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Design your own scarf or shawl

My latest project is triangular scarves or shawls - depending on how big you make them.
I have figured out a basic pattern that you can then customize as you wish.
I will explain the basics here and also some of the customization I made.
Use any yarn you like with the corresponding needles about a size or 2 larger than recommended,

CO 6 stitches
Row 1 - K
row 2 - K
row 3 - k 2, m1k1 place marker  k1 m1 k to end
(now for the first m1,  purl in the stitch, don't drop it and knit in the same stitch (2 sts) for the 2nd M1,  knit in the stitch, don't  drop it and Purl in the same stitch.)
you have a total of 8 sts
row 4 knit the 1st 3 sts, purl to last 3 sts, knit last 3 sts.

Now the pattern starts - these 2 rows will be kept constant throughout

1-K3, YO, K to stitch before marker M1K1 move marker K1M1 knit to last 3 sts YO knit 3
2-K3 P to last 3 sts K3

You will go on this way .
The amount of stitches you end up with will form the width of the scarf, it is the top. You can use your gauge to calculate
The amount of rows will be the height - use the gauge again.

I used an eyelet pattern for one of the designs
row 1 - k
row 2 - k
row 3 - k
row 4- YO p2 tog ill end
row 5 K
row 6K
row 7 continue in pattern

when making the eyelets or any other pattern you MUST also keep to the base pattern of K3 YO k to stitch before marker M1 etc etc

I finished it off with short rows. I calculated how many sts i had on each side of the maker (in my case 106)
decided to make short rows of 10 and use the middle 12 stitches to make the triangular point.
This is what i did:
k10, turn and k to end
K8 turn and k to end
K6 turn k to end
K4 turn K to end
K2 turn k to end
K all 10 sts, turn k to end
Cast of 10 sts ( you will be on the RS)

Repeat till the 6 sts before the marker
Then k2 tog K 4 to marker , remove marker K 4 K 2 tog
turn, k 2 tog knit till last 2 sts, k 2 tog
go on till there are no ststleft.

Attach yarn to remaining sts and k across.
Start the short rows again but as a mirror image so that the CO will be on the WS.

You can use any pattern or stitch you like - this will ensure a unique piece.

Hope my instructions were not too confusing!!

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Anonymous said...

I love this scarf. I am a new knitter how do I knit the pointy edges? Thank you for the pattern and your help.

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