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McCloud Designs
Gathering ideas from nature, from music, from my surroundings and from my memories is what my designs are all about.  I love warm and cozy, but will sneak in a few cutesy, bright and sometimes geeky designs here and there.  One thing that distinguishes McCloud Designs is that I encourage my customers to use my designs as a natural reminder for their goals and aspirations.  For each item in my shop, I offer a few ideas for goals based on the color of the design or the property of the gemstones used.  I love creating custom reminders as well.   

                I am from Omaha, Nebraska and currently live just across the Missouri River in Council Bluffs.  My best friend, Javier, is also the man I happened to marry (lucky me!).  We met in College while both studying music.  I studied voice and Javier is a classical guitarist.  Music is a root that has grown deep in the seed of our lives and I think it often comes through in my work.  I sing to my designs to bring them to life.



I am a teacher, mother of four and knitter. I have discoverd a passion for all natural fibers. I knit accessories to sell in my Etsy shop because, motto, "Everyone deserves a little luxury!" I started my blog to learn about and share info on all natural fibers. That's me in a nutshell!


A professional artist for the past 40 years.
I'm excited to become a member of Etsy, because it reaches out to the global art community.
I earned a BA in Studio Art from Elmira College and have exhibited my artwork nationally.
Having owned and operated a commercial studio & gallery for 14 years, I've learned which pieces of my art are popular and have offered them here on Etsy for all of the people who are fond of angels.
I believe that angels dwell in the space between our heartbeat and they are always with us.

Peace Out,

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Hi Im Anastasia from Sydney, Australia.  Im a busy mum  of two boys and I love to create fun paper goods that have a feel of nolstalgia.  I also love drinking tea, reading magazines, baking and blogging.

My etsy shop: Percival Road Designs


AnastasiaC said...

thanks for featuring my tags!!! some lovely items featured...

Amanda McCloud Castellote said...

Beautiful Blog. Thanks for featuring me along with so many great shops. *Off to spread the word about your blog*

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