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Victoria Letemendia Koupparis

I'm an American living on the beautiful island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea, with my husband, two kids, and two German Shephards.  I grew up in the most colorful city in the world, Mexico City, which I think is one of my biggest influences for my creating such brightly colored crochet jewelry.
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Hi! I'm Stephanie, And I am a handmade artist.

I have been crocheting for 18 years (And I'm only 24!), and knitting for 3 years. I also make matchbook notepads, recycled tags, mini journals, origami favor boxes, spin yarn, weave beads, recycled piggy banks, and more!

I don't try to sell all of these crafts, many I still give away, but when I think a craft is ready, I add it to one of my online stores.

I have a daughter named Anna, she was born Nov 13th, 2010. Anna was premature (she was supposed to be born at the end of December), but that doesn't stop her in any way! She's more advanced than most kids her age who were full term! I'm do proud!

For now, handmade is my only source of income, and I wasn't ready for that. Yikes! But it wasn't my choice, and at least I've got my bills as low as I can-takes the sting out of losing my job.

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