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Easy way to make a hat/beanie

I never seem to find the pattern I want, but this is an easy basic way to make a hat/beanie. I dont use circular needles so this is for 2 needles.
1. choose your yarn and needles and knit a swatch
2. measure the circumference of the head you are knitting for (!!)
3. now for some math: Check your swatch:
 if, for example, 10sts make up 5 inches, and the head is 20 inches, then use basic math to find out how may stitches you need:
use this method: stitches on the swatch, (in this case 10) multiplied by inches of the head (in this case 20) divided by the number of inches on the swatch (in this case 5)
so 10 x 20  = 200 / 5 + 40 stitches SO
4. cast on 40 sts. and knit about 2/3 inches in rib. Change to desired stitch
5. measure from under the ear to about the middle of the head.
6. Knit till that length.
7. Start the decrease this way:
8. k 8, k 2 tog till end
9. All back rows knit as presented
10: k7, k 2 tog
11: as presented
12: k 6, k 2 tog
and so on till you have a couple of sts left.
cast off or pass the thread through the remaining sts and gather up
Sew up the side

You can use any pattern, any stitch and by following this method make really easy hats.
I made my slouch hat by knitting about 12 inches, then  starting the decrease from k6, k 2 tog
Its really a trial and error pattern but you can get great results!

The stitch i used here was the same one i used for my COWL


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the pattern for this beautiful hat, I'm not sure what is meant as presented, could you please explain that? Thanks

Anonymous said...

as presented means as you see the stitch, a knit on a purl and a purl on a knit

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