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Easy scarf pattern

This is an easy but effective scarf pattern

you can use any type of yarn
cast on a multiple of 6 stitches (I used 48 sts, and #10 US needles)

1st row - K2 p2
Next row and every even row - knit as presented (p2 k2)

row 3 -* k2, YO, P2tog* till end

row 5* K2 P2tog,YO* till end

Thats all the pattern!
Knit as long as you like

You can see that both sides are effective so the scarf can be reversable!


K - knit
P - purl
YO - yarn over needle
P2tog - purl 2 together


papel1 said...

Thats what I need super easy patterns. I need a variation to my scarves.

Anonymous said...

What a great scarf! It looks so much more complicated than it is. Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to knitting can you tell me what "knit as presented (p2 k2)" means?

Anonymous said...

How do you end a row with a YO on row 5? Thanks

Anonymous said...

the ist and last 2 sts are always k2

Anonymous said...

How do you end a row with a YO on row 5? I have been adding a sticch.

Anonymous said...

Have gone through the comments and replies and can't find answer to the YO question about the end of Row 5. Please give me the answer. I'd really like to start this scarf. THANKS

Anonymous said...

What does "knit as presented (p2 k2) mean. Do you knit the even rows or do you (p2 k2) even rows?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone received a reply to their questions on this "Easy Scarf Pattern"? (aka Scarlet Fever Scarf).
I really like the pattern, but want to see the answers to the two questions before I start it. I see that it is 2 years ago. I just found the pattern today. That is a long time to go unanswered.

rebecca revis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeanne Stander said...

You p2k2 all even rows

The YO means that' before you knit a stitch you have to yarn over first , then do a regular knit stitch after ( did it say k2 together?) it looks weird because the YO looks unfinished but it works into the pattern and gives it an open weave look.
Happy knitting !

engineering assignment help london said...

This is a very easy method to stitch the scarf. I really like this pattern and try this to stitch my own scarf myself. This post is really helpful for me to know how to stitch the scarf.

Unknown said...

Tried this pattern several times but stitches keep getting added..not sure what I'm doing wrong

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