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Just For Giggles

What a cute name! Here is todays featured designer:

My name is Wanda of Just For Giggles. I'm a nitwit armed with an embroidery machine and an active imagination! All of my products have been created, from beginning to end, in my one-woman workshop. All threads, materials, and designs are carefully considered, loved-up, and put together for a piece that you will love to carry with you where ever you go. *My Cause this year is breast cancer awareness.  If you have proof of affiliation with a reputable ACS organization, you are more than welcome to contact me for a donation for raffles or silent auctions

1 comment:

Wanda Giggles said...

I'm FEATURED!!!! Thank you! I'm tickled pink to be here!

and Thank you, Ms Louise, for adding my donation note. One day, God-willing, we'll talk about cancer the way we talk about polio- something that used to happen once upon a time :o)

all my appreciation,

of Just For Giggles

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