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My name is Sophie, and I make clothes for small girls (0 to 5). 

In a world where children grow up all too fast, I look to my country childhood and to the storybooks I loved then and now read to my daughter, for inspiration. In the rosy cheeked girls of Mabel Lucy Atwell, and the enchanting imagery of Elsa Beskow and Sybille Von Olfers,  I find a simplicity and nostalgia I try to emulate using Liberty prints and vintage fabrics and trimmings. Please do have a look, and look again soon, as I have more items coming! Thank you!

My name is Eva and I live in the South of Germany, close to the mountains and the borders to Switzerland and Austria.

I've been addicted to knitting since my childhood and I've always loved colorful yarns. At the beginning of last year I started my first experiments with dyeing my own yarns with acid dyes and simply couldn't stop. Since then I'm working with my colors almost every weekend and also try to learn the things behind the practice as much as my fulltime job as a bookseller allows me to. In my Etsy-shop you can find my hand painted sock, merino and lace yarns.
In the medium term I would love to build up a second living with my yarns.
I'm still dreaming of a combined shop with books and yarns, maybe when I'm in my fifties...



We set up Peony and Thistle in February this year so we’re pretty new!

Our shops on etsy and folksy sell vintage and retro goodies for the home and also a range of hand-made journals and other hand-made items (we are still getting together our full range!)

Peony and Thistle consists of me, Dorothy - I search for vintage treasures and make journals and paper goods - and Phil - who makes journals.

Seven years ago I was a Lawyer and University Law Lecturer. But I wanted something more from my working life... So, with no idea what I was going to do, I gave up my job!

During the last seven years, I’ve worked for a personal development company, qualified as a life coach, volunteered with children, worked for a foodstore, organised an Environment Fair and a Genealogy Festival and started studying journalism .... but none of these were for me....

Over the past few years, I discovered that I LOVE browsing in charity shops (thrift stores) and going to car boot sales. I’m always amazed by the gorgeous things that people discard. Phil and I also did a book-binding course and Phil discovered a passion for book-making. He loves to make beautiful notebooks and journals out of discarded objects, like vinyl LPs, maps, unwanted comic books. And that’s how Peony and Thistle was born....

We wanted the name of our business to somehow reflect both Phil and me. Eventually we came up with the name, Peony and Thistle - the Peony (national flower of China) for Phil, who is part Chinese and the Thistle (national flower of Scotland) for me ...

We are based in Glasgow, Scotland where Phil has his own Executive Coaching company (Authentic Change Ltd) - which leaves him very little time for book-making!

Our links are:


I am a jewellery designer. In 2005 I graduated from Academic School of Design, Moscow, Russia and have being designing and making jewellery ever since. I specialise in contemporary and ethnic jewellery designs including necklaces and earrings. I design and make jewellery using a variety of materials, including semi precious stones, glass, artificial leather, natural materials.

For the spring/summer season I presented two new collections: "Dreaming of Butterflies" and "Web". One of the necklaces from the "Dreaming of Butterflies" collection was featured in January's issue of VOGUE Magazine UK 

the other necklace from the same collection was featured in May's issue of VOGUE Magazine UK 
"Dreaming of Butterflies" was inspired by natural beauty of butterflies, Gustav Klimt paintings and gorgeous vintage brooches.
My shop on etsy

Nikki Henry
Designer, NKHenry

Nikki Henry is a self taught accessories designer from Philadelphia. Although Nikki has always had a love of beautiful things and even considered a career in modeling at one point, her interest in the fashion industry remained mostly passive.

Nikki developed her eye for design synthesis through work as a commercial and wedding photographer following her graduation from Temple University in 2000 with a BA in Psychology. Most of her photography skills were self taught although she did utilize some home study programs to hone her skills. Nikki’s photography work has been published in Popular photography magazine.

In between her photography work, Nikki worked in the human services field with Autistic children, the homeless population and with other disadvantaged populations. This developed Nikki’s sense of perseverance- witnessing firsthand people who strive to overcome life debilitating disorders and disabilities in the pursuit of happiness and meaningful lives. This strengthened Nikki’s resolve- through the motto “Life is too short not to pursue one’s passion”.

Nikki’s journey in becoming an accessories designer started with a flash of insight following a trip to a retail store and admiring some home products in the store by designer Kate Spade. Nikki thought to herself” why can’t I do that”? Nikki always had an eye for design synthesis and a love of all things beautiful. Nikki figured the hardest part would be, like most creative people, was to learn and master the business side of becoming a designer.

Nikki founded NKHenry handbags and accessories in 2007 with a soft launch. The mission was to create simple, yet chic accessories that women were timeless and luxurious, yet affordable. The business model  for NKHenry was to venture away from the traditional model of creating collections, instead creating individual pieces that women would covet. In this fashion ,the brand builds off of staple pieces each year which lends to the philosophy of creating timeless accessories.                                                                                                 
 Although Nikki never imagined herself with a fashion business, she couldn’t imagine anything else now. She truly has a passion for making accessories and wanting women to look beautiful.

In addition to being the creative force behind NKHenry, Nikki is often the model for the brands imagery and occasional photographer as well. Most of the brands pieces are created by Nikki herself and in collaboration with local crafters.

NKHenry is unveiling the Spring 2011 collection beginning in the month of    February. You can see the Spring collection as well her Etsy shop at


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The bag is so incredibly beautiful !!

Butterfly Treasures said...

Dear Louise,Thank you very much for featuring my Butterfly Necklace! Like your blog! Thanks again!Anastasia

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Hey Louise,

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Hi! Thanks so much for featuring us on your great blog!

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Sorry - made a mistake with the link on our name in the last message - have changed it here!

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Lovely to be featured on your blog, thanks so,so much Louise! (Love you little cardigan pattern by the way, so sweet!)

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