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Easy pointy Pixie hat

Great for beginners!
I used 50gms bulky yarn and #13 US needles. I dont use circular needles so this is for those like me who use 2 needles!

cast on 50 sts.
Knit 6 to 8 rows in garter stitch (all knit)
change to knit stitch (1row K 1 row P) and knit 5 inches.
K8, k2 tog repeat till end
K7, k2 tog, repeat till end
K6, k2 tog, repeat till end

See a pattern forming?
knit until 10 sts are left
Cut off  yarn leaving a long tail
thread tail through the 10 sts and gather up.
Sew down back



anna said...

good morning! I am a newbie knitter. Past attempts at knitting a hat hat have been really sad :( I think I will be succesful at making this one. Thank you sooooo much for this pattern.

Anna :)

anna said...

previous comment says hat hat, it was just one hat!! :)

KinokoHime said...

THANK YOUU!! It's taken me all night to find a pointy hat in an adult size! And this one is gorgeous~ <3

Halcyon said...

Did you knit this on double pointed needles? Or would I need to seam it at the end?

Halcyon said...

Ooops! Sorry I read it again and realize that you did say it needs a seam. :)

Anonymous said...

this is toooo cute! will be making one soon!

Brooke Serotkin said...

When it says purl in between the knitting rows does that mean purl an entire row or just one stitch?

Ashley Strukel said...

Purl an entire row to get the flatter stockinette stitch.

Ellisen said...

Very very cute. Thank you.

nint said...

I am brand new to knitting and really want to try this hat but I don't understand some of your lingo.
I dont understand this : K8, k2 tog repeat till end

Sorry to be a dummy!

Katy Hancox said...

how many metres of wool will this take.

Sharon Walker said...

I have spent the whole day searching for a pixie hat knitted on two needles. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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