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Dell Cove Spice Co

We're David and Patricia (I'm Patricia), and we are the folks behind Dell Cove Spice Co. We're based in the Midwest. We started the company about a year ago, when my employer closed down myoffice (because of the recession) and moved my job to Los Angeles. When David couldn't find work in L.A., we started up the spice company as a way to pursue our love of cooking and food, and to still do something together -- even though we were living 42 hours apart.

Now, we're reunited -- and still going strong! We work out of a commercial kitchen, where we rent out space, and have fun coming up with gourmet snacks and gift ideas for people on a budget.

Twitter: @dellcovespices
Etsy (where our main shop is):

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Dell Cove Spice said...

Awww! Thanks for featuring us! We're just reunited -- I just got back to the Midwest this week! -- so my husband and I are unpacking and working like crazy. Still, it's so great to be home!

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