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October Feature

Got Milk Glass and More!/GotMilkGlassAnd

We’ve always loved searching for that perfect piece of pottery or milk glass and our house is filled with the treasures we’ve found over the years. Any time we're traveling, the car seems to find an antique shop.

We’re hoping that the fruits of our years of searching can brighten your house as it has ours. We have a variety of interests and that’s what shows up in our shop. We’re still addicted to the search, so items will be added as we find them. 


I have always loved vintage from when I was really young and have continued it though the years. I started hitting thrift stores when I wasn't working and figured if I had to shop, I would feel less guilty going the thrift route. I am in the entertainment business in Hollywood and I love what i do. I had some time at the beginning of the year and that is when I decided to open an etsy vintage store. I have been obsessed ever since. I love to shop and think about what others will like, I love to do the research  (i have learned so much), I love to take the photos and I love to sell and have a nice rapport with my customers. I want them to be happy and that is what I find exciting. I believe in diversifying and I have everything from clothes to jewelry to shoes to bags to housewares to art to games to toys to home decor to lighting to all kinds of collectables. That is why I call my shop Lipmeister, something for everyone. Please check out my shop!

Pearls Plus
Hi! I am Chaya (pronounced hi-ya) Udinsky creator of Pearls Plus LLC handmade jewelry. I have always loved jewelry. In college, I took a part time job with a fine jewelry chain and was hooked.  I worked in that field until my son was born in late 2010. During that time, I acquired bead and pearl stringing knowledge and was able to perform repairs for the shop I worked at.

When my son was born, I became a stay at home mom. I continued to do repairs for the store that I had worked at and also grew my repair business to include a few other local jewelry shops and individuals. I also began to offer custom services. Before I knew it, I had acquired beads and began making gifts for family and friends. They encouraged me to continue to make jewelry, and my handmade jewelry line was born.

I love working with pearls and gemstones. I especially love finding pearls in unusual shapes and colors. Hand knotting on silk is my specialty, although I also work with wire and elastic. I pick the materials based on the type of job I am presented with and budget concerns, if there are any. Right now, my jewelry consists of special occasion jewelry, mainly made with Swarovski crystal "pearls" and everyday jewelry made of akoya and freshwater pearls and gemstones. I also love custom and repair jobs. Estimates are free!

Please check out my links:
My Etsy store:

I am doing a raffle for an item in my shop. The giveaway will be Nov. 1st. To register, just like my facebook page!
My shop is Tangerine Designs at

I make knitting project bags, stitch markers, and accessories! I've fallen in love with knitting, but never have enough bags for my projects. So I started making them myself. I also couldn't ever find any pretty stitch markers in stores around where I live. So, what did I do? I made them myself! I hope you come by and enjoy my shop!
I also have a fan page at

I am a professionally trained artist who enjoys quirky and colorful design. I make a variety of things from fine art paintings, to tiny miniature paintings made into jewelry, to fun jewelry using unusual materials. I teach art to kids in a museum, go out on a paddleboard just about every day, and live in a house with 5 rescue birds who are the wackiest, most affectionate companions you could imagine. I love to sketch or paint outdoors and so many of my designs represent joyful interpretations of animals and memories from being outdoors. I love working with clients and do custom work as well.
Please visit both my Etsy shops and feel free to use a coupon code when you do!
For art jewelry and fine craft:
Use coupon code "FINEHAPPYCRAFTS" at checkout for 15% off any purchase
Some items in this shop are already on sale or already have free shipping, so it's a sale on a sale for blog readers!
Use coupon code "VIPCUSTOMER" at checkout for 15% off any purchase
  My name is Janice Murray.  I live in Boston, MA.  If I am not working cleaning teeth,  you will find me with camera in hand.  Love taking photos in the Boston Public Gardens and my most favorite places to visit, Newport Rhode Island and Monhegan Island in Maine.
  Here is my etsy info.


Hello everyone!  My name is Allison and I am the one woman show behind hoop~da~loop ( and my blog A Girl and Her Scout (  I live in Knoxville with my wonderful husband and miniature schnauzer.  We love to spend time in the great outdoors and I love a good book with a cup of tea.  hoop~da~loop came about out of a desire to nurture my creative side and passion for challenges.  Before it ever went online, I was working on a product line for the shop.  It started with some embroidery work, which I soon found was not going to work out for me.  (It wasn't something I wanted to do all of the time though I do love embroidery!)  And then it developed into fabric bunting and then more to party decorations, which is where I am today!  All of this happened over a decent period of time and took a lot of work, but I am pleased with the result.  I now specialize in whimsical party decorations and supplies for all types of parties, including but not limited to weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, bachelorette parties and so on, and also unique gifts.  I LOVE custom work and I do a lot of it.  My customers are the best!  They always come up with the best color combinations and ideas!   My best sellers are my paper garlands.  They are great party decor, home decor, gift wrap, and more.  Plus they are reusable!  I've even seen a customer use them to decorate the curtains in her kids room, which I thought was a great idea!  One day, I hope to become a one shop stop for party planning men and women where they can find paper garlands, invitations, thank-yous, cupcake toppers, cupcake liners, and on and on it goes!

You can find me at these places around the web:



Allison said…
That was so fast! Thanks for the feature!
a said…
I like these paper garlands.
rainbeauxcraft said…
This is fun to discover new items and shops. Thank you show much for including me!
Also, Eeeep! So sorry for the typos. I promise, I do know how to spell and stuff.

*note to self: no typing while experiencing migraines*
PearlsPlusLLC said…
great features! Love all the pictures. Can't wait to show friends and check out all the other sites featured. Thanks
Robin Lippin said…
Thanks so much. You put together an amazing blog and I so appreciate you putting up my profile and men's pin stripped suit!! I already get your newletter blog and I will tell my friends!!

lipmeister said…
Robin at Lipmeister(known for my etsy name :).

Pinstriped suit (i think I put an extra P in there :).
Janice Murray said…
What great finds you have uncovered. Thank you for including me.

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Hand Knitted Baby Cardigan Pattern

By Popular Demand!
This is in one size only - takes for ever to figure out other sizes!
For chest 10" - finished measurements about 14"
Sleeve 3"
You will need:
2 balls of a soft yarn that woks with 3.25mm (US 3 Needles)
A button

tension is 25sts and 50 rows for a 4x4 inch square

If you are a beginner you may not understand this pattern - for more experienced knitters, I am sure you will see the 'pattern' of the decrease rows forming the raglan)
I think this was originally a Debbie Bliss pattern i had written down somewhere so please forgive me if there are any mistakes - as i keep saying, I am hopeless at writing down patterns and i just had some notes on a scrap of paper!

cast on 45 sts
knit until back measures 3" ending with a wrong side row
cast off 4 sts at beginning of next 2 rows
leave remaining 37 sts on a spare needle

sleeves (I  knit both at the same time)
cast on 29 sts
K 7 rows
increase:* k3, m1, k to last 4 sts m1, k3
knit 7 rows*
repeat *…

2 needle fingerless gloves

This is an easy pattern that can be adapted according to your skill.
I used worsted weight yarn and US 5 needles.
You need just over 50gms of yarn.
I also found that knitting them both at the same times ensures that they bout turn out the same !

Cast on 42 sts
Knit 20 rows in k2 p2 rib
on the 20th row place markers this way:
k20 place marker, k2, place marker, k20
the 2 sts between the markers will form the increase for the thumb.

Switch to stocking stitch (1 row K - right side- 1 row P - wrong side)
Knit to marker, (20 sts)
knit twice in the next stitch and in the one after that (the sts between the markers)
next row and all wrong side rows, Purl
Knit 20 sts (you have reached the marker)
knit twice in next stitch, K2 (till next marker) and K twice in the stitch before the marker

Continue this way, always increasing a stitch at each marker till you have 16sts between the markers.
k 2 rows then with right side facing, k20, CO 16, k20 (shaping the thumb)
next row, (W side) knit …

An easy shawl pattern

I wrote this as i knitted it so if you find any mistakes let me know!

The cast on sts are the top of the shawl, the cast off will be the bottom. This is a very basic pattern that you can then embellish - i used an eyelet pattern on random rows.(k2tog YO) The first stitches should not be slipped (as i usually do when knitting) but knitted.
You can use any yarn you like with its corresponding needles. there really is no gauge
You can also knit it to any size. Just remember that the final amount of stitches you have will be its width and the number of rows you knit will be the length. You can check that on a swatch and calculate accordingly

Cast on 7 stitches.
Row 1 (RS): k2, yo, k1, yo,place marker k1 place marker, yo, k1, yo, k2.
Row 2 (WS): K2 , P to last 2 sts knit last 2 sts (and on all WS)
Row 3 (RS): k2, yo, k to marker, YO, k1,move marker YO, k to last 2 stitches, YO, k2.
and so on

So to give a quick recap.
The 1st 2 sts of every row are always K followed by YO
Before the 1st marker, there…