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I live near Indianapolis, Indiana, am married and have one son. I was the curator of American art at my local art museum for 25 years before venturing into jewelry design.  In my role as a curator I critiqued many artists, put on lots of shows and wrote my share of books and articles, now I am on the artist side and fine it very strange to be critiqued by others.  I took several jewelry classes at my local art center, and eventually received my certification in Precious Metal Clay. I also studied beading. My jewelry consists of wire wrapped gemstones, metalwork and pmc.  I have participated in numerous shows and have had my work in area shops.  When I first started I was surprised to realize I had a talent for making jewelry, since I have never considered myself an artist.  I could always tell good art from bad, but I never thought of doing my own creations.  I love to see people wearing my jewelry and having a following of museum docents who I trained, who always wear my creations.  It is a thrill to be an artist and I find that I love my new profession and am so glad I found it.  

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Thanks for the beautiful blog on my shop. I really appreciate how wonderful this looks.

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