers happy!

My facebook site: is
My twitter site is:!/jujubeader

As of now, my blog is more about me, my life, my struggles and nothing really to do with "JuJuBeads" but I do plan on integrating it sometime soon.


Jen said…
Thanks for the wonderful feature! :)
JuJuBeader said…
Wow! I'm really honored to be part of this wonderful array of artists. Thank you so much for featuring me, Louise! I will definitely be following your blog. THANKS AGAIN! :)
Jess Wrobel said…
Thanks so much! Truly appreciated.

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