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I wish i could paint or draw!

My featured artist of the day: Anita Rickwood
What happened to the Owl and the Pussycat after the wedding? Well they got a mortgage on a nice semi in the suburbs, had lots of kittens and spent Sundays cleaning out the shed. They never forgot about their passion for travel though, and had a lovely holiday every summer with all their friends.
Anita Rickwood is a watercolour artist taking inspiration from the post impressionists, 1950's kids books and the animal kingdom. She lives in Brighton, a pretty city by the sea overrun with artists and musicians and spends the time she is not working trying to cultivate things on her allotment.

If you are interested in wholesaling my cards, convo me for info about wholesale prices.

Interview with Lena

Artist Name: Lena Mechieva Location: Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Twitter: FB fan page:
and Etsy shop:

1. Let’s start by telling us a little about yourself. My name is Lena. I was born in Krasnoyarsk, Russia some….well…20 something years ago J I work as a customer service manager and clay-clay-clay when I don’t have to work as a customer service manager.  I always enjoyed making things since I was a kid. With me being quite a naughty kid that would usually result in a little home disaster. As I grew up my projects became more “environment friendly” and I finally ended up making jewelry – first from ready beads and then from polymer clay. Now I am making jewelry for sale, and hold master-classes for those who want to start making jewelry from polymer clay. 2. Besides working with clay, what other things do you like to do? I enjoy live music concerts, reading, swimming, travelling, seeing new places and me…

Beauty is all around...

You just have to look for it...and here is a good place to start!!

A TASTE OF VINTAGEMy name is Veronica and I am agraphic designer,artist, and vintage enthusiast stationed in New York. I love old fashioned styles, odd trinkets, stationary, curious contraptions, novelties, and anything and everything. I consider myself a collector of the finer things in life, though you might just say I collect junk. But hey, who's to say that a perfectly smooth and shiny iridescent pebble doesn't fall in the category of the finer things?

T A S T E of V I N T A G E justifies my unhealthy obsession with vintage fashion and feeds my shopping addiction, but most importantly of all, it's a showcase of goods that have tickled my fancy. I genuinely love every piece and it's extremely difficult to know I can't keep them all. If I did, I would suffocate in a room full of vintage and I prefer to be living and breathing.  My goal is to have you leaving my shop with that same giddy feeling I…

Made in France

A collection of beautiful hand made creations - by my French friends at Etsy

Crea Marie
My name is Marie and I'm living near La Rochelle city (south west Atlantic ocean), in France. I am fascinated by all decorative arts in the world. The major part of my creations are inspired by the different countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, where I have been living and travelling.

For more than 25 years I dedicate my free moments for drawings, painting, quilting and sweewing.

Since last August, I decided to open a shop on Etsy to sell my items as a hobby, but also to find people, who are, as I am,  interested for sharing ideas and interests in all around the world. So Etsy is for me the best place for that.

My three great passions are to create little small treasure purses embellished with embroidery threads, ribbons, etc. with ethnic motives from latin America, Africa and India, boxes painted vith acrylic medium and jewels with handmade beads from Africa, but also some housewa…

More wonderful handmade creations

Hi there, my name is Kathy and I was a former teacher and am currently busy at home with my two boys.  I have had a passion for fashion and interior decorating for a very long leafing through glossy magazines a recognized sport yet? While I have not pursued a career in either of those fields I thought what can I do right now with my passion?  Etsy provided the answer.  I have a shop where I can be part of a creative community and design fun decor items for your home or you.  The inspirations for my designs are from the fashion world, interior decorating, my friends, family, travels and nature.    A lot of my designs are ecofriendly and use recycled cardboard, felt from recycled plastic bottles, non toxic glues and paints.  My creations are meant to bring some color to your world. Take a look and have some fun at KiwiTiniCreations :))

My Etsy shop:

Facebook page:!/pages/KiwiTini-Creations/1563…

Made In Italy

Today's blog features Italian Artisans. Here are some beautiful examples of their work:
My name is Chiara and my shop is SAPONI CARAPACE . is my shop on etsy is my italian blogI was a copy editor in Milan, then I quitted for love and I went to Spain. I stayed in the Mediterranean two years. During this time I began to experiment my soapmaking creativity and now that I am back in Italy I am committed in this project because I believe in my products and in what they means in terms of high quality handmade items, respect for the environment, skin care, love for nature which give us scents, colours, beauty, health.
I love: creating personal and unique recipes; taking care personally of the packaging and the image/graphic (materials, combining colours, sustainability).

I don't use palm oil or any plastic container, no mineral or synthetic colourings, no synthetic fragrances. Everytime I create a new recipe I…

Today I received some handmade soaps...

Something i had never tried before - and boy - what was I missing!!
I got rosemary and oatmeal and grapefruit and oatmeal From Saltbay Farm Soapworks, who I featured on my blog a few days ago. You have to try some!! You will never use ordinary soap again! They lather just enough, the fragrance is subtle yet leaves a lingering wisp - I shall wax poetical soon thats how much I liked them!!

About Saltbay Farm SoapworksI live on the coast of Maine and have a love for all things natural. I have been organic gardening for years. I decided to take my love of all things natural and make a batch of soap. I gave that soap out to friends and before long....I had them asking for more. 
So here I am! I am so excited to bring to you these wonderful and fragrant handmade soaps. I hope you enjoy them and visit me often. Here at SaltbayFarm Soapworks we fully believe that you should not be showering with all kinds of junk in your soap. What's the point? We use nothing but vegetable and plant based oi…