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Here are some more crafters that you should check out!

Ang's Divine Designs

I started making earrings several years ago when I found out that my daughter could not wear anything that was not nickel free. Any time metal is in contact with her skin, she'll break out in a rash and itch. At the time she wanted to start wearing jewelry we couldn't really find much she could wear; so I started making earrings with nickel free hooks. When I started making jewelry I knew I found my creative outlet! I loved it! I started showing people I worked with what I had made and started getting requests. I have enjoyed it ever since.

My goal has always been to create affordable, attractive earrings/jewelry. I try to get the best deals on my materials so I can keep my prices low.

I can also convert most any of my earrings from wire hooks to nickel free or to posts or clips, so even if you don't have pierced ears you can still look stylish! And of course, custom orders are always welcome!


My shop Well Dressed Cupcakes started after I made 300 cupcakes for my daughter's wedding.  I bought wrappers which were expensive and had to be assembled.  I started baking for other brides and decided to make mmy own wrappers which were affordable, easy and pretty!  Tha's pretty much how I got started.  I have a blog, Etsy


I live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL with a great man and my 2 beautiful girls who are currently taking TaeKwonDo, the older one just got her brown belt, yay! I love making crafts and being creative, my girls love to design some of the jewelry as well. Art is a passion for me, whether looking at it or creating it. A lot of time, effort and love go into each and every one of my products. I also enjoy making beautiful hairpieces for women and especially little girls, it brings out their already beautiful qualities. Some of my hobbies are jewelry making and other crafts, photography, astrology (I'm a Libra), art, computers, sky diving, roller coasters, Disney, Tinkerbell, fairies, movies, yoga and spending time with my family.


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