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Very easy shawl knitted sideways

..or scarf..
this is so versatile and you can add your own personal touch by using different colored stripes, changing the stitch from K to a pattern,  the possibilities are endless.

The sides have an increase and  then a decrease to get a triangular shape.
The YO makes a lacy edge on the top and sides.
It is knitted sideways.

You can use any yarn you like and its corresponding needles.
You knit in the pattern as much as you like - calculate that the rows make the length of the shawl from top to bottom and the amount of stitches make the width from side to side.
the amount of yarn needed will vary according to the size you would like it to be.

This is what i used:
Knit Picks Stroll in 2 colors
Size US 7 needles - 4.5mm
( I had 2 different colors of yarn left over from a project, so I started with one color,  increased till I finished the ball then started the decreases using the other color. This shawl took 100gms of  yarn)

This is how you start.
Cast on 6 sts
Row 1 knit
Row 2 knit
Row 3 (right side)K2 ,YO, slip 1 K1 Pass slipped stitch over (SL1 K1 PSSO)  YO K2
Row 4:and all even rows:1st and last 2 sts are always in K the rest are P
Row 5 K2 YO SL1 K1 PSSO K to last 2 sts, YO K2
Go on this way until you reach the desired length
Start decreasing,
The even rows remain the same but the odd ones are like this
K2, YO Slip 1, K1 pass slipped stitch over K to last 5 sts SL2 K1 PSSO YO K2
Go on this way until you have 6 sts left
Cast off.

K = knit
P = purl
YO = yarn over needle
SL1 K1 PSSO = slip 1 stitch,  K1 Pass slipped stitch over
SL2 K1 PSSO = Slip 2 sts, K1, Pass slipped stitches over


sassysean said...

Thank you so much!! I love these simple but elegant designs! This would be great for gifting (and keeping)

SassySean on Ravelry

Sunflowers said...

I agree, we could use a variegated yarn or just simply knit it in one colour. But I must say I do like the way Louise has used the yarn here..

Thanks so much for sharing with us.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this pattern. I'm going to make it for my Mom for Christmas. I love the 2 colors.

Anonymous said...

I too, like your pattern, but before I start I'd like to know on on the end of the pattern it say's to K2,yo,sl 21 ? k1, pass slipped stitch over k ?? do I actually slipped 21 sts over ?? Thank you and I too like your color's too

Louise Knits said...

oops fixed it!

Anonymous said...

Very elegant! I love the look of 2 colors- I guess that necessity really is the mother of invention!

K Jack said...

I love the elegance of this. Can you please give the dimensions of the finished shawl? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love the shawl but I am wondering where the increase happens? I keep getting 6 stiches....

Belinda said...


Thank you for the pattern--I've been looking for something like this!

I have a question--you mentioned that you used 100g of yarn for the shawl. I know, though, that you can have skeins of two different weight yarns (let's say, fingering and DK), and while both skeins might be 50g each, the yardage is different. So, which is more important in determining how much yarn you need--the weight of the skein, or the yardage of the skein?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm a very beginner. When you say continue on this way after row 5 does that mean re start at row 1 and continue 1-5 until desired length or??

Anonymous said...

I too came across this pattern and wonder which rows are the ones repeated. Is it row five then the even row till the desired length until for the decrease rows?

Marlene said...

I'm pretty sure you only keep increasing by repeating rows #4 and #5 until desired length is reached.

Marlene said...

I'm pretty sure you repeat Rows 4 and 5.

Emily said...

I started making this, and you are supposed to repeat rows 4 & 5 until desired length. Enjoy.

JoDee said...

Hi, I used this pattern with Cascade Bulky leisure HD and a 9.5 needle. It took 300 grs of yarn 10.5 oz and approx 375 yards.. The measurements are approx 24 x 64.

I was wondering what others found with different yards. Somehow I thought I would get a much bigger shawl or use much less yarn.. The directions used 7 needles and I believe sports yarn and only 100grs.

What am I missing?---I'm sure answer is hiding in plain sight! Am I having a brain freeze?

Laura Leslie said...

I'm the same, my stitches aren't increasing

TJ G said...

When you YO (yarn over) this should be increasing the stitches in your row.

Jean Bokenfohr said...

On the decrease: K to the last 5 sts SL2 K1 PSSO YO K2
The confusing part: I get the Slip 2, knit 1, BUT the pass slip stitch over? Do I pass both of the slip stitches over, or just 1? You said that you fixed it but I don't see what you changed. I finished making it last night but it's not right. I slipped both of the stitches over.
I'm just learning from the "Book for Dummies" and I couldn't find anything in there about it so I just took a chance on both and I know something is not right. Tonight it comes apart. HELP, PLEASE.

glen said...

ive only just started this Jean Bokenfohr did you find out if you slip both sts off or just 1. tia

Jean Bokenfohr said...

I never received an answer yet.

Anonymous said...

i think it should be slip1 not slip 2

glen said...

yes i think thats what it is too

glen said...

its slip 2 slip 2 sts. over so it was right after all

Anonymous said...

so you say to continue in this way to desired width, do you just do rows 4 and 5 or all 5

Claire Smy said...

I too was confused by this. I think I've worked it out, though! Apparently YO can be read as 'bring yarn over and knit a stitch' and you then carry on following the pattern with the slip stitch. When you get to two stitches remaining - bring yarn over to front and knit a stitch. This leaves one stitch which you knit. I am about 10cm in, and working in this way I'd giving me one straight edge and one diagonal edge. I hope this is right!

Ollie said...

I am confused regarding the decrease. When I slip 2 stitches as I believe you do, I get a change in pattern. It gets wider and not as neat looking. What am I doing wrong. And suggestions.

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