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Arizona AC-Proof Destashification Sweater

I came across this great post and a link to a pattern which has a great sweater so useful when you live in a hot climate but the AC inside is always freezing!

You can read it HERE
And below is a summary.....

"The Arizona Desert in the summer is hot, but the AC is not.  Most buildings are air conditioned to a surprisingly cool temperature, although even 80 degrees is chilly after being in 110+ degrees.
AC-Proof Sweater Lace Detail
AC-Proof Sweater Lace Detail
To ward off the summer indoor chill, the AC-Proof Destashification Sweater was knit.
The pattern used was a combination of two patterns.  The Oriel Lace Cardigan byKirsten Hipsky is what the cardigan was based on, but the lace pattern came fromBamboozle Cropped Lace Cardigan by Gail Tanquary."

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Healthy said...

I like this pattern.

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