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I wish i could paint or draw!

My featured artist of the day: Anita Rickwood

What happened to the Owl and the Pussycat after the wedding? Well they got a mortgage on a nice semi in the suburbs, had lots of kittens and spent Sundays cleaning out the shed. They never forgot about their passion for travel though, and had a lovely holiday every summer with all their friends. 
Anita Rickwood is a watercolour artist taking inspiration from the post impressionists, 1950's kids books and the animal kingdom. She lives in Brighton, a pretty city by the sea overrun with artists and musicians and spends the time she is not working trying to cultivate things on her allotment.

If you are interested in wholesaling my cards, convo me for info about wholesale prices.

Please show off!!

I want to see your work!!

Interview with Lena

Artist Name: Lena Mechieva
Location: Krasnoyarsk, Russia

FB fan page:
and Etsy shop:

1. Let’s start by telling us a little about yourself.
My name is Lena. I was born in Krasnoyarsk, Russia some….well…20 something years ago J I work as a customer service manager and clay-clay-clay when I don’t have to work as a customer service manager.  I always enjoyed making things since I was a kid. With me being quite a naughty kid that would usually result in a little home disaster. As I grew up my projects became more “environment friendly” and I finally ended up making jewelry – first from ready beads and then from polymer clay.
Now I am making jewelry for sale, and hold master-classes for those who want to start making jewelry from polymer clay.
2. Besides working with clay, what other things do you like to do?
I enjoy live music concerts, reading, swimming, travelling, seeing new places and meeting new people. Do some knitting now and then if I am bored during long winter evenings. But for many years now it’s been mostly making things from polymer clay that takes most of my spare time.
3. How long have you been working with polymer clay? How did you get started?
I’ve been working with polymer clay for about 6 years now. When I started doing it, it was not well known and popular in my city so you couldn’t just see this material in a store. I remember seeing a photo of a very beautiful necklace on the Internet and wondering what it was made of. I contacted the artist who made it and that was when I first heard of the polymer clay and the things you can do with it. So I ordered some clay at an online store, received the parcel and decided to give it a try.
4. Do you have any formal training or are you self taught?
I am completely self-taught.  As soon as I found out the polymer clay existed I started searching the web for online video lessons, websites for artists working with the material, master classes. I found a polymer clay artists’ community at Live Journal, joined it and… started claying.
5. How do you best describe your designs and your brand?
I would describe my designs and the entire “Kat’s Handmade” brand as “something Lena would wear”. Sounds selfish but what I mean is I am into classic style in almost everything except hair style. So I think the jewelry I make is for women with similar tastes to mine – women who prefer classic look, but still always have that little item in their outfit that stands out – haircut, a bracelet or a necklace, a scarf, shoes… can be anything.
6. How do you get ideas to create a piece? What inspires you?
My most important inspiration is people around me. Their faces, personalities, outfits, hair styles are where I find my ideas for jewelry.   Basically, I make jewelry for people with similar tastes to mine and who I see everywhere around me – in a store, on a street, at work… To me it is always exciting and challenging to try and make a piece of jewelry that I think would suit a complete stranger I just passed by on a street.
7. What is your favorite piece(s) to make?
I love making earrings. Mostly because being close to face and eyes they can better emphasize one’s personality.  But most of the time my process is making beads. It usually starts with colors combinations. I combine colors of clay that I think would look good together, decide on the beads shape, make beads and…put them in a box. Some of them can then wait for months and months until I suddenly decide they will look perfect in a necklace or something else.
8. What challenges have you faced in your work?
One of the major challenges I’ve had so far and I think always will is custom made items. It is always a terrible internal struggle for me – battling with doubts of whether the piece of jewelry I am making is exactly what my customer wants it to be.  It is so hard to not get carried away and make something totally different!  I always doubt and feel very excited and nervous from the moment the ordered piece is ready and till the time the customer first sees it.
9. Have you ever had a clay project “disaster” happen while making an order for a customer? If so, what happened?
Not that I remember… However my very first clay project was a real disaster. I started with the wrong bake out temperature because I didn’t realize my oven thermometer was broken and ended up with my apartment being filled with black smoke and the beads I spent hours and hours making were just little black pieces in the oven.
10. How has the internet impacted your art?
To me it was and still is a great tool for what I am doing. It is a way to follow the latest trends in jewelry fashion, exchange experience with other artists, buy different supplies for jewelry making, and sell the items I make. As for the impacts, I can’t say it impacts my art a lot as I get the ideas from people I see around me.
11. What things do you do to market your business?
Since I have a full time job, jewelry making is a hobby for me. However at some point people just started buying the jewelry I make! My best marketing tool is still “word of mouth” advertising. Internet is helping here with crossing the distance, time, and language barriers. I do have a Facebook page, and Etsy store for my jewelry, and also market it at a couple of Russian websites similar to Etsy. Whenever I can I try to take part in art fairs, sales of handmade jewelry organized by local artists, and other events.
12. How do you decide upon what products you are going to sell?
There are 3 major categories of the jewelry I make – for myself, for customer orders and “free for sale” jewelry which I make inspired by something or someone. So the decision is easy to make – anything which is not a customer order or made for myself is for sale.  However, an item will never make it to any of the three categories if there are any quality issues– either with the material, design, or the process itself. That’s my rule.
13. Where do you create?
I create at home, in my room. Basically, my studio is just a big table with shelves and drawers next to it.
14. Is there a favorite polymer clay supply you can’t live without?
I wouldn’t be able to live without my pasta machine for clay I think. That is such a useful and handy tool for lazy girls like me J
15. What are your upcoming collections that we should look out for?
I would like to keep it a secret for now, but spring is usually “new collection time” for me. So there will definitely be a new collection in March-April 2011. 

Beauty is all around...

You just have to look for it...and here is a good place to start!!

A TASTE OF VINTAGEMy name is Veronica and I am a graphic designer, artist, and vintage enthusiast stationed in New York. I love old fashioned styles, odd trinkets, stationary, curious contraptions, novelties, and anything and everything. I consider myself a collector of the finer things in life, though you might just say I collect junk. But hey, who's to say that a perfectly smooth and shiny iridescent pebble doesn't fall in the category of the finer things?

T A S T E of V I N T A G E justifies my unhealthy obsession with vintage fashion and feeds my shopping addiction, but most importantly of all, it's a showcase of goods that have tickled my fancy. I genuinely love every piece and it's extremely difficult to know I can't keep them all. If I did, I would suffocate in a room full of vintage and I prefer to be living and breathing.  My goal is to have you leaving my shop with that same giddy feeling I've experienced with each piece.


I am from the Willamette Valley area of Oregon. I have always lived here and I love it. It’s beautiful and green and only about an hour to the beach or to the mountains. I am married to my best friend Ben and we have one adorable daughter. We have a Newfoundland/ Lab 100lb dog named Charlie and a few chickens and ducks in our backyard. We have a small orchard of 20 fruit trees and a large lot with a garden. We have surrounded our house with flowers too.

I decided to crochet this winter when I forgot my knitting needles at my sister's house. All I could find was a crochet hook. And I had not crocheted since I was a little girl sitting next to my Grandma Leila. I had to look on YouTube for help. But I started just absolutely loving it. I keep it close by all day and play with my 2 year old Gabriella. Sometimes I even take my crafty crochet bag to the library.
I made so many items that I started giving them to all my friends and family. They started reporting back all the wonderful compliments they had been receiving. They told me they would love to give my items as gifts. And that is when I started making things to sell on Etsy.
Most of the items I make can be worn different ways. They can be worn as a scarf, cowl neck, hood, or shawl. I wear mine all the time. It adds a lovely compliment to your wardrobe.
Please check out my shop at if you have any questions feel free to convo me! I love to chat! 

Homes and Weddings

I like hearing from my brides that the place card holder they found in my shop is like nothing they've seen before. I challenge myself to create for every taste and party theme. 

From my modern chic holders to my funky and a tad bizarre ball and chain or knotted up designs, I create for every style of wedding. So I am always dreaming up new styles and I love it! I started with jewelry making and became more and more enamored with wire manipulation. That led to my obsession with home decor creations. And with the reactions I got from my very first wire displays, there was no turning back. I love knowing that my creations made from scratch are going to have the honor of being part of someone's BIG DAY

Andia Creations

I set up my shop on etsy in January.  I am a carer to my mum and find that my crafting is a way of releasing my stress.

I make crochet and knitted scarves, the chrocet ones are totally one off's.  In between seasons I make unique felt hearts, all handmade and hand embroidered and indeed have more recently started to incorporate beads.  Each heart is made in my own design and I will not use the same design again.  I only use the best quality embroidery threads.  The stuffing is toy stuffing so is safe.  I do not have any pets and work in a non smoking environment.

I also make tapestries, to date however, I have not put any into my shop as each tapestry can take up to one year to make, and they are expensive, so have held back on that one.
However, if your interested I can forward a photo to you.

I am not computer savyy these days, so mainly my only shop is on etsy: AndiaCreations, I have just taken out a shop on facebook in the same name but to be honest not done anything with it as yet. 

Catch my Drift
You can find me at
or on Facebook under catch my drift 

Welcome to the wonderful world of whimsy! I am a mom, a wife, a kindergarten teacher and a crafter. Being around children under the age of 6 CONSTANTLY has forced me to look at the world differently.  When the kids go to bed, you'll find me sipping wine and creating whimsical articles from imagination and nature... My “thing” is to provide affordable, original, imaginative pieces for children and adults to enjoy. We no longer need to wait until our summer art festivals for a fun, authentic find! 

BatesMercantileCo. is a two person show, Pam & Garrett.

First Pam....Creativity is something that has always been a part of my life. I remember selling rocks that I painted pictures on - door to door in my neighborhood. I also have a love for neat vintage items- especially those that look a little time-worn. I like to think about who owned an item before me and what it meant to them. In my other life, I work with small business people to postively position their businesses, which can find me writing, designing logos, postcards, ads or what have you. I easily get lost in design. I like to make things for those I care about whether it's something I design on the computer, like stationery, or something I do with my hands like arts and crafts, or food that makes their bellies happy. I just picked up pencils and pad again and am loving drawing! You will often find me with a camera in my hand taking pictures of just about everything. Him: My husband is part of our new Etsy adventure, he too has a love for anything vintage and the story behind each piece. Garrett is working on researching vintage items before we the offer them in the shop. Our pieces often have a story to tell.  He's also a great sounding board and editor for my ideas. Coming from Dublin Ireland, he offers a different perspective than the one I have from growing up in NH. We met in the Bronx when I was attending college and are rarely apart, another place that has shaped both of our lives and perspectives. We both love to travel, especially meeting the locals and finding the perfect piece of art to bring home. BatesMercantileCo. is happy to be offering affordable, printable wall art and vintage for happy homes.  
This shop is the sister shop of STITCH THIS !! Custom Embroidery by mauldinfam6. I created this as a mission shop where all proceeds, yes 100%, go to support the mission work my daughter Sarah does. She participated in Mission Arlington this past summer and her next sceduled trip is to Colorado and then the one following is to NYC. She helps struggling kids right here in America.

A little about Sarah, she is 15 years old, my only daughter out of four children, she is my second born. She is a junior varsity cheerleader at her 4A public high school. She is an accomplished dancer and has taught studio and competitive dance at Royalty dance academy for the past 4 years. She loves God and she loves children and is absolutely wonderful when working with them.
Please help support Sarah as she brings hope to the many underpriveledged children she will work with on her mission trips and the many children she will touch with her spirit right here in her home town. Thank you so much for choosing Addicted2Applique for your personalized children's embroidery

Welcome to my shop! I’m a fabric sculptor, designer, and lover of all things textured. Inspired by eras gone by, I’m most influenced by the mod styles of the 1980’s and the bold colors/textures of the 1970’s.

All of my designs are original with an emphasis on creating distinctive statement wear using only eco-friendly materials. I meticulously construct each one to be versatile yet structured; functional accessories with loads of character that compliment virtually any wardrobe.

I’m a firm believer in the giving of one’s time, energy and financial assistance to the environment and to those in need. Here’s what your purchase will go to support….

10% of every purchase goes directly to 2 non-profit organizations that are very dear to me.

*In memory of my sister, I donate 5% to the Kelly Heinz-Grundner Brain Tumor Foundation, to further support research in finding a cure.

*In honor of my son, I donate 5% to the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation which assists children and families affected by providing education, camp scholarships, information and financial assistance.

*All materials used are recycled/repurposed and purchased from local charities, staffed by volunteers where all proceeds are used to support programs in my community.

Thanks for checking out EcoShag!

Find me on Facebook -

Made in France

A collection of beautiful hand made creations - by my French friends at Etsy

Crea Marie
My name is Marie and I'm living near La Rochelle city (south west Atlantic ocean), in France. I am fascinated by all decorative arts in the world. The major part of my creations are inspired by the different countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, where I have been living and travelling.

For more than 25 years I dedicate my free moments for drawings, painting, quilting and sweewing.

Since last August, I decided to open a shop on Etsy to sell my items as a hobby, but also to find people, who are, as I am,  interested for sharing ideas and interests in all around the world. So Etsy is for me the best place for that. 

My three great passions are to create little small treasure purses embellished with embroidery threads, ribbons, etc. with ethnic motives from latin America, Africa and India, boxes painted vith acrylic medium and jewels with handmade beads from Africa, but also some housewares and garden accessories made with natural materials in the respect of sustainable environment. 

Creamarie is my small studio of creations and passions. In my blog (in French and English), you can learn more about me, my life and what I like... (

My shops :
My Facebook page :

More wonderful handmade creations


Hi there, my name is Kathy and I was a former teacher and am currently busy at home with my two boys.  I have had a passion for fashion and interior decorating for a very long leafing through glossy magazines a recognized sport yet? While I have not pursued a career in either of those fields I thought what can I do right now with my passion?  Etsy provided the answer.  I have a shop where I can be part of a creative community and design fun decor items for your home or you.  The inspirations for my designs are from the fashion world, interior decorating, my friends, family, travels and nature.    A lot of my designs are ecofriendly and use recycled cardboard, felt from recycled plastic bottles, non toxic glues and paints.  My creations are meant to bring some color to your world. Take a look and have some fun at KiwiTiniCreations :))

My Etsy shop:

Facebook page:!/pages/KiwiTini-Creations/156308217761263

Hi! My name is Tracie. Knitting is not only my creative outlet; it is my passion! I often love to sit down with a special yarn and needles and just see what happens!

All of the items I have listed are original design, and most are one of a kind! If perchance I have made something that is not an original design, I will specify this in the listing.
I am very excited to now be donating 15% of many purchases to childrens' charities! I am so happy to be a part of helping to make a difference!

Silver Blossoms Jewelry and Design by Donna Anderson is located in Portland, Oregon. I stay at home with my one year old daughter who keeps me very busy and very entertained. My husband and I have lived in Portland all our lives.

 When I'm not beading, I enjoy travelling, cooking, running, and wine tasting. During this past holiday I was busy with special requests and Christmas Events. This led me to Etsy early this year and have been enjoy every minute of it. My background in beading started 20 years ago as a little girl, who loved the shimmer of rhinestones, diamonds and gemstones. 
My passion and inspiration comes from seeing the sparkle in everyone and everything. I specialize in handcrafted beaded serving ware for weddings, dinner parties and gifts. My designs are very exclusive and can be custom ordered. I believe that handcrafted art is especially unique because it takes a lot of work for the artist to design, construct, and complete. 
The outcome is so amazing and as a consumer, you can be assured a lot of work, heart and soul went into each piece. I enjoy that as an artist. My hope is that everyone who purchases a piece by Silver Blossoms Jewelry & Design really knows how much I enjoy making beautiful pieces. 
Entertaining with elegance is my mission because your guests should feel special. Your table scape should show that...

Silver Blossoms Jewelry & Design
FB: Silver Blossoms Jewelry & Design
Twitter: @Silver_Blossoms

Jewelry by Maureen

Creating jewelry has been a passion of mine since I can remember. Even as a child I was stringing beads for bracelets and making earrings out of game pieces and Barbie's accessories!  In college and later, I made tons of beaded jewelry to wear myself, and also for friends and family as gifts.  Very recently, I opened an Etsy store to turn my hobby into a business.
I love learning new techniques and experimenting with different designs and materials. Lately, I've been wire wrapping beads and stones, and weaving, braiding and crocheting wire and cord with beads to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces. 
My Etsy website:

My name is Sarah, but you can call me Teslas, I've had the crafting bug ever since I can remember. Growing up I've learned it all, from bead working, to scrap booking, to wood working. I picked up crocheting as a way to stick with my diet, as a current culinary student I packed on a little more then the freshman 15 (if you catch my drift). Crocheting is a way to keep my distracted long enough not to keep sticking my hand in the back of chips.

Yep, I'm a twenty year old college student, and if that isn't difficult enough, I have little to no financial support from my family, living in my own apartment, and having a very restricted schedule making even a part time job nearly impossible. So this is not just a hobby for me. The investment that you make in my products for your home helps to provide for my family. I strive very hard to live debt-free. Even living a very financially conservative lifestyle, it's still difficult to make ends meet.

I create Crocheted Amigurumi Animals, "Amigurumi is Japanese for small crochet stuffed animals It literally comes from a combination of the Japanese words ami, meaning crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll."  Cool, huh?  The things you learn while shopping

Made In Italy

Today's blog features Italian Artisans. Here are some beautiful examples of their work:
My name is Chiara and my shop is SAPONI CARAPACE . is my shop on etsy is my italian blog
I was a copy editor in Milan, then I quitted for love and I went to Spain. I stayed in the Mediterranean two years. During this time I began to experiment my soapmaking creativity and now that I am back in Italy I am committed in this project because I believe in my products and in what they means in terms of high quality handmade items, respect for the environment, skin care, love for nature which give us scents, colours, beauty, health.
I love: creating personal and unique recipes; taking care personally of the packaging and the image/graphic (materials, combining colours, sustainability)

I don't use palm oil or any plastic container, no mineral or synthetic colourings, no synthetic fragrances. Everytime I create a new recipe I make a pact with the plant kingdom: each one is giving the best she has to make another wonderful, handmade, natural soap. Sometimes is tricky, but I don't like short cuts for my carapace soaps!
Why a tortoise? This is another story...

I make 1 soap for everything, 7 soaps for the body wash, 1 solid shampoo, 1 shaving soap, 1 facial soap.

I MAKE SOAP through the cold process method, using olive oil as main ingredient.
sometimes I use extra virgin olive oil, which is the best vegetal fat for soap …and for our skins. other vegetable oils are added to give strength and foam, or to have a more moisturizing soap. I also add essential oils in order to give a pleasant scent. I never use synthetic perfumes or colours. I think soap does not need to be pretty. It just has to be gentle with my skin and cleansing, obviously. And last, but lot least, I dont' use palm oil because I don't want to contribute to the deforestation of the Amazon.

I MAKE SOAP because I wanted a simple cleanser for my sensitive skin.
after using high-quality soap bars, not going for industrial bath foams, I realized that my skin was better. now I know that with my soap it is even better! my first clients, some friends of mine with very sensitive skins who tried my soap, told me their skins was really healthier. “since I have used your soap, I don’t need to use any body butter after having shower!”

I MAKE SOAP because I realized you can save.
you save soap: in handmade soap you cannot find water, as in the majority of the not very long-lasting bath foams. while a handmade soap bar lasts approximately fourty showers. Well, it depends, I know. One of my bars lasts two months in my shower.
you save plastic: an earnest soapbar goes with a simple paper packaging.

Le Stoffe Allegre

Ciao! Hello! I'm Rachele and i live in Rome,the city i've choosed more than 10 years ago to study and to live.
I have always loved to create and deliver as a gifts to my friends! Lately I've found on Etsy many very beautiful things  so I decided to participate with some of mine.
Really it come after a very hard time a spent about one yar ago. But one day I decided to start again using my passion, so I trasformed a lot of my clothes in something nice and colorfull and this new activity brought me  a sudden JOY, that's why my shop's name is "Le Stoffe Allegre di Rachele".

More than a Job this is for me a nice hobby and i love the smile of people when they like or buy or wear my creations.

I love to create accessories or jewelry made with differents fabrics, texture and other materials for recycling. In my shop you will find authentic things, handmade, colorful, funny.
I hope to contribute to the appreciation of the creative crafts, handmade products, the reuse of materials ... the friendship and fun!

In my blog i collect posts that better can tell of me, my story, my feelings and there i also show some of my creations telling my inner emotions doing them

Rosanna Malvani
My name is Rossana Malvani and I create bijoux in polymer clay. I live in a little town in the south of Italy.
When I was a little girl, my passions were mathematics and architecture, so I studied to become an engineer! I never did this profession but now I teach math! I'm a proud wife and mum of two boys. I love my family above all!
I've always had a passion for manipulation. I started with salt and corn dough, but was meeting with polymer clay that opened to me the world of creation of bijoux. I started to model small animals and small objects, but then I switched to creating canes in Millefiori technique. This technique is exactly what in Murano is used in the manufacture of glass, but I apply it to polymer clay. With these canes I make my beads and my plaques that enrich the jewels that you can find in my shop. By the time I enriched my collection with some pieces created in wire tecnique, shaping the wire made of copper or sterling silver to create personal and unique shapes and embellishing them with glass beads and semi-precious stones. 
My Etsy shop:
My blog:
My Flickr:
My Facebook page:

Pills Handbags.
My name is Paola.
Graduated at Istituto Europeo di Design in Italy, I mainly work as graphic designer.
Drawing and painting are only some of my creative and artistic passions.
Creative, graphic designer, cook for love, visual artist and many other things. In few words I love life :)
Last summer I was invited to participate to an artistic handbags exibition in Teatro Civico of Cagliari, Italy.
I was so exited: it was a new challenge! The logo I created for the handbags is Pills (a wordgame of my nickname), moreover Pills have a cute shape and beautiful colours. ;)
So I decided to design some stilish and artistic handbags.
They are unique and completely handmade by me with care and love. On some of them I've applied one illustration made by myself and printed on canvas. Everyone is OOAK

My Etsy shop is:

my Facebook fan page is

my portfolio is here

Vestiti Perduti

Vestiti Perduti is an Ethical Brand for Kids 
 is a project working in the field of fashion, but out of fashion;
start with a home production, but aims to build a manufacturing network while remaining craft.
has as its objective the promotion of women's work.
respects the rights of the individual at work.
provides a fair return in the whole "production chain".
uses only recycled fabrics
is intended for a customer who prefers to choose.
offers a product that lasts.

Vestiti Perduti est une marque de mode pour enfants de 2 à 12 ans. Elle n’utilise que des matériaux réciclés de qualité, des coupons neufs ou vintage de provenance italienne, japonaise, congolaise… et produit aussi de précieux et inimitables patchwork; elle collabore principalement avec des femmes qui travaillent à leur compte ou qui gèrent de petits laboratoires.
Elle suit trois principes:
unicité, vestibilité, adaptabilité. Chaque pièce est coupée à la main et cousue entièrement par des couturières expérimentées qui collaborent activement au processus de fabrication.
Chaque modèle pourra donc être reproduit plusieurs fois pour des tailles différentes, mais il guardera son unicité grâce à un certain tissu ou à un certain arrangement de tissus différents.
La collection est agrandie périodiquement et le choix des tissus se renouvèle en même temps; cela me permet de fournir à chaque client un choix unique e personnalisé tous les mois avec une capacité de commande de 30 à 50 pièces par semaine.

Ciao!My name is Jessica and with my long-time friend Manuela I make original
and high quality bags!
I started to make bags some years ago...I used to work part-time and the rest
of the day was completly dedicated to creating bags and others accessories.

since my bags had much success especially in "the real shops"I decide to leave my
steady and boring part-time job for devote myself to make bags!!!
Some months ago Manuela  joined me.

We love to always create  new models to suit all tastes,especially unique pieces.
For a small business as our that want growing, isn't possible to make only
unique pieces...for this motive we have decide to have some "typical bags";
however we always choose the best quality fabrics and materials both italian
and from the rest of the world!
At the moment we working in my garage with fantastics japanese  sewing
machines and with our adorable and crazy mascotte dog (you can try to find it
in the photos in my Etsy shop!)
We make bags,bags for little girls, messengers, pochette (pouch,clutch)make up
pouches, key fob, sanitary pads holder,tea bag holder and others delightful


Vera Creations

My bio:
My name is Vera, I’m a 24 years old Italian girl, I study History of Art at the University of Milan.
My passion is creating jewelry, accessories, little and cute things with polymer clay, beads, pearls, crystals, paper and whatever inspires me!
I love music, art, different cultures, travelling, colors, nature, animals and of course handmade things!!
Everything I create is thought, designed and modeled by me with care, love and passion.

my name is Elettra, I'm an italian crafter 
You can find my shop on etsy

I descend from a family of Italian artists and artisans. I grew  up jumping from a lab to a studio, from a shop to an exposition. Even though I had a completely different education, at a certain point of my life I realized I can't keep off drawing, painting, making crafts and more generally fixing things to make them look better. Of course, not every outcome of my pretended inner need has a sharable, common sense! So I decided to provide on line only costume jewelry and accessories, in which I'm more experienced. My crafts are made out of poor means. I think it has to be this way. I see handmade fashion costume jewelry as a form of wearable, affordable art. I think it offers a unique idea rather than a good. The possibility of handle artistic crafts seems to me the secret of the fashion jewelry enchantment, for makers and users!

Today I received some handmade soaps...

Something i had never tried before - and boy - what was I missing!!
I got rosemary and oatmeal and grapefruit and oatmeal From Saltbay Farm Soapworks, who I featured on my blog a few days ago. You have to try some!! You will never use ordinary soap again! They lather just enough, the fragrance is subtle yet leaves a lingering wisp - I shall wax poetical soon thats how much I liked them!!

About Saltbay Farm Soapworks

I live on the coast of Maine and have a love for all things natural. I have been organic gardening for years. I decided to take my love of all things natural and make a batch of soap. I gave that soap out to friends and before long....I had them asking for more. 

So here I am! I am so excited to bring to you these wonderful and fragrant handmade soaps. I hope you enjoy them and visit me often.
Here at SaltbayFarm Soapworks we fully believe that you should not be showering with all kinds of junk in your soap. What's the point? We use nothing but vegetable and plant based oils....never animal by-products.

The soaps that I make are made in small batches to ensure that the quality stays top notch. These are hand poured, hand mixed and hand cut. IThese soaps would be perfect to take along on your next road trip, stuff in your gym bag....hey it will make your gym clothes smell better I am sure of that! Or put them in a pretty basket for your guest. This is a lovely way of making them feel special.

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