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For a while i was a reseller for Ice yarns, and all seemed to be going very well..
until a while ago where my client ordered some yarn DHL and it was shipped regular mail.
the problem was, on the island she lives and to the address she wanted it received, she can only receive DHL.
Well ice yarns refused to either resend or refund her money.
That's not very good customer service - so I no longer represent them.
My yarn is now on sale at


Deena said...

Thank you so, so much for standing up for the consumer. I have similar problems with shipping here in my rural community and any suggestion, correction or complaint falls on deaf ears. You are one of the best and I will be supporting you from now on.

Deena Crossett

Louise Knits said...

thanks Deena - i always stand by my service and could not continue with someone who defaults on their agreement
I will be posting as much yarn as i can find on
Thanks for your support!!!

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