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4th of July featured Designers

Hello! My name is Dona and I am an Etsy artist who loves making colorful, new and interesting accessories. I was born in the land of tangoes and mate, Argentina, and moved around quite a bit. I am now 22 years old and a chemistry graduate student researching new sources of clean renewable energy. Although chemistry is my training, jewelry making is in my heart. 

I have been passionate about jewelry since an early age, even if that meant exposing my years to beauties I was allergic to. The beginnings of jewelry making for me were not only humble but quite odd. In my physics circuit lab, I was playing with the wires and pliers and after a couple of minutes I made myself a pair of earrings made of resistors and capacitors. 

My inspiration is nature, and thus I enjoy making jewelry with natural materials, as seen in the many items in my shop. My favorites are feathers for their natural beauty and exciting patterns. Whenever I wear feather accessories I feel free, and that is an sense I am trying to share with my costumers. Please, visit my Etsy Shop ( and take a look! Also, you may find my Facebook Page at


Hello, I’m Lisa and I launched GRIMM & GRETE Jewellery in 2010. I’m a romantic at heart and I’ve always found the stories
behind jewellery pieces to be the most profound.  Whether from the designer, the buyer or the owner; there’s always a story there.
Designing jewellery for GRIMM & GRETE has given me the opportunity to create my own stories about that girl who’s a romantic with an edge.
She appreciates flowers and love letters but rocks an edgy style.   I design with a philosophy that is based in a minimalist aesthetic
with a rocking dose of edge.  I am mostly passionate and inspired by alternative, independent movements and by the romantic mysticism of the universe. 
My pieces are effortless & chic with subtle design details that create the underlying charm and vibe of GRIMM & GRETE.
To find out more visit the shop at:
and our blog at:


The name is Dannie Nicole, I’m 26 and I have a son who is 7 years old. I love Jesus, I am a substitute teacher and a student. I hand make jewelry and sell them on I always try to make out of the box products,I guess it's because I've never been considered normal (haha). I came up with the name PeaceFreedomFashion years ago around 2006. Just brain storming, trying to think of a business name, PeaceFreedomFashion is acctually the slogan to my business name Kingdom. I use PeaceFreedomFashion for my Etsy shop because I liked it. This shop is just the beginning of what I would like to do. I'm eventually going to venture out and make clothing and a whole lot of other creative things.
 In the beginning I was just making jewelry for myself, family and friends. Everyone would always tell me that I should sell my jewelry and every time I would wear some of my jewelry out in public it would be at least one person to tell me that they liked what I had made. At about the age of 22 was when I really considered selling my products. I set up at a flea market once in 2007, didn't do very well. I set up at a sidewalk sale in 2010, didn't do very well their either, but I didn't loose hope. In 2010 I set up some of my jewelry to sell in my aunt's beauty shop, it did fair.  Then I found Etsy through a girl who recommend I sell on the site. I started putting up products for sell May 2010, man I wasn't selling anything. My first sell was November 2010, I was really excited. My shop gradually picked up sales but not enough to pay some bills. By 2011 I was like I really need to do something about these sales because part of my dream is for my jewelry to be my power of getting wealth. March 2011 is when I networked with a women through Youtube to market my shop to her viewers then my sales really picked up. I plan to network with a couple more people from Youtube, it will bring in even more sales. My shop is still fairly new, I’m excited to see how it’s going to grow in the future. I love creating, making jewelry, and everything art.
Don’t be shy check me out:


Hi, I'm Susan. I've been into one artistic adventure after another my whole life from drawing, sewing, painting,crocheting, or anything else I could get my hands on (or into) as a child to the kinds of things I do now. I mostly work in polymer clay, mixed media, and book arts. Though I still enjoy sewing and crocheting when the mood strikes.

My art often tends to be a bit on the dark side, or sometimes whimsical, sometimes it's both! Although I used to sell only in person, I recently opened an Etsy shop where I'm known as SuziWednesday, shop name, "Wednesday's Child." I really was born on a Wednesday, so maybe there's a little truth to that old rhyme!



Lisa said...

Thanks so much for the feature Louise! It looks fantastic!


SuziCQ said...

Wow! What a lovely post. Thank you so much for featuring me, Louise! I will certainly be following your blog. Thanks again! :)

PeaceFreedomFashion said...

Thanks for the post! I see you used a different pic though, it's kool. It's nice, thanks again. Take care.


DonaArg said...

Hi Lousie!!

Thank you for featuring my items! Lovely blog and choice of Etsy art!


DonaArg said...

Oh my twitter is:!/DonaArgBoutique

and my shop:

Brassy Steamington said...

Great artists! I am not sure about that Dr Brassy lady though. She seems like trouble. Ha ha ha
~ Dr Brassy

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