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Knitted dolls, pixies, fairies

Been knitting some faerie dolls! its such fun...ill try figure out the pattern and post it
They are up for sale at

Make your own pattern

I have suddenly got a craze for knitting spring/summer shrugs. I saw the one pictured at the bottom for sale and thought - wouldnt it be great to write a pattern that can be adapted for all types of yarn!

I am working on that pattern and will post it as soon as its ready

Happy Knitting!!

Vintage fashions

Great vintage fashions from  Capucine silk shirt and wool skirt

1960 silk butterfly dress

Follow their facebook page to get all the coupon codes
Vintage jewelry and accessories also available.
 Hand made 18K gold ring - Laino of Rome

1970 Gold on silver pearl earrings

 Carlos Falchi purse

Vintage Dooney and Burke All Weather Bag