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If you need buttons that a slightly different, look no further!

I'm a New Zealand trained ceramicist with my specialty being
sculpture, glazes and glaze techniques. I am now working from my small
studio in Kent, England. Each button is hand crafted by me and many of
the glazes are my own. Because these buttons have been glazed front
and back and fired to a high temperature, they are non porous, durable
and will never lose the brilliance of the colours.

I work full time as the PA to a high ranking Director at a County
Council, so spend week days wearing suits and heels.  I find it
impossible to not wear a handmade brooch, a woven or silk scarf or a
hat, always purchased from Etsy, so handmade is with me every day.  My
process for button making is long, so every night and every week end
is spent making, fettling, bisquing, glazing, firing buttons, buttons,
buttons.  I love my work,  I love the feel and smell of clay and my
greatest love of all is playing with glaze.

My aim is to encourage high art in the form of the humble button to
everyone, far and wide.  There is nothing more wonderful to see
fantastic works of art in the form of scarves, clothes, bags,
jewellery and other fabulous things, using my buttons - I am deeply
honoured when customers send me photos of their creations.  I am
humbled daily in the trust of Etsyians and the marvellous, interesting
communication from customers.  Thanks to all who visit my wee shop.

Sharry at


and now for something completely different!
I and my husband along with three other artist are chainmailers we create works of art and many unique items from tons of tiny little rings this is an old and sometimes forgotten art once chainmail was used in battles and worn by brave knights now days the art of making chainmail is used for various things such as jewelery, clothing, armor, knickknacks, and much much more.
Feel free to look around my shop and have a very Happy Holiday season.

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Benibulous said...

Louise, what a wonderful blog you have...thanks so very much for showcasing my simple buttons :)

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