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Christine Pensa

After a successful career doing something very far removed from art - I decided it was time for a change. I took an art course and found my true passion was creating.

I started painting in my kitchen - then my basement until I finally got a wonderful studio share space four years ago. It's been such a joy to have space to stretch out in.

My work is a reflection of my own life. I have the struggles and triumphs like everyone has. My way of exploring and expressing them is by creating. The themes I work with are ones that resonate with me - the evolution of spirituality, the search for meaning, the practice of yoga - and especially women and their diverse manifestations of beauty.

I am fascinated by the interaction between the written word and visual images - much of my work examines the energy that occurs when poetry and art connect - ART THAT MOVES.

I also feel blessed to have worked extensively with children on large scale outdoor art projects. Bringing the joy and spontaneity of kid's creativity to life - besides being intensely satisfying - adds playful energy to my own art. I am very thankful for these opportunities to help students enhance their playgrounds and drab public school hallways.

Connect with me:
Email: cpensa(at)

Other Accomplishments
In addition to printing - I am a painter who shows regularly at galleries in Ontario and participates in a number of juried shows. I also curate an annual December group show in Toronto, Ontario - The Collective - featuring the work of over 30 artists and artisans.

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Well Dressed Cupcakes said...

thanks so much for doing this. I'm already "exploring your blog" I love to knit & can't wait to look at your patterns!

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