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A TASTE OF VINTAGEMy name is Veronica and I am a graphic designer, artist, and vintage enthusiast stationed in New York. I love old fashioned styles, odd trinkets, stationary, curious contraptions, novelties, and anything and everything. I consider myself a collector of the finer things in life, though you might just say I collect junk. But hey, who's to say that a perfectly smooth and shiny iridescent pebble doesn't fall in the category of the finer things?

T A S T E of V I N T A G E justifies my unhealthy obsession with vintage fashion and feeds my shopping addiction, but most importantly of all, it's a showcase of goods that have tickled my fancy. I genuinely love every piece and it's extremely difficult to know I can't keep them all. If I did, I would suffocate in a room full of vintage and I prefer to be living and breathing.  My goal is to have you leaving my shop with that same giddy feeling I've experienced with each piece.


I am from the Willamette Valley area of Oregon. I have always lived here and I love it. It’s beautiful and green and only about an hour to the beach or to the mountains. I am married to my best friend Ben and we have one adorable daughter. We have a Newfoundland/ Lab 100lb dog named Charlie and a few chickens and ducks in our backyard. We have a small orchard of 20 fruit trees and a large lot with a garden. We have surrounded our house with flowers too.

I decided to crochet this winter when I forgot my knitting needles at my sister's house. All I could find was a crochet hook. And I had not crocheted since I was a little girl sitting next to my Grandma Leila. I had to look on YouTube for help. But I started just absolutely loving it. I keep it close by all day and play with my 2 year old Gabriella. Sometimes I even take my crafty crochet bag to the library.
I made so many items that I started giving them to all my friends and family. They started reporting back all the wonderful compliments they had been receiving. They told me they would love to give my items as gifts. And that is when I started making things to sell on Etsy.
Most of the items I make can be worn different ways. They can be worn as a scarf, cowl neck, hood, or shawl. I wear mine all the time. It adds a lovely compliment to your wardrobe.
Please check out my shop at if you have any questions feel free to convo me! I love to chat! 

Homes and Weddings

I like hearing from my brides that the place card holder they found in my shop is like nothing they've seen before. I challenge myself to create for every taste and party theme. 

From my modern chic holders to my funky and a tad bizarre ball and chain or knotted up designs, I create for every style of wedding. So I am always dreaming up new styles and I love it! I started with jewelry making and became more and more enamored with wire manipulation. That led to my obsession with home decor creations. And with the reactions I got from my very first wire displays, there was no turning back. I love knowing that my creations made from scratch are going to have the honor of being part of someone's BIG DAY

Andia Creations

I set up my shop on etsy in January.  I am a carer to my mum and find that my crafting is a way of releasing my stress.

I make crochet and knitted scarves, the chrocet ones are totally one off's.  In between seasons I make unique felt hearts, all handmade and hand embroidered and indeed have more recently started to incorporate beads.  Each heart is made in my own design and I will not use the same design again.  I only use the best quality embroidery threads.  The stuffing is toy stuffing so is safe.  I do not have any pets and work in a non smoking environment.

I also make tapestries, to date however, I have not put any into my shop as each tapestry can take up to one year to make, and they are expensive, so have held back on that one.
However, if your interested I can forward a photo to you.

I am not computer savyy these days, so mainly my only shop is on etsy: AndiaCreations, I have just taken out a shop on facebook in the same name but to be honest not done anything with it as yet. 

Catch my Drift
You can find me at
or on Facebook under catch my drift 

Welcome to the wonderful world of whimsy! I am a mom, a wife, a kindergarten teacher and a crafter. Being around children under the age of 6 CONSTANTLY has forced me to look at the world differently.  When the kids go to bed, you'll find me sipping wine and creating whimsical articles from imagination and nature... My “thing” is to provide affordable, original, imaginative pieces for children and adults to enjoy. We no longer need to wait until our summer art festivals for a fun, authentic find! 

BatesMercantileCo. is a two person show, Pam & Garrett.

First Pam....Creativity is something that has always been a part of my life. I remember selling rocks that I painted pictures on - door to door in my neighborhood. I also have a love for neat vintage items- especially those that look a little time-worn. I like to think about who owned an item before me and what it meant to them. In my other life, I work with small business people to postively position their businesses, which can find me writing, designing logos, postcards, ads or what have you. I easily get lost in design. I like to make things for those I care about whether it's something I design on the computer, like stationery, or something I do with my hands like arts and crafts, or food that makes their bellies happy. I just picked up pencils and pad again and am loving drawing! You will often find me with a camera in my hand taking pictures of just about everything. Him: My husband is part of our new Etsy adventure, he too has a love for anything vintage and the story behind each piece. Garrett is working on researching vintage items before we the offer them in the shop. Our pieces often have a story to tell.  He's also a great sounding board and editor for my ideas. Coming from Dublin Ireland, he offers a different perspective than the one I have from growing up in NH. We met in the Bronx when I was attending college and are rarely apart, another place that has shaped both of our lives and perspectives. We both love to travel, especially meeting the locals and finding the perfect piece of art to bring home. BatesMercantileCo. is happy to be offering affordable, printable wall art and vintage for happy homes.  
This shop is the sister shop of STITCH THIS !! Custom Embroidery by mauldinfam6. I created this as a mission shop where all proceeds, yes 100%, go to support the mission work my daughter Sarah does. She participated in Mission Arlington this past summer and her next sceduled trip is to Colorado and then the one following is to NYC. She helps struggling kids right here in America.

A little about Sarah, she is 15 years old, my only daughter out of four children, she is my second born. She is a junior varsity cheerleader at her 4A public high school. She is an accomplished dancer and has taught studio and competitive dance at Royalty dance academy for the past 4 years. She loves God and she loves children and is absolutely wonderful when working with them.
Please help support Sarah as she brings hope to the many underpriveledged children she will work with on her mission trips and the many children she will touch with her spirit right here in her home town. Thank you so much for choosing Addicted2Applique for your personalized children's embroidery

Welcome to my shop! I’m a fabric sculptor, designer, and lover of all things textured. Inspired by eras gone by, I’m most influenced by the mod styles of the 1980’s and the bold colors/textures of the 1970’s.

All of my designs are original with an emphasis on creating distinctive statement wear using only eco-friendly materials. I meticulously construct each one to be versatile yet structured; functional accessories with loads of character that compliment virtually any wardrobe.

I’m a firm believer in the giving of one’s time, energy and financial assistance to the environment and to those in need. Here’s what your purchase will go to support….

10% of every purchase goes directly to 2 non-profit organizations that are very dear to me.

*In memory of my sister, I donate 5% to the Kelly Heinz-Grundner Brain Tumor Foundation, to further support research in finding a cure.

*In honor of my son, I donate 5% to the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation which assists children and families affected by providing education, camp scholarships, information and financial assistance.

*All materials used are recycled/repurposed and purchased from local charities, staffed by volunteers where all proceeds are used to support programs in my community.

Thanks for checking out EcoShag!

Find me on Facebook -

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