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Cabled cowl Free Knitting Pattern

I have had a few requests for this pattern so i will give it a shot.
Requirements: you will need to know how to cable!

the idea is simple. Using irregular cables, you can create a unique look.
Use the following cables as an example
1. simple cable on 2p 6K 2p, cable the 6K.
2. Double cable - as above and repeat after 4 rows to get the double twist
3. Double elongated cable - like1 but repeated after 8 rows.

Ok, so if you have understood the above lets give it a go.
 You will need US size 10 needles and any yarn that goes with them. If in doubt, use thinner rather than thicker.
I used knitpicks worsted 100% wool.
About 100 gms should do. (no idea what that is in yards im afraid)

cast on 56 stitches on a spare piece of yarn - you will need to unpick this at the end to graft the ends of the cowl together. There is a tutorial on 'kitchener stitch' on my blog you can check out.
Using your cowl yarn , follow the following:
Row 1:Slip one (every 1st row from now on), k10, p1 till end (ending with a P1)
Row 2: slip 1, P10, K1 till end K1

thats the base of the pattern.

Now the fun starts.
Notice that you have 5 "cable" sections, or six knit sections with a purl stitch (x) in between them.
Very randomly, add cables.
What is did was:
        1                           2                           3                     4                       5               

after 10 rows of the basic pattern, I cabled section 3 and 5. Section 3 with a single cable and section 5 with a double.
I knitted another 10 rows then cabled sections 1 and 5 with and elongated and a double cable
Another 5 rows
a cable on section 2.

As you can see it is very random and disorganized...but thats what makes the cowl unique. No two are ever the same.
I also change color half way - just because i could! (actually I didn't have enough yarn but i got a great effect!)

When you reach the desired length, keep stitches on a needle. Unpick the waste yarn on the cast off and put the stitches on another needle. I used a 3 needle cast off but you can use the kitchener method found here
I like the 3 needle cast off. There is a good tutorial about that HERE.

If anyone actually makes this id love to post a picture of your work - and any improvements you can make to this pattern. if you find any mistakes please let me know


Charlotte said...

I'm making scarves using all the left-over wool I have for the homeless. Right now I'm in the middle of a scarf that won't end up being long enough. I think I'm going to change colors the way you said. How long was each color section? Can you help me? Charlotte

Katherine said...

Thank you for sharing your pattern. I have been searching high and low for this, and trying to replicate it but haven't been able to get it quite right. Didn't realize that you were cabling randomly... beautiful. Thanks again. Happy knitting!

Louise Knits said...

each colour section can be as long as you would like the cowl to be..i made each about 10"

stephgwen said...

LI would love to make this cowl as I too have been searching for it. I thought i knew how to knit until I saw the instructions and now I will have to GO SLOW.

Mamamary said...

I only find five (5) sections to cable in this pattern. I have had fun doing it though and have done "my own thing" with it. I made my cable using all 10 stitches which gives it a bigger cable and shortens the width. I would love to show a photo of what I did. I also added a row of white buttons...all different sizes down the seam line for a special effect. My granddaughter loved it.

Anonymous said...

Could you explain the Simple cable more in depth please? I'm still confused on where you are supposed to slip it. xoxo Great pattern

Anonymous said...

you need to know how to cable 1st

Doreen said...

I wish you wrote this out in Pattern.I dont under stand.please help me. I love the cowl. What yarn did you use? Size of needles?
This is 2013,may. thank you.e-mail
my name is Doreen

felice sereno said...

you can use any yarn and the corresponding needles
this is a pattern - not sure what you mean write in pattern

Anonymous said...

the instructions are above

Barbora said...

Hello, I won´t probably get any answer because last comment is more than 2 years ago, but I´ll try anyway :-) I´ve just found your pattern and love it, it´s so beautiful. But there is one thing I can´t get my head can you have 6 cable sections with only 56 stitches when every cable section has 10 stitches? Maybe I am just missing the point but I don´t understand it... Thank you for any reaction. Barbora

Anonymous said...

I was reading your pattern, you said its over 10 stitches for it to be a even amount of stitches it should be 60 stitches 10X6 = 60

You have 56 which makes it 8 stitches X 7 times which consists of 2pk6 repeat

I will try and decipher the rest once I figured it out I will wright the pattern out for you!

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