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Made In Italy

Today's blog features Italian Artisans. Here are some beautiful examples of their work:
My name is Chiara and my shop is SAPONI CARAPACE . is my shop on etsy is my italian blog
I was a copy editor in Milan, then I quitted for love and I went to Spain. I stayed in the Mediterranean two years. During this time I began to experiment my soapmaking creativity and now that I am back in Italy I am committed in this project because I believe in my products and in what they means in terms of high quality handmade items, respect for the environment, skin care, love for nature which give us scents, colours, beauty, health.
I love: creating personal and unique recipes; taking care personally of the packaging and the image/graphic (materials, combining colours, sustainability)

I don't use palm oil or any plastic container, no mineral or synthetic colourings, no synthetic fragrances. Everytime I create a new recipe I make a pact with the plant kingdom: each one is giving the best she has to make another wonderful, handmade, natural soap. Sometimes is tricky, but I don't like short cuts for my carapace soaps!
Why a tortoise? This is another story...

I make 1 soap for everything, 7 soaps for the body wash, 1 solid shampoo, 1 shaving soap, 1 facial soap.

I MAKE SOAP through the cold process method, using olive oil as main ingredient.
sometimes I use extra virgin olive oil, which is the best vegetal fat for soap …and for our skins. other vegetable oils are added to give strength and foam, or to have a more moisturizing soap. I also add essential oils in order to give a pleasant scent. I never use synthetic perfumes or colours. I think soap does not need to be pretty. It just has to be gentle with my skin and cleansing, obviously. And last, but lot least, I dont' use palm oil because I don't want to contribute to the deforestation of the Amazon.

I MAKE SOAP because I wanted a simple cleanser for my sensitive skin.
after using high-quality soap bars, not going for industrial bath foams, I realized that my skin was better. now I know that with my soap it is even better! my first clients, some friends of mine with very sensitive skins who tried my soap, told me their skins was really healthier. “since I have used your soap, I don’t need to use any body butter after having shower!”

I MAKE SOAP because I realized you can save.
you save soap: in handmade soap you cannot find water, as in the majority of the not very long-lasting bath foams. while a handmade soap bar lasts approximately fourty showers. Well, it depends, I know. One of my bars lasts two months in my shower.
you save plastic: an earnest soapbar goes with a simple paper packaging.

Le Stoffe Allegre

Ciao! Hello! I'm Rachele and i live in Rome,the city i've choosed more than 10 years ago to study and to live.
I have always loved to create and deliver as a gifts to my friends! Lately I've found on Etsy many very beautiful things  so I decided to participate with some of mine.
Really it come after a very hard time a spent about one yar ago. But one day I decided to start again using my passion, so I trasformed a lot of my clothes in something nice and colorfull and this new activity brought me  a sudden JOY, that's why my shop's name is "Le Stoffe Allegre di Rachele".

More than a Job this is for me a nice hobby and i love the smile of people when they like or buy or wear my creations.

I love to create accessories or jewelry made with differents fabrics, texture and other materials for recycling. In my shop you will find authentic things, handmade, colorful, funny.
I hope to contribute to the appreciation of the creative crafts, handmade products, the reuse of materials ... the friendship and fun!

In my blog i collect posts that better can tell of me, my story, my feelings and there i also show some of my creations telling my inner emotions doing them

Rosanna Malvani
My name is Rossana Malvani and I create bijoux in polymer clay. I live in a little town in the south of Italy.
When I was a little girl, my passions were mathematics and architecture, so I studied to become an engineer! I never did this profession but now I teach math! I'm a proud wife and mum of two boys. I love my family above all!
I've always had a passion for manipulation. I started with salt and corn dough, but was meeting with polymer clay that opened to me the world of creation of bijoux. I started to model small animals and small objects, but then I switched to creating canes in Millefiori technique. This technique is exactly what in Murano is used in the manufacture of glass, but I apply it to polymer clay. With these canes I make my beads and my plaques that enrich the jewels that you can find in my shop. By the time I enriched my collection with some pieces created in wire tecnique, shaping the wire made of copper or sterling silver to create personal and unique shapes and embellishing them with glass beads and semi-precious stones. 
My Etsy shop:
My blog:
My Flickr:
My Facebook page:

Pills Handbags.
My name is Paola.
Graduated at Istituto Europeo di Design in Italy, I mainly work as graphic designer.
Drawing and painting are only some of my creative and artistic passions.
Creative, graphic designer, cook for love, visual artist and many other things. In few words I love life :)
Last summer I was invited to participate to an artistic handbags exibition in Teatro Civico of Cagliari, Italy.
I was so exited: it was a new challenge! The logo I created for the handbags is Pills (a wordgame of my nickname), moreover Pills have a cute shape and beautiful colours. ;)
So I decided to design some stilish and artistic handbags.
They are unique and completely handmade by me with care and love. On some of them I've applied one illustration made by myself and printed on canvas. Everyone is OOAK

My Etsy shop is:

my Facebook fan page is

my portfolio is here

Vestiti Perduti

Vestiti Perduti is an Ethical Brand for Kids 
 is a project working in the field of fashion, but out of fashion;
start with a home production, but aims to build a manufacturing network while remaining craft.
has as its objective the promotion of women's work.
respects the rights of the individual at work.
provides a fair return in the whole "production chain".
uses only recycled fabrics
is intended for a customer who prefers to choose.
offers a product that lasts.

Vestiti Perduti est une marque de mode pour enfants de 2 à 12 ans. Elle n’utilise que des matériaux réciclés de qualité, des coupons neufs ou vintage de provenance italienne, japonaise, congolaise… et produit aussi de précieux et inimitables patchwork; elle collabore principalement avec des femmes qui travaillent à leur compte ou qui gèrent de petits laboratoires.
Elle suit trois principes:
unicité, vestibilité, adaptabilité. Chaque pièce est coupée à la main et cousue entièrement par des couturières expérimentées qui collaborent activement au processus de fabrication.
Chaque modèle pourra donc être reproduit plusieurs fois pour des tailles différentes, mais il guardera son unicité grâce à un certain tissu ou à un certain arrangement de tissus différents.
La collection est agrandie périodiquement et le choix des tissus se renouvèle en même temps; cela me permet de fournir à chaque client un choix unique e personnalisé tous les mois avec une capacité de commande de 30 à 50 pièces par semaine.

Ciao!My name is Jessica and with my long-time friend Manuela I make original
and high quality bags!
I started to make bags some years ago...I used to work part-time and the rest
of the day was completly dedicated to creating bags and others accessories.

since my bags had much success especially in "the real shops"I decide to leave my
steady and boring part-time job for devote myself to make bags!!!
Some months ago Manuela  joined me.

We love to always create  new models to suit all tastes,especially unique pieces.
For a small business as our that want growing, isn't possible to make only
unique pieces...for this motive we have decide to have some "typical bags";
however we always choose the best quality fabrics and materials both italian
and from the rest of the world!
At the moment we working in my garage with fantastics japanese  sewing
machines and with our adorable and crazy mascotte dog (you can try to find it
in the photos in my Etsy shop!)
We make bags,bags for little girls, messengers, pochette (pouch,clutch)make up
pouches, key fob, sanitary pads holder,tea bag holder and others delightful


Vera Creations

My bio:
My name is Vera, I’m a 24 years old Italian girl, I study History of Art at the University of Milan.
My passion is creating jewelry, accessories, little and cute things with polymer clay, beads, pearls, crystals, paper and whatever inspires me!
I love music, art, different cultures, travelling, colors, nature, animals and of course handmade things!!
Everything I create is thought, designed and modeled by me with care, love and passion.

my name is Elettra, I'm an italian crafter 
You can find my shop on etsy

I descend from a family of Italian artists and artisans. I grew  up jumping from a lab to a studio, from a shop to an exposition. Even though I had a completely different education, at a certain point of my life I realized I can't keep off drawing, painting, making crafts and more generally fixing things to make them look better. Of course, not every outcome of my pretended inner need has a sharable, common sense! So I decided to provide on line only costume jewelry and accessories, in which I'm more experienced. My crafts are made out of poor means. I think it has to be this way. I see handmade fashion costume jewelry as a form of wearable, affordable art. I think it offers a unique idea rather than a good. The possibility of handle artistic crafts seems to me the secret of the fashion jewelry enchantment, for makers and users!


VeraCreations said…
Thank you so much for featuring me and the other made in Italy on your blog!! :)
elettrarossa said…
Your blog is amazing. I'm thankful to show up here with the other Italian crafters!
Pillshandbags said…
I love your blog Louise. Thanks a lot for this post made in Italy ;)))
frattempo said…
Thank you so much, Louise. Your initiative is very important. Keep in touch!
lestoffeallegre said…
It's lovely! Greath idea and funny to see my bio online :-)
Grazie Louise!
wonderful idea, congrats!

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