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Blocking your knitting

Blocking is a method of stretching and shaping a finished knitted piece to reach the dimensions suggested in the pattern, to make two pieces that need to match the same size, or to make your stitches look nicer and more even. 
Lace almost always needs to be blocked to "open up" the design so all those beautiful holes and patterns show in their true glory.
There are some useful instructions here at Knitting about
I found a simple way to block my shawls.
First, I wet them in warm water, to which i have added some fabric conditioner and then squeeze the water out.
I shake the knitting gently and stretch it flat on a towel

Then I fold up the sides and fold again

I am sure there is a more professional way to block..but this is so easy!

1 comment:

Sandra said...

This shawl is beautiful!!

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