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My name is Heidi and i paint and draw whimsical and cute characters in my studio by the sea.
I love to tell a story with my work, and each character has more than a pocket full of secrets and stories to warm you heart.
I illustrate in watercolours and acrylics and have a range of cute and quirky creations from hand painted boxes to illustrated brooches, original character watercolours and mini canvas art.
You can see more of me and my work here


Stitched with Love

My name is Lisa, I live and work in a little town outside of Bristol. I'm a full time graphic designer but in my spare time my hobby(and new found passion) is crafting handmade goodies. I create everything from hearts to hedgehogs and bumble bees to campervans! All of my items are designed and made by me in my home.

You can see examples of my work on my shop..


MadEmoiselle Sugar  is a Paris based artist who creates eye lingerie (sleepmasks)  and accessories fuelled by a passion for vintage fashion, vintage lingerie and old films. Love Me Sugar was born in 2010 out of a passion for sleepmasks, a lingerie item that she could not live without. When she couldn't find her ideal sleepmask - one that was luxurious as well as adjustable,  she turned to designing her own "avante-garde" sleepmask collection,   inspired by the likes of  Marlene Dietrich, burlesque and pinup.

When she's not watching old films or going to the cinema, you can often find her scouring brocantes in and around Paris, looking for inspiring objects - lace, fabrics, vintage postcards, old bits and pieces, buttons. Inspiration often comes from these found bits and pieces, books or an image in a film, combining new and old, mixing vintage with modern.

"I hope to bring a sense of glamour and empowerment to my products. My sleepmasks are not simply something to cover your face at night, shielding you from the lumiere.  They are more. Soft and elegant ....over your beautiful eyes."

As well as designing I am also the director of the Sexy International Paris Film Festival, a yearly film event which takes place over two nights. I am also a filmmaker having made several short films as well as featuring in Anna Kannava's feature film "Kissing Paris".  I am currently working on expanding my range to include vintage inspired lingerie and very soon...I hope to combine both my filmmaking skills and my products into a short film.

Mademoiselle Sugar

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I'm a mixed-media artist and crafter.  Even though my work is mostly altered books and collage, I also sew decorative pillows, quilts and wall hangings.  I like to use alot of floral patterns in my work.  A few of these are featured in my Etsy shop.  I am planning to add more. 
The link to my shop is


I make alternative, all-natural products for bath, body, and home.  I am a happily married mother of two (with another one on the way in September), and am also currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design and Development.  I began researching the chemicals used in our everyday products and was stunned by what I found, and how much of it was completely unnecessary.  I use the products I make every day, and so does my family, and I feel much, much better about them using what I make as opposed to the commercial products that contain harsh additives and dyes!  It’s better for us, our environment, and even our wallets!


Heidi M said...

what a lovely feature, thank you so much for including me in this. Great to see such a range of talent too.
Great blog here :D

Jen said...

Thank you so much for featuring my shop in your blog!! I appreciate your hard work. There are some really great shops and designers out there, and this exposure is wonderful. :)

Lisa G said...

This is fabulous and some really amazing talents!! Thank you so much for including me in your showcase, really appreciate it :)
Lisa xx

MadEmoiselle Sugar said...

Thanks for a wonderful feature. All this talent!

Kayce A. Bramble said...


I love your designer features. Very nicely done.

Ben Stoke said...

Cute and quirky creations from hand painted boxes to illustrated brooches, original character watercolours and mini canvas art. walgreens photo coupon

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