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Designers showcase #3

Joy Scott
I grew up in Greenwich Village, NYC. Then I went on to get a degree in Fashion Merchandising; after graduation spending several years working for high end retailers. Wanting something more artistic, I went to work as a photo stylist, working with the team developing the props and layouts for a group of well known photographers in New York. Over the years I have tried painting in oils, acrylics and watercolors. During my search for the right artistic fit, I spent years working on the wheel in pottery. I couldn't find the colors in the glazes I needed to express myself. Finally after taking courses in many different areas I found my calling in fused glass. I spent months taking courses in Arizona developing techniques and finding new methods to express my love of color and design...


I adore books, especially classic literature and antique book copies - I love how old books look on the shelf, well-worn and loved.
Each book in my shop is chosen by me because there is something special about it. Every last one of them are choice books.
I enjoy searching for books and passing them on to others.

I am currently sharing my shop with my sister who makes beautiful handmade scrapbooks, cards, tags, and more.



Hello, I’m Gaby based in London and make jewellery. It was really through an accident that started my off.

My background is photography – first as photographic printer, I worked with fashion and portrait photographers and my proudest moment was to be asked to print David Bailey’s 60’s retrospective exhibition and book “Birth of the Cool”. Which I did of course.  Later I worked as shoot producer organising fashion shoots.  As much it’s satisfying pulling a shoot together I missed being hands on creative and I was looking for something that would get me out of office life.

The luck accident happened when one of my favourite French vintage necklace broke and I couldn’t bear being without it, so I set about mending it and before I knew it I was hooked, buying beads by the hundreds to make my own designs.  Now I’m selling to local shops, at fairs and Etsy.
Feel free to brows my Etsy shop. 


Amrita finds that the most amazing things can be re-made into beautiful items that people want to buy as gifts for themselves or others.

 She says, "If you spend a little time thinking outside of the box, it is amazing what you will find." Amrita's creations are beautiful, artistic, practical, creative and best of all, they are green. She uses at least 95% re-purposed materials in her designs. Visit her Etsy store at


We are a husband and wife duo from Singapore and slaves to our two cats :) 
Richard does all the chain maille and anything to do with wires, Jeannie passes it over to him. Jeannie does all the beadwork and gem stuff.
And so, a marriage of the two brings to you handmade jewelry where styles linear on the beauty of eclectic fusion of the best glass beads, chain maille, crystals, gemstones and pearls that rise to your occasion and also for your day-to-day wearability as a discerning wearer. We design in mind of enduring the changing trends, a piece that you can keep for all your life.
By day, we run a print+web design SOHO and come night, we reconnect to our hands to create and manifest jewelry that will adorn the wearer tastefully. We take effort to design OOAK pieces so that you as the wearer will wear them with pride for many long years. We are working towards making JeannieRichard our "full-time".
It is also our dream to set up a pet sanctuary for abandoned, strays and abused animals (especially cats and dogs) where there is no limitation of stay but with option to be rehomed into a responsible and loving family. In due time, a percentage of our earnings from JeannieRichard will go into manifesting this cause!
We hope you will love the pieces created and anticipate your warm support! Peace and have a good time on Etsy!
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Jeannie + Richard said...

Wow, thank you Louise for featuring us in your Designer Showcase! Its simply fantastic what you are doing here and we'll definitely tweet it! Peace and all the best Louise!

Gaby said...

I’m chuffed to be featured on your inspiring blog. I definitely will spread the word. Thanks so much for including my in this wonderful selection of designers/makers.

Joy said...

Thank you Louise for including me in your Designer Showcase. I'm so excited....

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