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Kaitrins Club

Kaitrin's Klub was started when my daughter, Kaitrin was born 14 weeks early at 2 pounds. During the 75 days that she spent in the NICU, I realized that so many families needed support. I started Kaitrin's Klub in honor of my daughter and her journey. 

We offer educational resources and financial support for families with babies that were born prematurely. Our foundation raises money two ways: sponsoring runners in marathons and selling cute handmade mommy and baby items on Etsy! 

Two of our most popular items are the Rockabilly Momma Apron and the Cutsy Pinafore Set! Come check us out and like us at or our Etsy shop:  Use our summer coupon code TMM10 for 10 % off!

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Kaitrin's Klub said...

Thanks so much for the feature!

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