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Berets and Beanies

My latest project!
I can't use circular needles so I adapted a pattern to use regular needles

Here is the pattern:
Now you will need to use some imagination, no need to follow this pattern exactly but if you get the idea you can adapt it to different weights of yarn

I used size 10 needles and a bulky weight yarn

Cast on 63 sts
Knit 8 to 10 rows in rib (K1 P1)
next row: switch to stocking stitch
1. k8 m1 in 9th stitch, repeat till end
2. purl
3. k9 m1 in 10th stitch, repeat till end
4.and all even rows Purl
5. k10 m1 in 11th stitch, repeat till end
7.  k11 m1 in 12th stitch, repeat till end.
Continue in stocking stitch  for about 4 inches
start decrease.
all even rows are in purl

1. k12, k2 tog repeat till end
3. k11, k2tog, repeat till end
5.k 10, k 2 tog repeat till end
follow this way till a few stitches are left
runt the thread through the stitches and sew up the sides!

In the above beret, I knitted the band by casting on 12 sts
k1p1, k1, p1, k 4 (for the cable) p1K1, P1, K1
as presented on the wrong side
cables every 8 rows.
Knit as long as your head is wide
cast off and pick up 63 stitches and continue using the basic pattern omitting the ribbing

If you don't knit, you can buy my hats HERE


Noah's Crew said...

I really like the orange hat even though I'm not big on wearing anything on my head :)

Jessica! said...

What kind of yarn did you use for the blue/brown hat? I love that colorway (and the hat looks fantastic, by the way).

Louise Knits said...

some super chunky yarn i had stashed away!!!
thanks Jessica...its such fun to knit hats!

Catherine O'Leary said...

I love this pattern, used it as an opportunity to learn how to cable, and I've fallen in love with the hats. It's also such a simple pattern that I have managed to memorise it after just one go through, although I do use stitch markers to mark the increases and decreases.

Jones Morris said...

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gracenotes said...

Could you please explain what you mean by the ending instruction on this pattern: "follow this way till a few stitches are left, run the thread through the stitches and sew up the sides." Follow what way? Like Knit 9, K2 tog, K8, K2 tog etc? or back to Knit 12, K2 tog, K11, K2 tog, K10 K2 tog etc?

Thanks so much!!

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