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 Sabrina Tibourtine

I was born in Paris. My father was an algerian film-student and my mother a german clerk. We moved to Germany soon where I started drawing horses first, but when I grew older my favorite themes werekurt kobain and eddie vedder and later on I used to draw spooky, surrealistic things (I don't like remembering these paintings, but you have to embrace your past, I was very young and rebellious! )

I studied Illustration and Animation in London and Krefeld and since then I am so very grateful to do exactly what I like best. If for some reason I wouldn't be able to work anymore this could be the end hof happyness.

I live in Cologne, Germany now and I have a little studio with my husband in the city, (a great husband by the way who understands that I need Illustration to be happy (though he is often rolling eyes, when I say: "wait-let me finish this one quickly before we go"..) I have a littly 2-year-old who loves making sketches too, at least i think so, because he already painted our door frames.
 I mostly do commissioned work for magazines and newspapers but etsy is the outlet for the things I want to illustrate without having any  specifications.


flirty sleepwear & accessories in designer cottons
handmade in Germany
 grew up in a very liberal environment and was encouraged to express myself creatively throughout my childhood. I've always had my heart set on becoming a designer, however, as a business college graduate majoring in foreign trade and marketing, I landed my first job at a merchant bank. Naturally every spare minute was committed to designing - from clothes for myself and close friends to OOAK bags!

Later I landed a coveted position in the fashion industry. My job took me to many cities in many countries and I was continuously inspired by the many beautiful fabrics and designs. About ten years later I decided I wanted to fulfill my dream of creating my own clothing, so I started my indie business and sold locally before joining Etsy in December 2010, specialising in sleepwear and accessories made from designer and organic cottons.
I have met some great people on Etsy and even made some new friends! I hope to expand my sleepwear line and am currently enrolled in an online course for small business owners to help me better understand e-commerce and online marketing. I currently live in the countryside and share my home with my husband and adorable cat Sammy.

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ArtbymeCindy said...

Those are so cute! Love them!!

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