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Vintage Italian Pattern..translated!

I found a vintage Italian pattern which i did my best to translate,....
Should be fun to see how it turns out!!

800 gms of yarn that works with 4 1/2 mm needles
Some velvet ribbon - about 12 yds
#4mm and #4 1/2 mm knitting needles.

Stitches used:
Rib: row 1: k1 p2
row 2 knit as they present themselves (basically a K1P1 rib)

Pattern Stitch
*Row 1.Slip 1, Knit 2 together, Knit 3
Row 2 Purl
row 3 K
row 4 P*
repeat * to *

Plain Stitch
Row 1 Knit
Row 2 Purl.

Using # 4 needles, cast on 90 sts
Knit 8cms in rib
Change to # 4 1/2 increasing 10 sts in 1st row (100 sts)
Knit in plain stitch for 38cms total
Armhole  shaping:
On both sides, in succeeding rows, cast off 6 sts, then 2 sts, then 1 stitch.
When you have knitted 21cms from the armhole, start the shoulder shaping
One each side cast of 8 sts 3 times then cast off the rest.

Work like the back until the armhole shaping.
Knit one row in pattern stitch
At the same time, cast off for the armhole shaping, 7 sts, 4 sts 3 sts, all the time following the pattern stitch.
When front measures 52cms total, cast off the center 8 sts, then on each side of center cast off 2sts, 1 stitch.
At 21cms from the 8 sts cast off cast off 8 sts from the shoulder sides each row for 3 times.

(I find this easier if they are both knitted at the same time)
using #4 needles, Cast on 40 sts and rib for 8 cms.
Change to #4 1/2 increasing 30sts in the 1st row and knit in pattern stitch following the pattern repeat 8 times.
then switch to plain stitch.
when sleeve measure 48cms, shape the armhole by casting of 6 sts on both sides, then one stitch at the beginning of every row until 26sts remain.
Cast off.

To make up, sew shouldres, sew on the sleeves, gathering the top to fit.
Sew up the sides, pick up stitches from the neck opening and rib for 1cm.
Pass the ribbon through the holes as shown in the picture.


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Hand Knitted Baby Cardigan Pattern

By Popular Demand!
This is in one size only - takes for ever to figure out other sizes!
For chest 10" - finished measurements about 14"
Sleeve 3"
You will need:
2 balls of a soft yarn that woks with 3.25mm (US 3 Needles)
A button

tension is 25sts and 50 rows for a 4x4 inch square

If you are a beginner you may not understand this pattern - for more experienced knitters, I am sure you will see the 'pattern' of the decrease rows forming the raglan)
I think this was originally a Debbie Bliss pattern i had written down somewhere so please forgive me if there are any mistakes - as i keep saying, I am hopeless at writing down patterns and i just had some notes on a scrap of paper!

cast on 45 sts
knit until back measures 3" ending with a wrong side row
cast off 4 sts at beginning of next 2 rows
leave remaining 37 sts on a spare needle

sleeves (I  knit both at the same time)
cast on 29 sts
K 7 rows
increase:* k3, m1, k to last 4 sts m1, k3
knit 7 rows*
repeat *…

2 needle fingerless gloves

This is an easy pattern that can be adapted according to your skill.
I used worsted weight yarn and US 5 needles.
You need just over 50gms of yarn.
I also found that knitting them both at the same times ensures that they bout turn out the same !

Cast on 42 sts
Knit 20 rows in k2 p2 rib
on the 20th row place markers this way:
k20 place marker, k2, place marker, k20
the 2 sts between the markers will form the increase for the thumb.

Switch to stocking stitch (1 row K - right side- 1 row P - wrong side)
Knit to marker, (20 sts)
knit twice in the next stitch and in the one after that (the sts between the markers)
next row and all wrong side rows, Purl
Knit 20 sts (you have reached the marker)
knit twice in next stitch, K2 (till next marker) and K twice in the stitch before the marker

Continue this way, always increasing a stitch at each marker till you have 16sts between the markers.
k 2 rows then with right side facing, k20, CO 16, k20 (shaping the thumb)
next row, (W side) knit …

An easy shawl pattern

I wrote this as i knitted it so if you find any mistakes let me know!

The cast on sts are the top of the shawl, the cast off will be the bottom. This is a very basic pattern that you can then embellish - i used an eyelet pattern on random rows.(k2tog YO) The first stitches should not be slipped (as i usually do when knitting) but knitted.
You can use any yarn you like with its corresponding needles. there really is no gauge
You can also knit it to any size. Just remember that the final amount of stitches you have will be its width and the number of rows you knit will be the length. You can check that on a swatch and calculate accordingly

Cast on 7 stitches.
Row 1 (RS): k2, yo, k1, yo,place marker k1 place marker, yo, k1, yo, k2.
Row 2 (WS): K2 , P to last 2 sts knit last 2 sts (and on all WS)
Row 3 (RS): k2, yo, k to marker, YO, k1,move marker YO, k to last 2 stitches, YO, k2.
and so on

So to give a quick recap.
The 1st 2 sts of every row are always K followed by YO
Before the 1st marker, there…