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Pelangi Design

Hi. My name is Caroline and my business is called Pelangi Design. Pelangi means “rainbow” in the Indonesian language…………….

I grew up in a small Pennsylvania town surrounded by the Amish, renowned for their hand sewn patchwork quilts. After visiting Europe at the age of 13, the amazing variety of cultures made such a lasting impression upon me that travel became an obsession. In 1985 a friend suggested I visit Indonesia before meeting him for an extended bicycling trip in New Zealand and Australia. I spent 2 months traveling by bicycle across the islands of Java and Bali. In November 1986 I returned to Bali and met, by chance, a local entrepreneur (from Sumatra) who talked me into staying in Bali with him to begin a new life together. We married a few years later and Bali became my home.

This island is such a creative and inspirational place for artists. I fell in love with the textiles of Indonesia particularly batik. Using my Graphic Design/Art skills from college, a basic knowledge of Amish patchwork techniques and all the beautiful local fabrics, I began creating one-of-a-kind pillowcases, bedspreads, wall hangings, and quilts.

Inspiration to begin designing my own handmade batik children’s clothing came after my son was born in 1989. I saw how the bright contrasting colors and rich patterns of Bali batiks combined so well together. This revelation developed into a style that is still my signature today. I design all my own children’s batik fabrics and have them made by experienced Javanese batik makers here in Bali.

It is difficult to describe my fascination with Indonesian batik. After 25 years looking at this artisanal craft I am still in awe of the wonders and secrets of the processes used to create it.


caroline said...

I want to thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to be listed here. I hope all your blog fans enjoy reading about my life and my business. Thanks again

Andrea Ihlefeld said...

Cute shop! I grew up near the Amish as well in PA!

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