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Cassia Aromatics

Before settling down and getting married and raising a beautiful daughter, I had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the Asian and Pacific Rim countries, where the beauty of a lust tropical flowers and exotic beaches now inspire my creations.   I love to bring that aspect into my products.   I am an avid gardener and lover of all things luminous, natural, and fragrant.
When we bought the house of my dreams 6 years ago, the main features were the front porch that extends the length of the  house,  the tropical backyard, and my dream kitchen;  a 16 x 40 that has a 10' ceiling, a beautiful garden window with view to backyard, and about 100' feet of counter top space!  It was perfect for cooking and entertaining, but also making my creations to sell.   I learned how to make beautiful aromatherapy soaps and candles, and spa products for cranky babies and tired mamas.   The obsession began and has continued today!   I have always had really dry, itchy and irritable skin!  Since making my all natural and luxurious soaps and emollient body products, I can no longer say that dermatitis and eczema are on my list of maladies!   It is so much fun and the possibilities are endless in how you can create beautiful, fragrant soapy creations that are also good for you and the environment! 
If you have never tried handmade soap, then you don't know what you are missing!  My customers are delighted and I am too that I have found a creative outlet and also can serve people's skincare needs and needs for a destressing session after a long day at work!   The art of the bath is a small luxury that goes a long way in the area of taking care of one's self.  

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Kelly Ann Taylor said...

Thanks so much for featuring Cassia Aromatics!

It's exciting to see one's name in print!

I wish you much much success! If you need some sore finger balm, just let me know, because you're gonna be REALLYYYYY busy come fall and winter time!

Thank you again, and hugs!

Your team mate from Etsy,

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