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Hi my name is Sherri of Bellissima Designs on Etsy.  I am a self proclaimed crafting junkie, often jumping from project to project.  It is very hard for me to decide on a specific project to focus on as there are so many wonderful, fascinating things to create.  I really enjoy creating jewelry pieces because I love to wear them so much myself.  I always create a piece that I would wear myself.  My real love is painting and drawing, both mediums that allow me to truly express what I feel on the inside.  I have two young children so I don't get the chance to paint and draw as much as I would like.  My children see the paint and think that mommy needs help to create that perfect masterpiece.  I absolutely love to create and can see inspiration every day in normal, beautiful things all around me.  Taking a walk, looking and enjoying nature with all my senses fills my mind with inspirational ideas.
The name Bellissima Designs came about because my husband is Italian and I am paying homage to the inspiration him and his family have given me.  They are the most wonderful people that support me completely.  We all live in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada which is a great place to raise a family.  It has been a pleasure talking with you, please drop by my shop or the other places I hang out so we can talk some more!


Hey Chickie Poo's!

Designing and creating boutique Jeweled Flip Flops...jewelery for your feet is my game...homeschooling mama to my 5 year old daughter is my name, darlings!  So when I opened up my shop filled with beautiful flip flops for bridal-wear, prom-wear, beach-wear or any-wear, I put my game face on and started cooking up some gorgeousness, with all of you fabulous girlfriends in mind!  Having a passion to surround myself with lovely things, creating fun and pretty flip flops to dress up the tootsies comes natural.  After all, what girl wouldn't want to have the prettiest, most dazzling feet around!  My boutique Jeweled Flip Flops are fun, comfy and glitzy, adding that perfect little touch of sparkle....they really are jewelery for your feet.  So go ahead, treat yourselves, try a pair deserve it!  Not only will you find that your boutique Jeweled Flip Flops are utterly fabulous.....your girlfriends will beg to borrow!

Boutique Jeweled Flip Flops...jewelery for your feet!

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Sherri said...

Great features, thank you so much for this opportunity.


HeyChickiePoo said...

Thank you for this fabulous feature Louise Knits, love your blog darling!

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