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Easy knitted doll

I am posting this pattern as i knit another one so that i can get the instructions correctly.
you will need:

About 50 gms of sock weight wool - 4 ply
3 1/2mm needles
Bits of felt and some embroidery thread
Polyfil or Kapoc for stuffing.

Tension: 6 sts and 8 rows make 1" x 1"
you dont have to be exact!

Legs: make 2.
Cast on 15 sts
row 1: purl
row 2: knit
row 3 Purl
row 4 : make one in each stitch so you get 30 sts.
Row 5: purl
continue in  stocking stitch for 40 rows.
Cast off.

Arms. make 2
Cast on 13 sts
1st 3 rows like legs
Row 4: make one in each stitch to get 26 sts
Row 5 purl
Continue in stocking stitch for 30 rows
Cast off

cast on 56 sts
knit 30 rows in stocking stitch
Form the neck
Row 31: knit two sts together till the end (28 sts)
row 32: purl
row 33: knit
row 34: purl
Form the head
row 35: Make one in each stitch to get to 56 sts again
row 36: purl
knit 30 more rows in garter stitch
row 67: knit 2 together all the way to the end (28 sts)
row 68: purl 2 together all the way (14 sts)
run a thread through these last stitches, pull tight and secure. This will form the top of the head. leave a long thread
Making up the doll
Using the thread left from the top of the head,sew up the back of the head and down the back.
Stuff with polyfil or kapoc and shape - i pulled a thread through the neck part to shape it.

With the middle seam centered, sew accross the bottom.

Sew up and stuff the arms and legs and attach.

Now the fun part!

Add eyes and hair in your own style - this will make it a unique creation!


Marianne said...

This is so cute.. can't wait till it's complete, my Great Niece will love this!!! This is awesome..

Louise Knits said...

should have the body part up tomorrow if all goes well!!!

Elettrarossa said...

...Lovely puppet! I wish I had time to try it out soon :)

Anonymous said...

You can knit this in an evening and finish it in another!

Anonymous said...

This is so colourful and unusual very inspirational a child would love this thanks for the pattern so kind and thoutful of you love in Jesus xx

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